Here's how Nobel laureate Montagnier is blowing up the Big Farm and shedding light on criminal acts with covid 19

Here's how Nobel laureate Montagnier is blowing up the Big Farm and


Great news for this sign / Meet the horoscope prediction for today, discover the surprises that the stars have in store for you

Great news for this sign / Meet the horoscope prediction for today, discover the


During this weekend you have the auspicious Moon that protects you. Sunday will be a promising day in love: make the most of it. In terms of work, there have been some bad projects for various reasons, but you have to do your best to recover. In the coming hours, think of deals and compromises.


If you have had any difficulties in love, Sunday will be the right day to get back to issues, correctly. Main job: you have to focus on the little things, the details.


If a love affair has ended, - despite discussions or dilemmas - it may be the right time to abandon something you no longer want. In terms of work, contracts will be confirmed, 2021 is a promising year.


To liberate your heart you will have to wait for Venus to stop resisting: at the end of the month you will feel freer. As for work, there will be something to solve; you have improved a lot in managing situations.


Communications with your partner will not be the best, Mercury will be against you during the day… Even at work you are facing a difficult period: you are tired…


Sunday makes you a little controversial: avoid discussions even small ones. In terms of work, you are going through a difficult period: you are in complete crisis. Wait, because by mid-February everything will change.


An important Sunday in front of you: you can open your heart, get excited and even take some dangerous steps. When it comes to work, beware of hasty decisions. This is simply not the time to make bad choices.


Certain attitudes have tired you out and you feel disappointed, offended. Consequently you will have a very critical attitude. When it comes to work, get ready: the time is right to start a new path.


On Sunday you will need to have patience, in life and in love. Small controversies during the day, but nothing irreparable. Key points: it will be important to have confidence in your ideas. Calmness is one of your best qualities, try to keep everything under control.


It will be a good day for consideration in the couple: you will be able to understand and verify the strength of a relationship. As for work, beware of discussions with Taurus or Virgo.


The day will be positive for the feelings: take advantage of the feelings and abandon yourself to the heart. At work you want to climb Everest, but you have to remember that choices need to be considered carefully…


This is not the right time to win someone's heart again. However, this may advise you that perhaps it is time to give up on people who have already left. Regarding work, a legal or financial dispute may continue. Pay attention to spending.