Berisha and Meta in unison against PS-PD co-government, messages and warnings to Basha to reject Rama's offer

Berisha and Meta in unison against PS-PD co-government, messages and warnings to


Get ready for an explosive week full of surprises, what the stars have predicted for the dates March 1-7

Get ready for an explosive week full of surprises, what the stars have predicted

Aries: Finally, the time has come to be rewarded. Venus moves into the revenue sector helping you find various sources of earnings during Wednesday. This is the reward for hard work. Now indulge yourself. The union of the Sun and Neptune on Sunday will foster creativity. This time you will dream out loud.

Taurus: The best advice for all Taurus births is to feel good about yourself and accept it 100 percent. This week will be good and fruitful. Venus also passes in your sign on Wednesday and many will be taken after you. This is the best moment to make a difference, whether at home or in society.

Gemini: Dear Gemini, you have started the road with galloping steps and you are going through big trials in your life. The most important thing this week is work, where you will shine this week. Transmit positivity in professional life to personal life. Friends and colleagues can greatly benefit from your leadership style this week.

Crab: Your emotional intelligence is something that bothers you in many cases, but this week will probably help you understand something important. Over the course of Friday, Venus and Pluto will change the way you view relationships. You are very serious in your commitments, but sometimes it is better to follow instinct and so on.

Leo: It's time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. This week you will start all four engines. Venus will do wonders in your career, especially on Wednesday. The union of the Sun and Neptune will create the right atmosphere for a romantic Sunday with your partner.

Virgo: You are always busy, but very busy. Come to your senses and remember that work is not everything and you need more than that to feel good. Spend time with yourself, spend evenings with friends. A little escape can do you a lot of good.

Libra: For those born in the sign of Libra, the year 2020 has been full of travel. We know times are tough and dangerous, but you are still planning where you will spend the summer. Where you need it, on these trips you can also find love. We see romance in your future.

Scorpio: Dear Scorpio, the weather is warming and so is your sentimental life. Hot months await you. The week will be mainly focused on the partner. Quiet days at work and in your routine will not change anything. Without being noticed, you will solve two or three problems that have bothered you.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius, Venus will also pass in your sign and help you focus. But, not to your career, but to the sentimental life. You are the ones who give energy to others, as you have a big heart, but inside the heart you also find a place for yourself.

Capricorn: A great week awaits you. Venus will help you feel more confident in yourself by giving you the opportunity to transform your creative field. Even though you are shy, your courage will take things to the next level this week.

Aquarius: We do not know the reason, but Aquarius continues to be still the most favored in terms of revenue. You need a home, a job and a good partner to feel fulfilled. Don’t indulge in a little and maybe this week you achieve them. A house is in the foreground.

Pisces: This week you will be showing more courage. Those born under this sign are among the most practical people, but also those who use shields to avoid getting hurt. How can you have fun like this? This week, relax a little and you will realize that the impression you leave on others does not matter so much.