Prime Minister Rama gives the coded message, warns of great change in Albania

Prime Minister Rama gives the coded message, warns of great change in Albania


"Oh wretched, oh ..." / They 'crucified' him with comments after criticizing the opposition, journalist Mentor Kikia erupts in revolt: Are you ready to eat each other on behalf of those above!

"Oh wretched, oh ..." / They 'crucified' him with comments

Journalist Mentor Kikia criticized yesterday through a post on social networks PD for publishing images from the morgue.

However, after this reaction, there were many insults to the journalist. Exactly these comments have aroused the revolted reaction of the journalist.

Full journalist post:

Forget covidin, but recover from politics o wretched people

I made a post yesterday on this site, where I criticized the PD that accused the government using some photos from the morgue, as well as the government, that when it attacks the opposition, it brings out Dr. Najada and the doctors in the corridor as if they were the QSUT choir.

It was one of the writings that attracted many commentators. Hundreds of people were released cursing among themselves. Those who defended the "Morgue" and the cause of the opposition and those who defended the "Doctors" and the attitude of the government.

Undoubtedly, everyone cursed the author of the article. Some for the first part, some for the second part.

But there were also those who insulted him, because he had criticized both sides. Because man must share: O with one pair, o with the other.

O wretched people, O barren, O hungry people, who are ready to tear and eat each other, at the expense of "those above", but do you not understand how much you have been enslaved by the dependence on politics?

Yes, you are all equally deceived and deceived, all stolen and used, both from one side and the other.

I too have my political convictions and preferences and I defend them. But I'm not ready to spit on anyone who does not share my beliefs. The less I "tear" it. Because I am 1000% convinced that in this country there is not yet a leader or a politician who deserves such a sublime sacrifice from his people.