"It happens for the first time", the professor of infectious diseases gives the news we were all waiting for: The Covid-19 pandemic that invaded the world, is coming to an end! That is why there will be no third wave

"It happens for the first time", the professor of infectious diseases


Fatma Haxhialiu confesses, shows projects for the future: I want to "tear" the masks of television icons! Our strong weapon is ...

Fatma Haxhialiu confesses, shows projects for the future: I want to

Moderator Fatma Haxhialiu confessed her daily life, talked about her 6-year-old son Kian and the decision not to expose him on social networks.

The moderator commented on the show "Journey with Anila" and the videos she publishes with her husband on Instagram, which create a lot of hilarity on the network.

Fatma also talked about the format she presented with her colleague Aulona, ??her new business and the community she has created on social networks.

"I have chosen to keep the golden mean, we have this risk that we do not have privacy, I have not chosen to be hermetic at all, there are moments when you will shout louder, but always in moderation and with limits, for example in networks social I have not discovered the portrait of my son, he has beautiful eyes, but I still have not decided to share Kian with the world, he tells me to take the stage when he watches TV, he enjoys the stage very much, he feels in the habitat of his. Now with the guitar course he tells me he will take the microphone and speak on stage, he wants to introduce, but I have decided for Kian to choose himself, I want to protect him from many things. I and my partner try to protect her because the comments about her hurt me, in the child she actually pulls out the beast like any mother.

This video I posted, I melted the talent, we who work in television know how it works, how to create the right effects through manipulation in editing. My husband and I get along and the relationship is very strong, he has an unprecedented sense of humor, during the quarantine we were satisfied and went through isolation without stress, a part I published on my instagram I called Quarantine after Fatma, but my husband also his revenge, he looks angelic but is vile. 11 years have passed since my public appearance, they have been a challenge, no one was amazed at me at first, I started as a production assistant, then I moved to another format, it was a fantastic experience and I had it easier with other projects, having I met Aulona, ??so I followed the stairs rigorously and step by step, I had a challenge with myself, for the project to succeed,

Our strong weapon is this binomial we have. I think what has made us stay long as friends and colleagues is that we come from families with the same principles, and we are confident in who we are, we know the things we have and the things we do not have, when you understand them these is important. She has no hair with muscles, I have hair but no muscles. My business is going well, it's like babies, it takes a lot of dedication, I think I did not expect it, I thought but I am surprised and very excited for all the feedback, I am rewarded for all my dedication, I really will not make millions after shining will have it after 15 years, I am the bull I do not do experimental things, it is a real business, I intend that at the moment I am increasing it little by little every day and more. I am on a break with television,

I have the same obligation because I am a character who influences even two people, to show the truth behind the cameras, in front of the screen it looks fun but it is not like that, people should know that I also have acne, cellulite, I cry, I have more kilograms, in this form, not being the perfect wife and mother, because society gives girls some traits of superheroes, these idealisms must be broken, this is not the case, this reality is extended, we stay at home with rags, for example, we stay with uncombed hair and we are without make-up - up, so the reality is the same for all of us, not only for me but also for icons like Beyonce, Melanie Trump, Rihanna. I did not want to be the competitor of what follows, my followers are the community that we share our joys, our sorrows, I am blessed as my audience has the same spirit. They ask me for product tips.