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"We will put the bomb wherever you are" / The General Director of

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The baby "Diaspora votes" will be saved!

The baby "Diaspora votes" will be saved!

"Diaspora votes" is really a seven-month-old baby, born from the 30-year conception of the desire of hundreds of thousands of our emigrants, to influence for good in Albania that they left with a lot of sadness and emptiness in their hearts. And now they look at it from afar with much longing. This baby saw the light of day on July 22, 2020, with Articles 24 and 25 of the Electoral Code, as amended, which give the opportunity to all representatives of the diaspora over the age of 18 (there are over 1.35 million) to vote. There are no legal obstacles. But the articles themselves can not become a magic wand and pave the way for diaspora voting. This track has the electronic registration route and the Electronic Register of Diaspora voters. The Central Election Commission is appointed by law to meet both of these conditions. Voting for immigrants in this election is a legal obligation, which must be made a reality by the Central Election Commission. And this commission is on the moon, if it continues to claim that the observance of the law requires the consent of political parties, for the commission to adopt bylaws after the amendment of the Electoral Code on July 22, 2020. Until February 20, 2021, the commission had six months to approved these acts and did not do so, because he says that "political parties have not given any opinion". But let him have taken their six-month silence for approval and continued! The law gives him this right. Political parties are not above the law. Voting of citizens abroad has no legal problem to be conducted in these elections of April 25 this year. Every legal commitment has been fulfilled by the responsible structures of the Executive. The reasoning coming from the Central Election Commission that in order to realize the right to vote of the citizens we have abroad, the "consensus" (consent) of the political parties must be expected is both absurd and illegal. If this "standard" would be applied to all laws approved by the Albanian Parliament, without the "consensus", the consent of the opposition, we would have no more laws! By this logic, since the opposition parties outside the Assembly have not given their consent, but have spoken out against the changed electoral system, it falls to the elections not to be held on April 25! But they will be kept. Likewise, there is no need for any official response from political parties for the Central Election Commission to implement the law. Pra, issue bylaws pursuant to the amended Electoral Code. The government is working to pass a normative act to extend the term of old passports, in order to enable a number that has been submitted as a request by the opposition, a number that exceeds 1 million voters, to vote with passports and expired ID cards. To guarantee and concretize the voting of the representatives of the diaspora, the law has given full power to the Central Election Commission. Almost a Supreme Court. It does not make sense for the CEC to remain in the shallows with written documents for the parties, do you or are you not a party agreeing with my bylaws! The representative of the majority in the government at the CEC stated that let the opposition bring as much as it wants the formal version of the legal rules, regarding voting abroad. If these legal rules are adopted quickly, we are very close to an important constitutional and legal act. Of course, registering our citizens abroad is a challenge. The process of registering addresses abroad or renewing identity cards and passports for diaspora representatives is very problematic. However, in no case can this process be an excuse for non-implementation of the law on Diaspora voting. For this reason, the Ministry of Interior has extended the deadline for the use of documents that must be renewed until the end of April 2021. The application system for voting will function at the Central Election Commission. It can be applied there with the old passport, as well as with the request for clarification of the last addresses of our citizens residing abroad. Exercising the right to vote for diaspora voting is already a constitutional and legal obligation. The ruling majority clearly has the full will to do so. The main opposition party has also clearly stated that it supports the diaspora vote in this election as well. The Central Election Commission should never seek consent to the implementation of the law on the right to vote. It is a legal obligation and not a matter for discussion. The baby "Diaspora votes" will be saved! It is a legal obligation and not a matter for discussion. The baby "Diaspora votes" will be saved! It is a legal obligation and not a matter for discussion. The baby "Diaspora votes" will be saved!