What happened between them? Olsi Bylyku ??clarifies the quarrel with Rezart Veleshnaj: We are not talking!

What happened between them? Olsi Bylyku ??clarifies the quarrel with Rezart

Olsi Bylyku ??started his career in the show "Portokalli" at a very young age. Although he had not had similar experiences on screen before, Olsi managed to quickly become the public's favorite actor. But a few years later he decided to leave "Portokallina" to start a new experience with Bes Kallaku and Erion Isain with the show "Be Caffe". And the latter did not last long and then Olsi started the journey to "Klanifornia", the show in which he still continues to work.

He has shown that he has left "Portokallia" in the most friendly way with everyone, but he no longer talks to one of the actors. Last night on his show "Roped With Olsi", the actor showed that he no longer has any kind of communication with Rezart Veleshnja. He said that he does not remember the reason why he does not talk to him anymore, but all this happened during a tour they had in America when he was in "Orange". However Olsi publicly wished Rezart the best, adding that he is a true artist.

"We had a quarrel with Rezart Velshnjan when I was in Portokalli, it started in America when we were on the Orange tour and to this day I do not speak, but I enjoy a lot of respect for the work he does and for himself as a person. I wish him a lot of success and I applaud him, because he is a real artist for the work he does ", said Bylyku.

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