March 7 / Prime Minister Rama starts the day with a special wish for teachers: I assure you that ...

March 7 / Prime Minister Rama starts the day with a special wish for teachers: I


Tariffs for notary services are increased, citizens will pay more money for ownership procedures, the instruction changes

Tariffs for notary services are increased, citizens will pay more money for

The Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Finance have changed the instruction on the fees paid for notarial acts and actions in granting ownership. As citizens have recently expressed ambiguity and many complaints regarding the documents and procedures followed by notaries for property registration or even the transfer of ownership from one entity to another. In this instruction published yesterday in the Official Gazette are included some tariffs for new services that were not foreseen in the previous one, such as online verification of the legal status of ownership in the electronic register of real estate. Specifically for this service, the subject will pay 600 lekë, while here are added 700 lekë review and consultation of the card that contains all the data of the property for which the certificate will be made. “The fee for online verification and authenticity of ownership will be 600 lekë, as well as the consultation of the property card and other real estate data with a fee of 700 lekë. "Initially, a request will be made from the notary offices for the registration of legal actions in the State Cadastre Agency (ANA) and the fee for this service will be 4,000 ALL", it is stated in the document. The amendments aim to make the notary offices function as a single service point after the request for registration of legal actions in the State Cadastre Agency, to also avoid the owners dragging through the offices for verification and authentication of his property. "Even for cases of transfer of immovable ownership, the contract made with the notary will no longer be submitted to the immovable property registration offices, but all procedures will be performed at the notary offices from the application until the issuance of the new property card for the buyer. The new services also reflect the completion of the online mortgage register ", the document states.

Here's how the fees change

Further in the document published by the two ministries it is informed that, the fees for the services in the notary offices will continue to be fixed, except for the cases when the notary signs the contract for sale of immovable property or donation of property, where the notary fee is determined by the value of transaction. Whereas, the new fees must be posted in every notary office and their implementation is mandatory for every notarial act and action. According to the document, a general power of attorney will cost 5000 ALL; Special power of attorney -3000 ALL; Special power of attorney when more than 5 persons participate - 5000 ALL; Proxy for withdrawal-500 ALL. Regarding the compilation of the will in the office, the cost will be 8,000 ALL. Compilation of a will at home -10.000 ALL; Will deposit -3,000 ALL; Minutes of the opening of the will -5.000 ALL. According to the document, the procedures for donating the property cost from 200 ALL to 5,000 ALL. “Declaration for acceptance of donation -3,000; Compensation statement -2,000 Mortgage write-off statement - 2,000; Statement of recognition of obligation, amount -3,000; Statements with other content -2.000; Declaration of renunciation of ownership -3,000; Parent declaration for crossing the border by the child -500; Statement for child equipment with passport -500; Declaration of assistance, unemployment -200; "Statement of participation in the meeting of the partners of a company -5.000", it is stated in the document. Among others, it is shown that: Compilation and certification of limited liability companies ( -20.000 Compilation and certification of joint stock companies (sh.a.) - 30.000; Certification of signatures in the acts of trade companies-5,000; Certification and verification of various documents -4,500. Deposit amount -4,000; Deposit of property worth -10,000; Establishment of associations, act of establishment before the notary, certification of signature for the statute -20,000; Establishment of foundations (with notarial deed) -25,000 ALL.