Fantastic news! Scientists make sensational discovery: This common medicine reduces the risk of death from coronavirus

Fantastic news! Scientists make sensational discovery: This common medicine


Sex after the age of 40? 10 things to keep in mind

Sex after the age of 40? 10 things to keep in mind

Do you think your sex life is over after 40 years? Not actually. Here's what to expect if you are or expect this stage faz

1. You will have to strain a little more. Both men and women face hormone changes in their 40s that can cause changes in sexual arousal, desire and general physical comfort during sexual activity. Changes in hormones may require an increase in stimulation during sexual activity or a greater focus on sensual pleasure.

2. You can be wilder. Couples in their 40s are likely to have the best sex of their lives - they are more motivated to explore different aspects of sexuality. Couples are more open to exploring at this age because of sexual confidence, a stronger sense of sexual self, or the feeling of the deepest emotional connection to more meaningful and passionate sex.

3. You will need to start paying attention to your heart health. Your cardiovascular system is the key to a healthy sex life.

4. You can go through a deadlock - and that's okay. Sexual desire can fluctuate. A stalemate in your sex life, no matter what age, is inevitable. The important part is being able to talk about it with your partner or a professional.

5. You can become really boring if you try to create. The quantity and quality of a woman's eggs are significantly reduced while the concept of ages after 40 is more challenging. If you are still looking to expand your family, you may find yourself engaged in fertility treatments. For those trying to start a family later in life, sex can become a chore.

6. Women can be more orgasmic. Experts say women over 40 can find more pleasure in sex than they have ever done before. They know what it takes to get there and are not afraid to make it happen.

7. Men can hold longer. Men over 40 find themselves lasting longer than in the past.

8. You may start to focus on other forms of intimacy. Learn to focus on satisfaction and connection with your partner. Learn more about what you like, now that you have less sense of urgency.

9. You will refocus on your relationship. When you are in your forties many have gone through the "baby growth" phase and find more time to spend on what they want. Couples have the emotional energy to focus on their partner.

10. Sex is still really important to you. Studies have shown that 85 percent of women over the age of 40 still consider sex very important to them.