"It happens for the first time", the professor of infectious diseases gives the news we were all waiting for: The Covid-19 pandemic that invaded the world, is coming to an end! That is why there will be no third wave

"It happens for the first time", the professor of infectious diseases


"You will receive the bitter news", astrologer Mary warns of this horoscope sign

"You will receive the bitter news", astrologer Mary warns of this

Prediction today according to astrologer Mary:

Some irregularities in your marital life will be put in place and the right you should gain if your partner has done you an injustice or the state will come to light.

In your working life you once made a mistake but today is the day that someone about you will make a mistake towards you and you will feel that you are experiencing what you once caused as pain

Even if today an injustice comes to light that has been done to you in the erotic life you will still not feel good because after all you are not living the love you lost

A family issue is very difficult for you and this will come from people who want to hurt you at your weakest point which is family. Be careful not to expose yourself too much in relationships with close people.

After a long time you will receive a message which will remind you that someone from the past has not forgotten you and probably wants to hurt you again Try to control the messages so that they do not come with negative energy towards you

An economic issue seems to come to light and the moment of your right in what you have to get in life or earn IN THIS PERIOD comes

In your personal life you will make some decisions which will be conditioned by the way you behaved with others in the past. They can mistreat you today or respect you.

Day has to do with the rule that you have decided to exercise on yourself spiritually or as a strict decision not to make mistakes or take revenge on anyone.

They will treat you a little harshly today as you too have been very independent and without applying the conditions in the work and actions you have undertaken both in society and in love by not profiling many others.

It seems that the right comes from the coldness and the rule, but today it will be understood that you were not so right that you were removed in a work-career relationship where you put an obstacle to someone unjustly But today they can put such an obstacle to you

You have the right to a legal issue or an education or qualification which was denied to you and was rejected. You may not be subject to retaliation by others.

A harsh request to you for an issue that you have not kept your word will put you in a difficult position.