"It happens for the first time", the professor of infectious diseases gives the news we were all waiting for: The Covid-19 pandemic that invaded the world, is coming to an end! That is why there will be no third wave

"It happens for the first time", the professor of infectious diseases


Horoscope October 21, 2020 / Be careful! Here are two signs that will have unpleasant surprises for today

Horoscope October 21, 2020 / Be careful! Here are two signs that will have

You will have the time and desire to do things that will improve your health and appearance. If you borrowed money from a relative, you may be required to repay it today. Overall, it will be a rewarding day, but someone you thought you could trust may disappoint you.
A reunion with an old friend will enlighten your soul. Control your passion or you may otherwise risk harmony in your love life. Projects undertaken in partnership will create more problems than positive results. You may be particularly angry with yourself for inadvertently letting someone take advantage of you.
You will be more involved in activities that improve your physique. Concerns about money can be resolved today and you will enjoy financial stability. Be original in your appearance and behavior when going out with friends or partner.
There is a possibility to make a trip, which will be tedious but will be profitable. Your romantic relationship will run into difficulties. As for the professional aspect, your superior will be impressed by the quality of your work.
Your good nature will bring happiness to others. Your financial situation does not seem to be favorable today, so you will find it difficult to save money. You may disagree with everything your family members say, but you should try to learn from their experience. A positive thought or message from your spouse or boyfriend will lift your spirits.

New opportunities to make money will be profitable. Do not neglect your social life. Take some time out of your day and go out to attend an evening. Family can share an important problem with you today.
It will be a perfect day to buy items, the value of which will increase over time. Avoid sharing personal matters with people you do not yet know well. There are no obstacles to achieving your plans today. Do not push your partner for anything, as this will only bring problems in your relationship.
You will be in pretty good health. Your finances will improve during the day. Your direct demeanor will play a key role in resolving a family problem. Your partner may be upset by something you say today. Admit your mistakes.
Your partner will be in the mood today and may surprise you with something really nice. Good day for businessmen, as they may have unexpected profits.
Being healthy and in good physical condition will help you succeed in your professional life as well. Avoid anything that may tire you mentally or physically. Spend enough time with family. You can experience very special moments in love.
Your partner's loyalty and positive spirit will brighten your day. Someone may try to interfere in your relationship, but together with your partner you will handle things with intelligence. As far as professional life is concerned, no changes are foreseen.
Working at home will keep you busy most of the time. Your partner will look a little irritated, which will add to your worries. Looking at your performance, you are likely to get a new proposal.