SP deputies respond to Meta and demand investigation by SPAK for the president, remind him of the 700 thousand euro bloc and justice reform

SP deputies respond to Meta and demand investigation by SPAK for the president,


From first to 12th place, find out how your horoscope sign will rank on January 18-24

From first to 12th place, find out how your horoscope sign will rank on January

Aries: These are  not predicted to be good days in the realm of love for those born in the sign of Aries. Passion will prevail at the beginning of the week, but then you will have to deal with issues of the past that seemed to have been forgotten. In other aspects of life things seem more in balance. Aries this time will hold the tenth place.

Taurus:  Love will triumph. Venus in conjunction with the Moon and Neptune will give the first sign of the earth beautiful days, during which they will be lucky, especially in love. There from Wednesday and Thursday you will spend unforgettable moments in the company of your partner. No wonder you will be ranked third.

Gemini: The  stars predict well-being in matters of work. You will be favored in this respect, especially those born in the first decade of the sign. You will surely achieve the goals you set for yourself, even for things that previously seemed utopian to you. Second place for you this week.

Crab:  You will be in a very good mood. You will be able to adapt to everything, regardless of the fact that you will have the Sun in the background. After a month of quarrels and during which you have faced unforeseen things, you will finally feel liberated. You are not expected to have any news in the professional sphere at the moment. Crab will be in seventh place.

Leo:  Although the year has just begun, this is expected to be one of the most problematic weeks of 2021, both in terms of family and professional. Prudence is required to avoid unpleasant surprises. Also be careful with the offers that will be made to you, because they may prove fruitless for the future. As you can guess, this time you will hold the 12th place.

Virgo: This is  expected to be a week of ups and downs. You will encounter difficulties in the professional aspect. Some backlog issues will open up problems for you. Your superiors will work hard to meet deadlines. On the weekend you will have pleasant meetings. You will be ranked among the middle marks, in sixth place.

Libra: You are  expected to have communication problems during these days. By the middle of the week, those born in the second air sign should change their attitude in relation to others. Be more cordial and less rational, so as not to lose the support of loved ones. Libra will hold the fifth place.

Scorpio:  It seems that during these days everything will make you nervous. The moon will be in the background and this will affect the professional sector the most. Do not act as a provocateur, so as not to upset the balance. Also be careful with the way you express yourself with colleagues and superiors! This time you will hold 11th place.

Sagittarius: The  stars advise you to calm down. The cause of your difficult situation are the problems at work and the fatigue that is bothering you. Maybe a break for a few days would do you good. Try to keep work problems there, as the weekend can make you nervous as a couple. Sagittarius will be in 9th place.

Capricorn:  Starting Tuesday, the sign of Capricorn will lose the support of the Sun. With the perseverance and stubbornness that characterizes you, you will surely succeed in matters of work. Only with strong will will you be able to achieve the goals you set for yourself. This time you will hold the fourth place.

Aquarius:  Even this week things will go well for Aquarius. On the 19th, the Moon will join the Pluto-Saturn-Jupiter trinomial, favoring you the most in the realm of finance. At least in this respect you will breathe a sigh of relief. The road to success will be slow but secure. Aquarius will be in the first place.

Pisces:  These days you will mostly like to be alone. At times, nostalgia will overwhelm you. Old stories, which were covered by the dust of oblivion, will come back to you. Be open-minded and keep in mind that time always remains the best medicine. Pisces this time will hold eighth place.