Sad! Valentina Leskaj loses dear man from coronavirus: Today is a very difficult day for me

Sad! Valentina Leskaj loses dear man from coronavirus: Today is a very difficult

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Basha condemns the violence in America, in Albania he thanks the perpetrators!

Basha condemns the violence in America, in Albania he thanks the perpetrators!

In reality what we saw in Washington on the Capitol, was an event unknown at least to the US. Not that in this mature democracy state there have been no similar cases to the entire democratic world and there have been no violent protests or harsh police intervention to disperse the protesters and maintain order and security, but the events in the House White, were unpredictable, as described by unprecedented world leaders. For the first time in that magnificent building, where the policies of America and the whole world are programmed, its occupation by supporters of President Trump took place. The situation has been deteriorating since November 3, the day of the presidential election. The bloodshed was initially heated through opposition to the election result. Then with numerous allegations of electronic ballot manipulation, large-scale vote theft that was never proven. The charges were deepened through lawsuits in state courts, where he was accused of vote theft and reached a climax on Wednesday, just as Biden's victory was being certified by the US Congress and the electoral votes in favor of the president-elect were confirmed by 303 votes. compared to 232 won by President Trump. It was a severe blow to all the citizens of the globe, especially to us Albanians who for three decades have kept our eyes on the US and its representatives in Albania have always been impartial arbitrators, guaranteeing free elections and democracy, freedom of speech. and the media. When an important decision had to be made, to implement major reforms that require large-scale understanding of political factors and coordination of forces to bring them to an end, the US word has been crucial and has guaranteed the continuation of democracy and the best possible solutions. Albania has felt the support of the American state in every step forward since the day of the establishment of democracy in this country. And they have never been stupid or indifferent, on the contrary they have actively participated in resolving political deadlocks and resolving deep contradictions which have been so problematic that there has been a moment when our own democratic system has been questioned. And such were those of 1990 when the democratic system was installed. The first opposition party was just founded and political pluralism was established in the country. In 1996-1997 when the state fell and crime took to the streets. In 2011 in the peaceful protest of the opposition where on the threshold of the government building four unarmed protesters were shot outside the doors of the building on the boulevard with their hands in their pockets. Support has not been lacking in the back year 2018-2019 and in late December 2020, where the paid teen revolution was organized and where nothing was left standing from road traffic signals or Christmas decorations. The American intervention in all these key moments of Albania's fate has been extraordinary, not to mention the efforts for justice reform or the fight against corruption and crime. We Albanians are grateful to the United States for everything it has done for Albanian democracy and beyond the borders of our state, where Albanians live as in Kosovo, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, etc. In these seven years of Basha's party being in opposition in our eyes have sprung up violent protests attempts to seize power by extreme violence. Violence which has been, not only through Molotov cocktails and individuals with petrol bottles in their hands, but also with archers and archers, wolves of Cërrik and the army of Jala or militants of the Corps "Azem Hajdari", who have been used in every case for hindered power. To overthrow it by force. To place stones under the wheels of development. To stop progress and democracy. To obscure the vote of the people, raising on the pedestal strength and demonstration with all weapons. The streets of Tirana for years in a row in these three decades have proved on their backs, hatred and destruction. Stones and trees up to the guns, not to mention extreme attitudes, abandonment of elections and boycott of institutions. In all these cases, the violence has been extreme. Surprisingly, none of the opposition leaders, unfortunately not even the guarantor of national unity, the president, Ilir Meta, have moved a finger and have never condemned the violence here in our country. On the contrary, they did not even appear on the podiums of their headquarters, enough to wash their mouths to address the charged protesters instructed by them to return home and give up the riots. At least Trump did that! On the contrary, they have sided with the perpetrators and encouraged them in all forms to exert pressure and occupy the institutions. Our capital, the Assembly, the government building had to be turned upside down by opposition forces, who burned and struck him mercilessly and endangered the integrity of the system and the constitutional order. When ten or twenty policemen were injured, no one wished them health from the opposition. As soon as one of the protesters scratched his finger, the entire opposition choir stood up, condemning the wounding of the finger of those who violently attacked the legitimate inviolable institutions of our country, which serve all political forces and are considered sacred. Nobody takes root in those buildings. And the leaders alternate according to the decision of the sovereign. Without drawing parallels between Albania and the USA, because there democracy is solid and coincidences do not constitute anything, the powers are divided and balanced, the leaders mostly know how to orient themselves, regardless of political affiliation even after upheavals such as the occupation of the Capitol by violent and extremist individuals, the state was on its feet and order was established for hours of work. The force of law triumphed, as it did before, the power of the professional media and justice with the objective decisions it took after the lawsuits of President Trump's lawyers. What happened, world leaders could not but speak and condemn the acts that appeared before the world opinion. The Prime Minister of Britain, of Spain, the Secretary of NATO, the Council of Europe spoke. And among them spoke the leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, who wrote on social networks in English. Basha also condemned acts of violence in Washington! This is not about his weight. He too has the legitimate right to write and declare everything he judges to be good or bad. This is democracy. The contrast is with the attitudes he holds towards even more brutal permanent violence in Albania. Not in Washington, but in Tirana. Not in the Capitol, but in the Assembly and the Prime Minister. These are our Capitol. Not only Lulzim Basha and companies, starting with Berisha and Monika, Mediu and Meta, but all the opinion leaders listed around them, instead of taking a stand and condemning the violence, condemn the police and the Ministry of Interior. They condemn and anathema the prime minister, as the architect of violence even though the soldiers in the protest are organized by them. The condemnation of the violence at the Capitol by Basha is truly hypocrisy and hypocrisy. He seems to be right with Washington and extremely unfair with Tirana. His, here even though violently dressed the lamb's hoof, those in the Capitol draw attention to the violence they exercise. In principle he is right. He is deficient in his behavior. Basha condemns violence in America, in Albania he thanks the perpetrators and labels them heroes. There, hooligans, here angelic and peaceful! Walk and do not think of Basha, as a leader with a double character. Democrat with the rapists in Washington, thankful to the protesters in our Capitol!