With whom will the SP form the government after April 25? Rama gives the decisive answer to the journalist

With whom will the SP form the government after April 25? Rama gives the


Meri Shehu gives the fantastic news about this horoscope sign

Meri Shehu gives the fantastic news about this horoscope sign


Today promises a productive meeting or conversation especially with a close family woman or a co-worker. Nine types of women that make every man run away. The day promises a new beginning.


Issues of sentimental or emotional balance will become important to you today. If you realize that your relationship is not fertile you need to make decisions about change.


This is a day where the focus of the news will fall on you to regain an opportunity which you call difficult in relation to an important social but also personal relationship. You will decide to have children or a creative job


I hope that Dhimirtra, the asteroid that shows how productive you are in this case in your career and personal life, will not leave you in the hands of Pluto from where you need six months to see the light.


One day I would consider it a collaboration with a Mercury woman in the sign of Gemini or Virgo to concretely analyze the material or spiritual goods.


You need the support of a person in the sign of Fire today to be able to quickly transmit your plans and decisions. It would be like traveling by a fast train to the destination and not on a donkey.


Nje dite me oferta konkrete ne drejtimin tuaj por edhe shume antagoniste pasi te tjeret mund te kene me shume te ardhura apo mundesi dhe ju jeni per momentin si te xhelozuar. Por vetem ekuilibri juaj mund te shpetoje edhe varken e te tjereve nga animi i peshes.


Puna juaj sot duhet te finalizoje nje perfundim te suksesshem apo te hapni nje mundesi te re me shume krijuese dhe pjellore perpara jush. Prandaj mos vononi te beni ndryshim esenciale ne pune tuaj .


Jeni ne nje situate ku keni filluar te kuptoni qarte se çfare deshironi ne planin personal erotik dhe ate krjues. Begatia po anon aty ku ju keni filluar te jepni shpirterisht dhe aty duhet te qendroni pa ndryshuar shpesh pozicion .


You will gain an opportunity to create a more fertile environment in your home or business. But that will depend on how spiritually uplifted you are. Otherwise you will have six months of shade or darkness


How beautiful, today the plans for you will find the way of realization and quickly. Your intelligent mind can become helpful and invent new ways of communication and purpose. Meeting an important woman will be luck for you.


The day may bring you good economic news or opportunities to develop economically. If you deal with village work even better, but also if you deal with the economy.