Prime Minister Rama gives the coded message, warns of great change in Albania

Prime Minister Rama gives the coded message, warns of great change in Albania


They do not leave us comfortable! 7 most common dreams finally explained by psychologists

They do not leave us comfortable! 7 most common dreams finally explained by

Sleep, especially the act of sleeping, is one of the greatest pillars of the physical and mental health of human beings and even the vast majority of animals.

During rest, the body relaxes while the brain is active, albeit to a slightly different degree than when we are awake. This is why, among other things, dreams happen.

Sometimes dreams are extraordinary action movies with a logical and interconnected plot, and other times simple images or incoherent conversations.

For the vast majority of people, there are certain dreams that are repeated on more than one occasion or are even common to more than one person, writes

For this reason, psychologists have been given the task of explaining the meanings of these dreams and their consequences.

These are the 7 most common dreams and their psychological interpretations:

1. Dreaming of falling or losing control of a vehicle:

Losing control or falling into a dream indicates that you are experiencing a lot of stress with a situation and, in addition, a gradual progress towards goals, although not with all the control one would want.

Learn to trust other people more and release the brakes a little.

2. Dream like you are flying:

It means that a break has been achieved with some circumstances that caused pressure or stress.

Do not be afraid of responsibilities and make the right decisions to really "fly" in real life.

There is a problem that requires a solution but is not available.

Although these dreams are horrible, they actually show that there is potential to solve problems to take control of the future and plans to come.

4. Dream as if you are failing an exam:

Fear of not passing a test expresses excessive self-criticism or excessive pressure on oneself to achieve achievements in real life.

Lower your self-criticism a little and learn to value your talents, skills and achievements.

5. As if you are without clothes in public

Clothes help us create a unique image, so being naked in public means that something in reality is creating a sense of vulnerability.

Enough of the shame! You have to open up to others and not pretend what you are not!

You may experience too many commitments or shortcomings because you do not want to disappoint others.

Consider your needs before trying to accommodate everyone's life.

7. Teeth move, or you fall out

Teeth symbolize inner determination and strength, so if they fall, it means that there is a loss of confidence and self-esteem due to some situations.

Think calmly about the possible situation and try to resolve it, in order to accept the challenge that life gives you.

There is nothing more interesting than the mysterious world of dreams. Of all these dreams, which one or which did you eat?

And, if the answer is affirmative, did they have an interpretation tailored to the psychologists' explanation?