What is happening? US Army 'lands' in Durrës (VIDEO)

What is happening? US Army 'lands' in Durrës (VIDEO)

The American military forces have arrived in the port of Durrës, which have brought their training equipment.

NATO exercise in Albania, "Defender Europe 2021" is considered, among other things, not only an indicator of the close level of cooperation and close relations that Albania has with the United States, one of its main allies, but it will says a lot and in financial terms, because revenues in military structures are expected to increase.

The exercise "Defender Europe 21" will be attended by about 6 thousand troops and hundreds of military equipment from the US, Albania and other allied countries, which will take place in the main military bases of our country during May this year.

The Deputy Commander of the US Army in Europe, Major General Joseph Jarrard, described Albania during a recent visit to our country as a strategic partner of US security in Europe. He stressed that the exercise in question will serve "to build US military readiness and interaction with Albanian soldiers on Albanian soil."

Meanwhile, this exercise comes at a time when the United States is in a situation of conflict over the border issue between Ukraine and Russia.

The US decision sounds like a message of support for allied Kiev, but also a warning to Moscow that in recent weeks it has begun concentrating large military forces on the border with Ukraine, to formally respond to what are described as military provocations. Ukrainian to pro-Russian rebels in the east of the country.

Kiev and Moscow have blamed each other for escalating clashes in the eastern Donbas region, where Ukrainian troops have clashed with Russian-backed forces in a conflict that Ukraine says has killed more than 14,000 people since 2014. The stalemate has increased tensions between Moscow and the administration of US President Joe Biden, which imposed a new round of sanctions on Russia this week that prompted Moscow to retaliate with similar measures Friday.

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