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March 7 / Prime Minister Rama starts the day with a special wish for teachers: I


"Your lives did not go to waste", Artan Hoxha's powerful message: You four, you will give the date, to cowardly and cowardly leaders, corrupt to the core

"Your lives did not go to waste", Artan Hoxha's powerful message:

Investigative journalist, Artan Hoxha recalled the event of 10 years ago, where 4 protesters of the Socialist Party lost their lives. He has dedicated several statuses on Facebook, "January 21", emphasizing the lack of justice, and the circulation of the same political figures, who at that time were accused of killing 4 citizens.

According to Hoxha, the lives of 4 protesters did not go to waste, as their blood served to show us what are the real faces of Sali, Ilir, Luli and Edit ....

"Ziver, Hekuran, Faik and Aleks, anyway, your lives were not wasted. Your blood served to show us, what are the real faces of Sali, Ilir, Luli and Edit ...

Ziver Veizi, Hekuran Deda, Faik Myrtaj and Aleks Nika…
Remain forever, the only martyrs on the Boulevard "Deshmoret e Kombit". Innocent victims of the Albanian state, who should have been there to protect your lives, but in fact did the opposite.
In 30 years of post-communism, we do not know the most documented massacre, with voice and image, that this state crime, and the most shameful failure of justice, to punish the perpetrators of this crime.

Four innocent lives were executed without mercy, while protesting with their hands in their pockets, in front of the most protected building in the country.
By order of the office of the most powerful man of the state, executed by the highest leading officers of the Republic Guard, who were dressed in the uniform of the Albanian state, were armed with the weapons of the Albanian state, were paid from the money of the Albanians, received the lives of their four compatriots.
Ten years later, nothing has changed since that Black Friday of January 21, 2011.

Terribly and shamelessly nothing.
They are the same political leaders even more corrupt than that gloomy afternoon, who have simply changed their leadership positions at the helm of this country.
They are the same people who have never been punished for the massacre that caused the face of all Albanians, who today promise a fight against political corruption and justice for all.

They are the same, with costumes sprinkled with the blood of Albanians, with hands dipped in crime and murder. They are the ones who ordered you to be killed, to set an example for you, so that none of us would dare to protest in front of that building.

They are the ones who pulled the trigger of the machine gun, who tried to charge their crime to the "uncle with a pistol umbrella", who did everything to hide the traces and evidence of the crime.
They are the same insolent ones who were promised justice and never given it.
They are the same ones, who even today will do the same masquerade that they have done for 10 years in a row on the boulevard "Deshmoret e Kombit".
Instead of blaming the unfulfilled promise, they will blame others.
The prosecutor who did not investigate.
Judges who did not administer justice.
Hoping that the minutes and hours of this day will pass as quickly as possible, to get rid of you by being escorted with your hands on your shoulders, as soon as possible.
Ziver, Hekuran, Faik and Aleks, today you with your tragically lost lives, have become a heavy burden for those who have their hands stained with your blood, and for those who promised to punish the killers.
You are there, on that boulevard like the marble statues that point the finger at who are the killers and destroyers of this country. Until justice for your lives is established, your souls will not rest in peace.
The four of you, you will appear at night asleep, you will date the cowardly and cowardly leaders, corrupt to the core, who in order to defend the seat of power, or to gain it, were sacrificed to you as a sacrifice in the land of holy.
For 10 years we have not been tired of telling you who killed you and how you tried to wash your hands of your blood.

Se kush i mashtroi dhe i genjeu me premtime boshe dhe lote krokodili, femijet tuaj te mbetur jetime, grate, nenat, motrat dhe vellezerit tuaj, se nuk do linte gur pa levizur deri sa drejtesia te ndeshkonte vrasesit.
Kur kane kaluar plot 10 vite nga ajo e premte e zymte janari, se paku ju, familjet tuaja, bashkekombasit tane, por dhe gjithe bota mbare, nuk ka piken e dyshimit se kush ju masakroi mbi ate bulevard.

E ndersa vitet pa ju kalojne si pa u ndjere, shpresa se vrasesit do te ndeshkohen, duket dhe me e zbehte.

Por se paku shqiptaret ne cdo 21 janar p, do t’u kujtojne si xhenazeja e mbetur ne pragun e deres se kesaj elite politike, si maskaralleku dhe ndyresia me e madhe qe ata i kane bere popullit te vet…

Prandaj çdo 21 janar, shqiptaret nuk do t’u harrojne, perkundrazi do t’u kene ne kujtese si deshmore te protestes popullore kunder korrupsionit politik.
Ndersa ata “lart”, nuk do te gjejne derman deri sa drejtesia te shkoje ne vend.
Edhe nese i shpetojne ndeshkimit ne kete bote, zoti do t’ua rezervoje nje “surprize” per shpirtrat e tyre ne boten e pertejme.
Ziver, Hekuran, Faik dhe Aleks, sido te shkoje, jetet tuaja nuk shkuan dem.
Ato sherbyen per t’u treguar shqiptareve, se kush jane fytyrat e verteta te Saliut, Ilirit, Lulit dhe Edit.
Pavarsisht se 10 vite me pas, Iliri, nga zv-kryminister dhe minister i dorehequr, i kapur me bllok me dore, eshte president i vendit.
Luli, from the Minister of Interior today is the party chairman, the leader of the opposition and the main candidate for prime minister.
Saliu, from the prime minister, is enjoying retirement from his Facebook.
And the leader of your protest, the one who was called to the square on Friday, January, has been prime minister for 8 years.

Of course also on the merits of your blood, shed on the boulevard.
"Today, 10 years later, he will continue to promise that one day the murderers will be brought to justice", writes Artan Hoxha.