March 7 / Prime Minister Rama starts the day with a special wish for teachers: I assure you that ...

March 7 / Prime Minister Rama starts the day with a special wish for teachers: I


January 21 / Shock Artan Hoxha, reveals the behind the scenes of the serious event and shows the role played by Sali Berisha: Who entered the prime minister to delete the server

January 21 / Shock Artan Hoxha, reveals the behind the scenes of the serious

Journalist Artan Hoxha has given other strong details about the event of January 21, 2011 where four protesters were killed.

Hoxha added that the right people who could have shed light on this event were not deliberately asked.

 "This issue should be SPAK to investigate this issue. They were asked not to be the same prosecutors because there are suspicions that they sabotaged the investigation. There are all the elements for the matter to be investigated fairly. I deliberately did not ask the right people, I managed to see part of the file, and I noticed that it is very funny. How is it possible that they fired at the same time? 

How were these reconciled, who gave the order? This story has commanders, organizers and executors. Who has entered the prime to delete the server, all these elements should be investigated one by one. "The file cannot be closed with the conspiracies made by Rama and the concealment of the evidence made by Berisha", said Hoxha.

During the interview for Abc News, Hoxha said that former Prime Minister Berisha has a central role in this story, according to him.

He also said that Prime Minister Edi Rama has disappointed all citizens who were on January 21 in protest.

"Who committed the murders?" For two nights I anxiously awaited the expertise of the guard weapons, and the moment it came out, I was liberated because I thought they could hide this too. The part that Berisha did is incomparable. But Berisha's story is gone, while Edi Rama today does not justify anything anymore. Morally he has disappointed all those he brought out in protest on January 21st. We are 10 years behind and today there is no justice. He helped his family and did very well, but it was not said who killed them.

Who is responsible for these martyrs of the homeland. They need justice today and Rama has not done that. There were instruments, but there were, there was the State Police. "It is not normal that every year on January 21 we see the same ritual," he said.

For the journalist Hoxha, January 21 remains a pure state crime, while he emphasized that in every event where politics is involved, there is no clarification of situations.

"In every event where politics is involved, we do not have clarification. This is a pure state crime, this is an event where everyone got their hands on it and everyone intended to benefit. The killings on January 21 were not committed by the State Police, but by the top leaders of the Republic. Edi Rama has consumed time to give justice. "The justification that they were Sali's prosecutors, I do not drink water anymore", said Hoxha.

He stressed that SPAK should investigate this issue and that according to him SPAK should have the will to do so and not bury it, while adding that this event is a demarcation line between public trust and whoever will be in power.

"Once and for all, this issue needs justice and if it is investigated until the end, it will have to clean up politics. "I thought that the intervention of the American Embassy was a hope, not that they would conduct investigations, but that the Americans would influence," he said.