Unpleasant surprises with COVID balance sheet, Ministry of Health gives details how many new cases are in the last 24 hours

Unpleasant surprises with COVID balance sheet, Ministry of Health gives details

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He is the "blue" electorate that you do not know how to get!

He is the "blue" electorate that you do not know how to get!

In a conversation with a friend, democrat and founder as a December PD member, he tells me that: to follow the entire gray area of ??citizens. Clearly, there was something real, but there is another great truth inside that in the DP leaderships, either do not know or do not want to appreciate it for many, many such individuals. I answer to my idealistic and unpolished friend from the PD powers: he is the "blue" electorate that you do not know or do not want to take. I did not want to make a diversion with a good man and unchanged in the character of an idealist, but in fact the current PD idealists, rebels, people who follow (not persecute) democracy and its principles do not like. Whereas the one who nonsense calls the "gray" electorate that is not identified with either the DP or the SP, is really the democratic electorate that no longer has a place, is not accepted in the DP. It is the middle class people and citizens who do not even think that they will ever join the Gramoz SP, nor the Renaissance of Rama and Veliaj. It is not the transformers of democracy who say: when our government is in power, we know how to deal with the democracy and freedom of the Albanians. But they can not be identified with the DP of Berisha, Basha and the continuation of such a sect that has clearly presented an already understood deviation of the modern right and has sabotaged the traditional Albanian right. When in fact this "gray" electorate is the center-right, liberal, but does not deviate from internal democracy, does not raise tyrannical idols above the party and does not gather militants to insult themselves in a modern class war and face the state , or political opponent. This "gray" electorate, according to the idea of ??those in power and the opposition, can not accept the longevity of the corrupt in power. It does not accept those who are today and those who were yesterday and continue today, forgetting who they were yesterday. This majority electorate would be with the DP and the opposition, but it does not love them and does not understand them moreover, some of them fight much worse than the "renaissance" with whom it makes "love" time after time. time. This type of electorate, which is already numerous, is "blue", but it cannot accept a party which is "proletarianized in ideas" and lives like a lazy aristocracy. This electorate cannot accept to change costume, rule and value system. The Democratic Party does not have this electorate with it, because it did not say "forgive me" once. What about the renegade he did to the Albanian right and its true humanism. That he abused "anti-communism" in the mouth and actions of the majority communists at its helm. He did not say sorry to me, for many actions done in the government which are to blame. Major faults in corruption and political degradation. She did not stop at her exceptions as an imitation of the ALP and left in the suburbs idealists and people of human and intellectual values, becoming more and more incredible. Approached disgusting forms of propaganda and stupidity in political and human behavior, shaming the right and the characteristics of a society that believes in values. No path of cooperation was left to people who do not believe in "Rama idiotic shawls" and his colors, but also to the female and male concubines of his politics. They allowed Rama and his grotesque and corrupt Renaissance to use the "two fingers" as a symbol of the DP. The DP closed the way to representation in it and through Berisha's legacy, which was to end there, and continued to produce a new leadership that was even less right-wing, less courageous, family-led, and much more. little known in attitudes towards Albanians. He hindered free thought and dealt only with the desire to come to power, making vain, degraded and immoral agreements with Rama. They did not end a great cause in their complete victory, because they did not deal with the real causes, but with the "lipstick" of democracy on the concept of "rotation". Imagine how right they are, when they say - rotation. When they are clear that "they are not alternatives", but simply the same thing, but that rotate between each other. They mistreated democracy, leaving it orphaned in the charlatan Assembly of Albania. They turned Rama into a tyrant of morally undeserved powers. They left the Assembly with the charlatans. And exactly why it was like that they had to stay in it, to make possible the implementation of democracy as a principle and at the bottom of the sea for a democrat. But they agreed with charlatanism as a philosophy and why it fled so as not to appear as such on its own. No, they were shown as Bolsheviks fleeing to attack "Smolny" or the "Winter Palace", which was not accepted by the internationals. They removed almost all the soybeans of the normal and humane Albanian right by means of idiotic feeds related to the last face of the ALP regime. They lost the main characteristic of the right which is cohesion and order based on freedom and democracy in a traditional party of the popular right with values ??as conservative and modern at the time. They never allowed the rise of the new elitocracy, but as the "degraded left to the extreme right" catapult elements designed to be servile and mediocre, to use and hold power. They have allowed the right wing in Albania to be occupied - lali Fiku and the "ghosts" of the abominable thefts with PPP and indulging the organically corrupt Albanian plutocracy. Biles participate together in boards and tenders of friends, but also leaders of associations, media that eat from all sides, etc. etc. And how is it possible for this "gray" electorate, which is in fact the blue of democracy, to join such a political and philosophical degradation. There is no possibility. This electorate will certainly grow and will never join them, neither the right-wing medemek nor the left medemek, nor those new parties today emerging from their womb.