"I was shocked and thought that rifles would explode", Kreshnik Spahiu tells the most bitter event in politics and makes the sensational prediction for Lulzim Basha

"I was shocked and thought that rifles would explode", Kreshnik Spahiu


Oil refund scheme for farmers, clarify procedures and conditions, benefit about 70 thousand people

Oil refund scheme for farmers, clarify procedures and conditions, benefit about

The government has published the scheme that sets out how oil will be reimbursed to farmers in the country. Based on a decision published in the Official Gazette, it is shown that the amount set for the scheme in total is 1 billion ALL, from which over 70 thousand farmers will benefit for 2021. At the same time, it is explained that 950 million ALL will be used for the amount of oil to be distributed, while ALL 50 million for the distribution process and monitoring system. “The fund of 1,000 million ALL, approved in the budget of 2021 for the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for the oil support scheme for agriculture, will be used to: reduce the cost of mechanized works in agricultural crops; increase the competitiveness of agricultural products; formalization of agricultural activity. The defined fund is detailed as follows: 950,000,000 ALL for the amount of oil and its distribution by individual card directly to the beneficiary entities; 50,000,000 lekë for the establishment of the oil distribution system and monitoring for agriculture ", it is stated in the document. According to this decision, 100% refund of oil used for tillage will benefit those farmers who own and put into operation up to 10 hectares of land, while those who have the largest area benefit with reduced amounts. It is further emphasized that the ratio of extracted oil to the cultivated area should not exceed 20%. “The benefit of the amount of free oil for the area that is cultivated is, as follows: 100% of the amount for entities with an area up to 10 ha, according to the calculations made, referring to annex 1 of this decision; entities with an area over 10 ha, for the area up to 10 ha, the quantities according to the definition benefit, while for the rest over 10 ha they benefit the quantity of oil with reduced norms. The self-declarations must be made in accordance with the real situation on the ground and the allowed avoidance of the verified fact of the crops and the cultivated area in relation to the extracted oil, will not be greater than 20% ", the document explains.

Criteria to benefit

The criteria and procedures that each applicant must follow to be part of this scheme are further set out. Specifically, the farmer must be provided with a NIPT number that identifies him as a farmer. They must also have full documents which confirm that he owns the land area for which he requests a fuel refund, stating here that those farmers who have less than 0.4 hectares of farm area do not benefit. While it is emphasized that the application can be done very easily through the e-Albania portal. Beneficiary entities must meet the following criteria: individual farmers must be equipped with the NIPT of the farmer with active status, while natural and legal persons must be equipped with the NIPT / NUIS with active status with agricultural activity; to own and / or use agricultural land, proven with relevant documentation; the total size of the farm should be with an area of ??not less than 0.4 ha, while the size of the plots with an area of ??not less than 0.1 ha. The application, in order to benefit from the oil support scheme for agriculture, is done online in the e-Albania portal, with self-declaration ”, the decision determines. It is immediately announced that if the farmer has spent 20% of the oil withdrawn in relation to the surface or has received free oil with forged documents, he will be penalized for 3 years by the farmers' schemes and will be automatically registered as a debtor. "Any entity that benefits from the oil support scheme for agriculture, with a deviation of more than 20% or incorrect documents, is excluded for 3 years from the right to benefit from support measures for agriculture and rural development, funded by the budget of state.