Berisha and Meta in unison against PS-PD co-government, messages and warnings to Basha to reject Rama's offer

Berisha and Meta in unison against PS-PD co-government, messages and warnings to


Put laurel leaves under the bed and you will be surprised by what will happen to you

Put laurel leaves under the bed and you will be surprised by what will happen to

Most of us have heard of the evil eye and believe in it, while some other people think that the evil eye does not exist but is simply a moment of man who falls into depression or feels tired in various ways.

You can give it any name you want but one thing is for sure there are some moments in life when your life is not going well and you are surrounded by a huge wave of negative energy.

And when this happens, we notice that we are not in the mood at all, or most of the time only bad thoughts come to mind about our present and future and it seems to us as if we will have no certainty in our lives.

Negative energy can have many sources of origin and it is important to know them to fix the problem and take steps to correct all possible problems.

Although in most cases, this negative energy does not come from us but comes from the people around us and appreciating the fact that we do not change these people, today we will show you a way how we can only bless our lives .

Therefore, in this article we will show you the most popular way to remove negative energy, but first we will tell you some signs of how you can easily distinguish if there is a presence of this negative energy around you.

Here are the main signs when a large amount of negative energy is circulating around you:

The first sign: Money does not flow easily, unpaid bills start to accumulate and you do not know where your money is going. The stagnation of prosperity is a sign that the path of growth is blocked, even when we are making enough money.

The second sign: You feel tired, exhausted and easily disappointed. You go through ups and downs and end up hurting yourself. You are still exhausted even after a good night’s rest and on a balanced diet.

The third sign: You feel stressed and unable to manage daily activities, things that were good before.

Fourth sign: You are more prone to infections than normal and start getting sick more often. Signs of a low stress immune system.

Fifth sign: Communication is affected, people seem to be unable to understand you and you think you do not even understand others.

Sixth sign: It is difficult to take care of yourself and you can not find any moment for yourself.

Seventh sign: Your sleep pattern is affected by strange dreams and nightmares. Your subconscious mind tries to warn you that something is wrong.

Shenja e tetë: Mendimet dhe emocionet negative duket se shfaqen sa herë që përpiqeni të qetesoheni. Dhe pjesa më e keqe është se sa më shumë që përpiqesh t’i ndalosh, aq më të veshtirë behen.

Shenja e nëntë: Ju humbni çelësat, paratë, kuletat, rrobat, etj. Dhe nuk mund t’i gjeni, edhe pse në të shumtën e rasteve janë prane jush.

Shenja e dhjetë: Pa-mundesia për t’u perqendruar, me mendjen që endet nëpër gjera të rastit ndërsa perjeton një ndjenjë zbrazetie.

Dhe tani, të mësojmë se si të hiqni qafe energjinë negative dhe të pastroni ambientin dhe shpirtin tuaj:

Nëse ju mendoni se energjia negative është shumë e fortë dhe nuk mund të largohet ju do të mahniteni kur të zbuloni se sa thjeshtë largohet ajo.

If you are going to find dried laurel leaves in your house today, then get some leaves, as long as you live in the house and so if you live 4 people, you get 4 dried laurel leaves, or if you live 3 you only get 3 leaves.

The laurel is the plant of purity and blessings and is the plant that connects us to the healing power of the Universe so only with this very simple method you will soon notice that divine blessings and power will enter your home.