A week like this we had not seen in a long time, these signs will make a name for themselves during the dates 12-18 April

A week like this we had not seen in a long time, these signs will make a name

Aries: This will be a beautiful week and not without reason. Aries will hold first place. The moon returning from you will favor you, giving you even the impetus needed to launch a project you have been thinking about for a long time. Only on weekends be careful, as you will encounter setbacks in love affairs. Be more attentive to your partner, so that he also feels more secure.

Taurus: The situation at work will be unstable. It will be impossible for you to avoid the negative influence of the planets right now. Nor will Venus coming back from your sign affect things to go well. Although this time you will keep the 12th place, it is enough to be patient because after the 19th of April the Sun-Mercury binomial will be placed in your sign and for you it will start to smell good.

Gemini: You will be ranked fifth this week. The first air sign will have the support of the planets and mainly of the new Moon of April 12th. You will have a good income and you can afford to go out with your friends and go shopping. You will prefer to buy mostly home furnishing items to suit the new styles that are in vogue now.

Crab: Positioned in ninth place, Crabs this week will be involved in a state of laziness. Venus, Uranus and Mars placed in an unfavorable position will make your week uncomfortable. Lack of vitality will only make your job harder. Give yourself strength and try to react. In the realm of love things will go better. On Sunday the passion in the couple will prevail.

Leo: It is expected that this will be a good week for those born in the sign of Leo, as not in vain this time you will hold the second place. You will engage in many things at once and you will surely succeed. You will be more oriented towards practical and professional issues. The stars will favor you, so do not be afraid of anything. You will be the god of your own destiny.

Virgo: Anything that has to do with practical and bureaucratic issues would do well to postpone it to the second half of the week. Thus, those born in the second sign of the Earth will remove a great burden from themselves the moment Jupiter will pass into an unfavorable position. In the realm of love you are not expected to have changes right now. Virgin belongs to the eighth place.

Libra: This is not expected to be a good week for those born in the sign of Libra. In terms of love the situation will be volatile. You will make a sudden change by ending a relationship. Black clouds will appear in your love sky, creating a state of embarrassment. But even though you do not see it that way now, it will actually be a real blessing to you and the impetus you need to do ahead. This time you will be in 11th place.

Scorpio: Positioned in sixth place, Scorpios this week will be smarter than ever. You will not lack ideas nor the will to put them into practice. With the exception of any surprises that may come up on the 13th and 14th, in the rest of the week everything will go best. Your tireless work will bear fruit, culminating on Sunday, when you will surely deserve a break.

Sagittarius: Everything will go best for you professionally. You will encounter some difficulties occasionally from Thursday to Saturday at dinner, but then everything will be to your advantage. Those who work as freelancers will surely achieve their goals. Less enthusiastic is the situation for those who work under someone else. Sagittarius this week will be in fourth place.

Capricorn: An anxiety state will accompany you throughout the week. You will feel as if you are walking on a tightrope, both when it comes to professional and personal matters. The cause for this will be Jupiter, which will move to Aquarius. Uranus, which will move to Earth and Saturn to air, will also have an impact. Moving the planets will push you and you towards big changes and will position you in 7th place.

Aquarius: Aquarius will be ranked third this week. In professional terms the situation will be very good. From Thursday to Sunday a great job awaits you, but the results will be satisfactory and therefore you will feel rewarded. Your merits will be recognized by your superiors and colleagues and this will increase your self-esteem. In sentimental terms no changes are expected.

Pisces: A state of stagnation will characterize your sign, especially on April 15, 16 and 17. You will be especially in love with someone, with the sole purpose of getting something in return. Such a dynamic will be presented mainly in the parent-child relationship. It is not foreseen that there will be big changes either in the professional aspect or in the sentimental one. Pisces will hold the tenth place this time.