Albania does not find peace / A gun explodes in Elbasan, a person is executed in a car

Albania does not find peace / A gun explodes in Elbasan, a person is executed in


The prediction of the stars for the month of May, astrology Meri Gjini shows the most favored horoscope sign for the whole month of May

The prediction of the stars for the month of May, astrology Meri Gjini shows the

Invited to the studio of the show "Sunbeam" on Report Tv, astrology Meri Gjini, shows what the stars say about the month of May, as well as the characteristics of all the signs. While it is considered as the month of the bull, other signs, such as crab, will be very favored, while it seems that the twins are the sign which will have to make changes, although reluctantly.


In terms of emotional coloring they will have a straight line, without fights and without clashes. Regarding the lek, there are concrete concrete developments, while regarding the issues of physics, more or less, they should be careful in the first days of the month, the part of the physics will change completely after the date 9. Regarding the things that are unclear in their mind or clarification of their work development, they will have to write everything they have in mind in the first part in order to have a clearer purpose in the practical directions by the middle of the month. The moon axis only improves the pocket for work initiatives have to wait after the 17th. After the 17th things will be simplified in every possible direction for the ram.


They will have to organize the agenda, for what they are looking to get during this month. They will find themselves in the spotlight, very optimistic, very solar, in the middle of the month and consistently. A fantastic month, a good month that very little care today and tomorrow and on the 16th, 17th, the rest do what they want.


The need to move is very great, the need to change is very great the way they think or this part of the anxiety in their practical developments is quite strong, however whether they like it or not they will have their own start, even those who have discussed and those who have not discussed it is impossible not to have departures. Which of the twins deals with marketing, management, trade, movement, documents, diplomacy have the opportunity to have movement starting from the next day. Others will have to include in their daily communication or will have to resume or reposition themselves through discussion on the things they want to have or achieve.


What prevails and will color the whole month of May, especially after the 9th, is the optimism and concrete results that will be achieved in their movements or in their professional daily life. While the first part is not that it encourages the crab much for the part of being open or smiling, they may have a lot of plans within themselves, a lot of optimism but have a tendency to keep it to themselves or to be in their world. In general what is highly favored is what seems to be wise, they will be very accurate to give the right idea if asked or the right orientation, so they have an inner intelligence that seems to say the right thing at the moment proper and that gives result very quickly. And this will be an appreciation that crabs will feel throughout the month.


There are two twins, where to dedicate more attention between career and family. The first important news is how they will feel about their physique or that of their family, it is a much more positive extremist than they think and what the period has been so far. They will find themselves in the spotlight for the strong developments or in the talks they will make during the 17th despite it being a busy or very energetic day but they will manage it very well. So they will be concretized.


Mercury is the guiding plan for the virgin as well, so what does it have to do with what they want to change, what they want to move, what 2021 will bring from the work, their profession, their businesses and especially those who have to do with communication, with marketing, with management, with administration it seems like they have their own month and they have the month that will give not only a first taste but also a clear taste of the development of the whole season, so in terms of the job tastes good and there are developments there are also surprises for those who do not plan to make changes. In terms of physics issues will be very good, the return of saturn does not touch them at all on their map because saturn's encounters seem to have taken a taste years from the end of summer.


Career is their strong point this month, whether they have it in mind or not, they have it in their planning, they feel or do not feel comfortable I am sure this will be the central thought starting from tomorrow and until the end of July. Although the developments and the beginnings have now, so it is not tomorrow, it is not yesterday, it is now, from the moment we are talking. So most of their attention will be taken by the profession, will be taken by their agenda, led by the profession. As for the professional part, they will have the opportunity to spend days off and feel lucky. Anyway the taste that will dominate or that last balance of the month will finally accept fate, will congratulate especially those born in the first 15 days.


With money is the first part, if they have banking moves to make if they have exchanges with lek if they have to decide to give to receive, the first days of the month and especially the date 6, the dates 6, 23, 26 are the most good for the month of may so for everyone what is important to plan as contacts on these dates to get the most out of external energy. For the scorpions it is in terms of the issue of the lek, what has to do with the lek they have to decide by the 6th. While after the 9th it seems as if they will have to prioritize the emotional part and the part that belong to their soul love. There is room for colors, to enjoy the colors of summer and will be greatly enhanced from the 14th onwards.


It is the luckiest period for them, starting from the next day until the 29th of the month. The best period is the middle of the month and the transition of the planet of luck to the fish is very favorable, while the rest that require a slightly slower pace will be able to pick up the phone and any discussion, correction or important contacts will should be placed on their agenda around 5.6 and by 22. Slightly different pace after the 23rd, but they will still feel relieved with the physical problems they had in the last part of April.


It does not start very well in terms of how they feel at work, their inner part, maybe they have expected more maybe they expect more from the part of love, emotions. So the time has come for those who have Capricorn in show their family environment how important they are, how capable they are and how much they deserve. This to lighten the colors in their homes. On the 9th the profession becomes a priority and they are in their habitat, in their land, they have a wine that is productive regardless of the profession they have, in all forms.


They get into a routine, it is difficult to take initiatives or to have big developments so what development do they have in mind, what achievement do they require from today until the 14th so that is the deadline for those who have not used it for those who have exploited it will have the opportunity to prioritize things they want in their soul. With matters of economics they will have developments from the 6th to the 13th. At the end of the month they will be much more relaxed with the physique.


 They will have the opportunity to have fast and strong colors. Blessed are those from the fish that deal with the engineer to the art will have opportunities for everyone to show their fragile, creative side. After the 23rd they will have the opportunity to enter into the routine, not only fish but all other signs that are in the artist profession.