Adriatik Llalla's file, destruction of property before leaving as Chief Prosecutor and increase of suspicions for asylum application in Germany

Adriatik Llalla's file, destruction of property before leaving as Chief


The Sun: Five drugs that experts say can stop Covid-19

The Sun: Five drugs that experts say can stop Covid-19

1. Antidepressants

Commonly used to treat depression, and anxiety. According to an American study, 152 adults were given either fluvoxamine (100mg twice or thrice a day) or a placebo when they became infected with the virus. None of the patients took the sedative. of depression did not see their disease worsen, compared to those who were not given.

"This suggests that fluvoxamine prevents lung damage, which is a hallmark of severe Covid-19," said Dr Lenze.

2. Colchicine

Colchicine is looking like a potential treatment for Covid-19, as it has been used for fatigue for centuries. At least 2,500 patients with Covid-19 will be recruited to receive colchicine - 500mg every 12 hours for a total of 10 days. compare with 2,500 given routine hospital care, to see if there is a difference in how many people die.

Colchicine has a wide range of anti-inflammatory effects, which means that it can prevent damage to the lungs and other organs caused by inflammation in Covid-19.

3. Flu and cold

The over-the-counter treatment, called Dual Protection, contains a special ingredient - which is a form of seaweed - to soothe cold and flu symptoms. The team will enroll 480 health workers, including nurses and doctors in their study. Half will be given nasal spray and half will be given placebo - a dummy drug with no effect. Experts will look at how many workers are with Covid-19 will recover. They will also measure the severity of the disease in those who catch it, including whether there is any difference in the duration of the disease, the time in intensive care, and even the death rates between the two groups.

4. Arthritis

Tocilizumab, një ilaç anti-inflamator që u jepet zakonisht njerëzve me artrit reumatoid, ka treguar shenja të hershme të shërimit kundër Covid-19.Pacientëve që iu dha tocilizumab ose një ilaç tjetër të së njëjtës kategori u zbulua se ishin 87 përqind më shumë të ngjarë të shohin simptomat e tyre të përmirësuara brenda 28 ditësh sesa pacientëve që nuk u është dhënë ilaçi.

5. Suplementet e vitaminës D

Suplementet e vitaminës D janë rritur në popullaritet pasi një numër studimesh kanë sugjeruar se një mungesë mund të rrisë rrezikun serioz të infektimit me Covid-19.Shumica e njerëzve duhet të jenë në gjendje të marrin rregullisht vitaminë D nga rrezet e diellit midis marsit dhe shtatorit, por shpesh nuk marrin mjaftueshëm gjatë muajve të errët.

Studies have shown a link between places where the sun shines less and the death toll from Covid-19 is high.

And numerous pieces of research have shown that those who end up seriously ill with Covid-19 are more likely to lack a sufficient level of "sun vitamin" ./ The Sun

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