Aroma of riots on the eve of April 25, Berisha threatens revolts if he loses the elections, Meta challenges the US and warns of the collapse of justice reform

Aroma of riots on the eve of April 25, Berisha threatens revolts if he loses the


"We did not succeed" / Ema Andrea in the rare story of divorce with her husband: Here are my mother's words

"We did not succeed" / Ema Andrea in the rare story of divorce with

Well-known artist and actress Ema Andrea, as rarely, has spoken today about her private life.

The actress has revealed that she got pregnant when she was in college and split with her husband when their daughter Sara was introduced to the first grade. Speaking on the program "My Story", Emma said that the divorce came because she understood life differently, had another stage of growth and other demands.

Mirela Milori:  How long after the divorce came?

Ema Andra:  When Sara went to first grade, we were separated. It was a test that we both did because it was not a decision, we did not succeed. I had another stage of growth, other demands, I understood life differently, coexistence, my professional side, love for myself etc and Sarah's father understood this differently. We are separated, today we continue to communicate, talking. We severed ties for some time because normal was not easy, we did not fight each other, we did not slander each other, we did not allow the others either, as it was possible we both did not allow this.

Mirela Milori:  How was that moment with the girl in use, behind closed doors, in that economic and social perversion of Albania in those years?

Ema Andrea:  Do you know what I feel sorry for that period? I overcame my despair and Sarah, despite all my efforts not to overcome it.

Mirela Milori:  Emma, ??I remember you as one of the most beautiful girls in Tirana. You have always stood out. When you crossed the street of Kavaja, it was like "Emma is passing". You were known to dress in black, you were a very charming girl and very little time you were a girl because you got married quickly, Sara comes. How was your marriage?

Ema Andera:  I have been and am a romantic person, I have believed in love. My dreams have been to study abroad, when I was a teenager my dreams were related to art and then to the way of life. I liked to live independently and I dreamed of this life that they do not judge, do not prejudice. In Albania, if you laugh in the morning, they say did you drink? Which means it has been very difficult to be yourself in our society .

I got pregnant when I was in college in the third year and of course I did not intend to make any pragmatic choice between myself and the baby, those are the signs that a Universe gives you, I believe it has been my greatest fortune because it has made me I enter a wonderful spiritual stage, of responsibility, in relation to myself, in relation to society and for all the choices that have been made since.

My mother told me we can raise the baby together, I will respect your every wish. It is about very tough years to make such choices but I was raised by that mother.  /

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