Spartak Ngjela warns of a major turning point in Albanian politics

Spartak Ngjela warns of a major turning point in Albanian politics


Horoscope 14 January 2021 / These two signs should be taken care of today in personal life

Horoscope 14 January 2021 / These two signs should be taken care of today in


You will face this day with positive thoughts. Organize your engagements as best you can, in order to enable a romantic evening with the man of your heart. Those who are just predicted to make an interesting acquaintance. The time has come to show your skills at work, as you will be faced with not at all easy situations.


The time has come to take stock of both work and private life. A quarrel with the person of the heart, does not mean the end of the world, as you will know how to make peace. The transit influence of the Moon will be quite favorable for those who are alone. You will manage to push further, a pending situation. At work, you need to maintain a low profile, especially if you have to run a project.


If you want to solve problems with your partner, you would do well to postpone decisions for better moments. Reason better about things that do not go as you hoped. Those who are single, will be maximally attracted to one person. In the workplace your projects can be hampered by some difficulties. You do not have to give up, as the solution you will find will be very good.


It will be easy for you to express your feelings and emotions and this will help you in relation to the person you love. Those who are single will only recognize success, especially with relationships that have just begun. At work, you need to focus your energies on money-related issues, with the goal of increasing your income.


This Thursday will be quite positive in terms of sentimental life, where the support of the Moon will not be lacking. Significant news and changes are foreseen for those who are single. The day is predicted to be quite good in terms of work, where you will be able to realize some projects that you have in your heart.


If you are waiting for good opportunities to change some rules in the relationship in the couple, the circumstances are against you. This Thursday will be filled with ups and downs. As for those who are alone, strong emotions are predicted. Nervousness will dominate your professional sphere, where you will find difficulty in advancing some important commitments.


You will need to accept a compromise if you are a couple. You will often need to make concessions, one way not to compromise your harmony. You will need to do something to stimulate your partner's imagination. For those who are just quite important developments are foreseen. As for work, you will probably postpone a project, but for good, as it is predicted to be risky.


You will have in your favor the influence of the Sun, while Mercury will excite your imagination and give you many opportunities to get along well with your man of your heart. Those who are single will have the opportunity to make new acquaintances, which will awaken your passion. At work, you will have the opportunity to project your future, surrounded by the best opportunities.


A quiet day for love is predicted. This is the right moment to make a good reflection on your sentimental life. Those who are alone will feel tired of waiting for the right person. The road to professional success will not be easy, although some fruitful developments are foreseen.


You will finally be able to catch your breath and regain the right balance. If you are a couple you will experience an unforgettable evening. New encounters and strong feelings are foreseen for those who are alone. The work will get all the attention this Thursday. Investments are quite ambitious, but be careful how you act.


This Thursday is quite auspicious for all those people who have been involved in a relationship for a long time. The stars will help you realize your dream. Those who are single will be rewarded during this day as they will make a very promising acquaintance. At work, the situation is quite favorable.


In love discussions with an ex-partner are foreseen. It is good to realize that your life has taken a different direction. Live the future without fear. Those who are single, have to adjust some aspects of their lives, which torment them. At work, finally after a long wait, you will be able to reap what you have sown. Patience, will turn out to be your strongest weapon.