Sad! Valentina Leskaj loses dear man from coronavirus: Today is a very difficult day for me

Sad! Valentina Leskaj loses dear man from coronavirus: Today is a very difficult

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30 years of democracy and we… black and white again

30 years of democracy and we… black and white again

Position and opposition are the two weapons not only present but also indispensable in a true democracy. They are in a constant struggle for power, but also comrades-in-arms when it comes to national interests. Because it is this first and then comes the power. Unfortunately we do not have this privilege. Not just today. In monism it was even blacker. There was no opposition at all. The party that was in charge of everything had divided the people into "us" and "them". "We" were the ones who followed the party berihaj and "they" were the ones who did not like him and had three alternatives: before the Kalashnikov, in the "seven windows" or in exile. "We" and "they" dreamed of disappearing from the seeds of the earth after the democratic revolution of the 1990s, but… it did not happen. Even today, after 30 years, Albanians continue to be black and white, either with "us" or "them". In the early 1990s, banners of ostensibly reconciliation were thrown out, such as "brothers but opposition", "comrades and comrades-in-arms", but even they were blown away like many dreams of that time. Even these 30 years ostensibly with the scent of democracy, hatred for each other never turned into love for us Albanians. Starting from the political dome to the deepest village, the division continues either with "us" or with "them", left or right. There were some Albanian alliances where the leftists became more right-winged and vice versa, so much so that the popular opinion was expressed that "Berisha had to lead the left and Nano the right", but they remained in their trenches. This period also had its traitors, but even they, after wandering through the salons of power, did what they did and returned to base, like the submarine 105. It would take whole pages of newspapers to list their names, but as a matter of fact, let us mention Ceka, Imam, Zogaj… and the most "legendary" Maliqi, who, feeling the smell of power, has no problem changing the political color. The misfortune of this black and white division is that it weighs on the shoulders and the future of our state. Pay close attention to the political situation in relations with internationals: as soon as they approach a reunion in their family for us, it is we ourselves who find shortcomings even where we do not mind to break this rapprochement. Instead of this opportunity, the position and the opposition coming together and the benefit being our state, the opposition of each wing does not leave a stone unturned so that this rapprochement is not realized. Even quite openly. European friends and counterparts meet and untrue facts are served to them to raise their voice in European institutions to remove Albania from them. In the present they think they are getting political quotas, but forget that they are extremely damaging to the future of their country. Let there be skirmishes in the civil war, let them be here before us all day and all night black and white, but where the fates of our country are at play let them be together. Not to mention much of the bitter past in this black and white clash, but just to remember the present: rapprochement or even accession to the European Union is not the only advantage of Rama and Luli or Ilir, but of all Albanians and in this respect everyone should be in the choir and not one should fight to achieve this goal and the other should make every effort to prevent it. Our country is full of troublesome problems today and let us fight to solve them on the domestic front, but when we go ahead of foreigners to be unique. Our people have a phenomenal finding about this: a regular family, honored to dry their underwear inside their yard so that even their closest neighbor does not look at it. Let us do this too. That more significant black and white division than what happens in the Albanian Parliament over the years can not be found: when the left is in power do not take into account any proposal of the right, do not approve any law proposed by them and vice versa. Are you saying that only the majorities are smart in this country and the oppositions are hostile or the childish mentality prevails: I have the ball and I will shoot the penalty myself. And the worst happens, the black and white division in the dome is accompanied even below. As soon as the directors change for political reasons, most of the employees also change, although most of them are specialists and the state has invested in their qualification. Do you want a concretization of the black and white division (and this time I will speak with names, let some be angry) from the field of media, which in our country has influence in some cases more than politics. Watch Fevzi's show "Opinion". As soon as he announces his guests, Preçi, Marku, Artani to your right and Batoni to your left, Iris and Vangjeli understand the course of the show and do not need to spend time standing in front of the screen. If the majority has made red eggs, they will dig right into the Albanian language dictionary to find the most denigrating words for it. If it has made a move that the opposition should support, they will attack the left as an obstacle to the reforms that only the majority knows how to do. They are so frustrating and so incredible, because they are not themselves, but they defend the party they represent, so much so that you are sure that even when they leave the studio they have a different opinion from the one they expressed. A friend of mine who deals with statistics told me one day that out of 100 proposals and opinions given by Professor Marku in these last shows, 98 did not come out. Even the joke to be and take half the truth, is scandalous.