"He used my father's name to throw stones at Berisha", Erion Braçe gives a strong answer to Remzi Hoxha's son

"He used my father's name to throw stones at Berisha", Erion

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Ball masks actually like revolution in the test tube!

Ball masks actually like revolution in the test tube!

We live in a time of pandemic. Similar to the time of cholera, generalized with so much fantasy and realism by the Colombian Nobel laureate, the eminent writer Gabriel Marquez in the novel "Love in the Times of Cholera". Since March of this year, Albania has just been visited by the unwanted guest, the bringer of disasters that takes life, destroys the economy and destroys society, the most heated debate has been and remains, dealing with the pandemic, measures taken, accusations of sampling with objectivity situation, concealment of the truth, minimization of virus deaths, fraud with secret tenders made by the line ministry to steal funds intended for the purchase of equipment and medicines, as well as the adaptation of central and regional hospitals to be placed in readiness to save lives and dominate the deadly virus. Divided into two large blocs, the government on one side and the opposition on the other, as well as the alignment of analysts, thinkers, talkers, accusers, lecturers, well-known, the confrontation of teams of health specialists who have put the chest to the battle for defeat the pandemic, which has arrived uninvited, wreaking havoc on our people. The pandemic is the third disaster in a row in our country within a year, after two earthquakes, that of September and November that created a situation of terror in Albania and were accompanied by loss of life and apocalyptic destruction of private and social property, such as schools, hospitals or cultural centers. Albania, during this year, has been under the barrage of natural disasters which have been felt even more after the political and social factors, the intellectual voice and unbridled propaganda, is placed in position, ready for the final battle the fight for life or death, sowing in the citizens pessimism and fear for what they are experiencing. Civilized nations in times of disaster, find themselves united, set aside the interests of the day, abandon sick pragmatism all the more so for power and denigrate the adversary, using natural or human disasters. In the tradition of ordinary Albanians in cases of disasters they come together, support each other in need, set aside centuries-old enmities, blood feuds, enmities, replacing with solidarity those who have suffered, lost relatives, have been ruined house or have suffered severe calamity in the family or tribe. In all these cases, the Albanians have come together. This is what they have done for centuries. When asked by the national interest, the protection of the territory and sovereignty of the homeland from the greed of those who wanted to tear the lollipops from our land. It is the Albanian virtue that has brought the citizens together even when they were ready to shoot rifles. All this in the name of life and dignity, human love and the union of spiritual feelings and centuries-old traditions with which Albanians have been nurtured and educated throughout their existence in the lands where Albanian is spoken. But today are we on a front to face the invisible enemy, the virus that is taking life? How much is our society aware that this battle is not one-sided and Albanians can not line up on pros and cons? That we are not in the years of World War II, where we were divided into pro and anti war. To those who were guided by the slogan, "Wait to wait" and those "Stand up with weapons in hand for liberation." Our society is not facing the sacrifice to come out with weapons in defense of the homeland and no sublime sacrifice is required to give life in the interest of freedom and homeland as it is not threatened by any foreign power in order to invade or rule our country. Today only cooperation, understanding is required. Extraordinary measures specified, well-studied by our technicians and specialists who must design proper protocols to be used in the anti-covid battle. It is required to line up on the same front in front of an enemy that so far from a good part of our opinion makers, especially from the voices and those who make the analyst and opinionist to face the risk of losing their lives from the virus that has become a worldwide horror. Every serious state is on its feet to dominate and minimize the negative effect of the pandemic that is reaping daily human life. We are not talking here about what public health specialists do. The silent heroes of the hospitals, the infectious one of "Shefqet Ndroqi", who are in direct confrontation with the virus and continue the battle without releasing an inch of the invisible enemy if it is more dangerous than a bacterial bomb or poison from them that we have seen through action movie series. The debates have accompanied the whole period from the first case of the virus, the zero patient until today. What has not been heard! How far has the fantasy gone. Many times the crazy thought that the virus is not real has prevailed. That it is fabrication and politics, that the government seeks to quarantine the people to rule it easily. That it is a way to steal and thrive corruption. There has not been a single government move regarding the pandemic that politics has not raised endless allegations. It was once said that this is a political show. The next day they seek to divert attention from government scandals. That this is a game and it is not true. The most advanced, that it is an international conspiracy to change the world order, where Albania has become a party. Numerous urban legends have unfolded as in-depth scientific opinions that the virus came from afar. From above for some. They have brought us to be exterminated by others. That has arrived in January. Someone that came in December. Others that did not come at all. That it is the intention of the government to keep us in the dark and terrify the people. From well-known individuals, politicians pretending to govern us, party leaders, the idea has circulated that the virus is imaginary even though it has taken lives which go to frightening figures. We have experienced, in addition to the risk and fear of corona infection, a storm of accusations and opinions of charlatans far from the truth. Many times malicious. Raised in art by those who seek to turn it into a weapon and mechanism against power to denigrate the measures taken and all the work done to tackle this evil that is worldwide. Recently the number of daily infected has increased. Likewise the number of those who lose the battle with the disease is almost at the same levels four to five victims per day. The trend of the number of infected is on the rise. 150 to 250 citizens have recently tested positive. Specialized hospitals are at full capacity. So the situation is not even easy to assess as transient. Precisely to curb the number of infected, the Albanian government decided to keep masks in all environments and on the streets by citizens and non-implementation of such a measure will be accompanied by fines from three to five thousand ALL for those who do not implement the decision. The mask has turned into the latest battle between the parties. It has become the daily ration of debates between the parties. Many of those who oppose everything and seek to oppose any measure as in any area of ??life, are against wearing the mask which they do not consider as an important measure, necessary to cut the way for the advancement of the virus, yes as repressive government action. To crack down on government policies as for any measure and decision they are against putting the mask on en masse. Politicians, intellectuals, some who consider themselves scientists, party leaders, analysts or opinion leaders, seem to be in a battle between themselves and the government, challenging the Prime Minister of Albania, refusing to wear the mask. With an unparalleled megalomania, arrogance, arrogance, acting like neighborhood kindergarten children, angry declare that they will not put on the mask. The chairwoman of the SMI, Kryemadhi from the television screen, swore that she would not put on a mask and let the fines be billed to the husband of the president because she is a trunk by herself. But why do these individuals hold this position that is given the opportunity to speak in front of Albanians at a time when the mask has no purpose of discrimination and is not a battle for which the parties are required to fight? Do they not see how many states have taken the same extreme measure? When you hear them declare arrogantly, that they are against putting on macaque whoever they are becomes ridiculous. Citizens understand this effective measure, which is for their lives and health. This is the reason why most of them respected the decision and went out in masks on the streets. So they do not hear the lonely, laborious, malicious, quarrelsome, troubled voices that seem to them to make the mask revolution, if they end up in revolutions in the test tube. This kind of millet, these individuals,