COVID-19 mutations are circulating in the country, IPH directors warn citizens: These are the three signs that prove it!

COVID-19 mutations are circulating in the country, IPH directors warn citizens:


On January 1, fiscalization begins, Taxes instruct businesses on how to obtain an electronic certificate, complete procedures

On January 1, fiscalization begins, Taxes instruct businesses on how to obtain

The Tax Directorate calls on all businesses to obtain an electronic certificate to access the new fiscal system from January 1. Through a post on the official website Taxes have announced that starting from January 1, 2021, public bodies will be able to receive and process electronic invoices in accordance with the European standard EN. 16931. According to Taxes, there are about 7600 entities who during 2020 have conducted transactions with public entities. The directorate reminds that obtaining the certificate must be done by all businesses as it is a legal obligation based on the draft law on fiscalization, reminding the public entities that they will receive goods and services accompanied by the electronic invoice. "The tax administration calls on all taxpayers, who according to Law 87/2019 "On the Invoice and the turnover monitoring system", as amended, have the obligation from January 1, 2021, to issue invoices in electronic form, to apply to be provided with the electronic certificate for fiscalization. According to this law, the scope of its application determines the obligation of taxpayers, who conduct sales transactions with public entities, from January 1, 2021, have the obligation to issue only electronic invoices for goods or services sold. Likewise, public entities, after this date, for goods or services purchased by taxpayers will receive only the electronic invoice, which will be the only valid tax documentation for supplies received. We remind that one of the necessary elements for the fiscalization project is the Electronic Certificate ", emphasize Taxes. The Tax Directorate informs that so far 335 private entities have been provided with electronic certificates, out of 376 that have applied.

Procedure online

Among other things, the Tax Directorate explains all the steps that businesses must follow. According to the announcements, the subject must enter the e-albania portal and click on the application link for electronic certificate, immediately there will be displayed a form, which requires the full details of the applicant and his business to be completed. After completing all the spaces left available with the necessary data, click on the link "completed" and then the certificate is sent by ASHK in his e-mail. Through this e-mail the subject downloads and prints the certificate and payment order. He then uses the certificate to register in the fiscal system and pays a sum of 4,000 ALL to the bank for the service received. "This service is offered online by applying on the e-Albania portal, from the business account to the service: Application for electronic certificate for the fiscalization project: Currently, the service payment of 4,000 ALL and can be made online, through any type of credit / debit card using the Credins bank module, even if the entity does not have bank account in this bank. It has already become possible for the payment to be made with a payment mandate, where each subject, after having downloaded and printed the payment mandate format from the application form and has made the payment in every second level bank, must attach the invoice of payment with the signature and stamp of the bank. At the end of the procedure, the electronic certificate for the fiscalization project is sent to the subject at the e-mail address, placed by them, in the application form ", explains the Tax Directorate. Soon, it is announced that,