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Spartak Braho slightly measures Meta: What the president is doing has not


Parliament starts discussions on the law on the Republic Guard, salaries change for all levels of ranks, here are the details

Parliament starts discussions on the law on the Republic Guard, salaries change

The new law on the Republic Guard will bring about salary changes for all ranks. A short time ago, a new draft law was submitted to the Assembly, which almost completely changes the old law on the Guard, while yesterday the discussions in the Security Committee started. During the discussions on the changes made, the issue of salaries was also touched upon. One of the members of the commission pointed out that in the tables presented in the draft law there are movements in the level of salaries for all employees of all ranks. Asked about this change, Deputy Minister of Interior Julian Hodaj explained that the salary movements have been made to reduce the gap between employees. According to him, concretely, a salary increase is foreseen for the lower ranks employees and a decrease for those in higher ranks. Hodaj further stressed that, in these tables is published the approximation that has been made to the salaries of the employees of the Grade in comparison with the employees of the State Police. The Deputy Minister said that, in this way, a continuous request has been met to eliminate inequalities between these two categories. "In the new draft law there are changes in salaries for employees, but they are plus minuses at a small level. I want to clarify here that, we have decided that in 2021 there will be reductions for those who are directors and others, so those who are in high ranks and salaries will increase at a very good level, we can say, for employees in the highest ranks low, because this compares pay among all employees. We have done this because you have often asked us why there are differences with the employees of the State Police and this is where we thought to fulfill this request.

Here are the changes in salaries

The tables published in the draft law show how much is the basic salary of employees according to the guard and how much is done in approximation with that of the police. Then for the lower ranks; The Fourth Captain and the Sergeant, the basic salary was 48,000 ALL and 46,700 ALL, while both are paid 50,000 ALL according to the salary in the police. In middle grades; The first captain, the second captain and the third captain, respectively the basic salaries were respectively 49,900 ALL, 49,400 ALL and 48,900 ALL, while it is done for all 50,000 ALL. For Captain the basic salary is 52,500 Lekë, for Captain Staff 51,400 Lekë, for master captain 50,300 Lekë. These are the grades where the reduction starts and the salary for all becomes 50,000 ALL. As for Lieutenant, Lieutenant and Chief Captain, the basic salary was 64,100 Lekë, 67,000 Lekë and 55,200 Lekë, while according to the new law, Lieutenant and Lieutenant become 65,500 Lekë and Chief Captain 50,000 Lekë. For the Captain and the Deputy Captain the salaries are 74,200 Lekë and 70,500 Lekë yesterday are made for both 72,000 Lekë A Major has a basic salary of 86,600 ALL, with the new law it is approximated to the salary of a Chief Commissioner and it becomes 87,000 ALL. For Colonel and Lieutenant Colonel the basic salary is 113,400 ALL and 100,400 ALL respectively and with the new law it becomes 103,000 ALL and 99,000 ALL. While for Generals the basic salary is 126,500 ALL and the new law reduces it to 125,000 ALL.

Special treatment

Among other things, Hodaj explained the changes related to the provisions of Article 47 on the treatment of harmful to health, where he noted that this type of supplement benefits a very small number of employees. According to him, the amount of this supplement varies from 1,500 ALL to 3,000 ALL for about 40 organic functions. While regarding the provisions of article 48 on health insurance, it is foreseen to make a minimum health insurance for employees, starting from 1,000 ALL per year with a total annual effect of 1,421,000 ALL. Potentially it may be this value, but at the moment they do not bring financial effects, as these forecasts and accurate calculations will be realized at the moment that the sub-legal act will be approved, according to the provisions in the transitional provisions.