Romeo Kara shakes Meta and Berisha: US Congress seizes CEZ affair files, shocked by justice's silence in the face of corruption

Romeo Kara shakes Meta and Berisha: US Congress seizes CEZ affair files,

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The idiocy of moving from "pandemocracy to vaccination"!

The idiocy of moving from "pandemocracy to vaccination"!

2020 began and ended with the departure of a few tricks and a few more signatures of "democracy" in an ugly way and often times with orders, DCMs or even anti-constitutional legal systems, shaming human logic thanks to the protection of the health system Which could collapse into a Covid-19. I do not mean only here with us. In all the world. Thanks to often inhumane rules, contrary to "human rights" or world conferences, firms and major world assemblies, protocols were created and then "luckdown" which have been exhausting for almost a year now, not just the body and spoil freedom, but also exhaust the human mind, causing great psychological trauma. In addition closures, isolation, reduced employment, reduced schooling, rules that stifle normal human freedom, The laws that make "infected" a prisoner have brought a stupid democracy to the civilized world and to us, in addition to the fact of fines and threats of imprisonment to Rama idiotic blinds against Albanians isolated by orders and not by laws in house. Even today, from the "Pandemicracia" or Coronavirus regime, the regimen adapted to the function of Covid-19 is again doing that "mutation expected and warned by me and many like me" since the beginning of the year when the classification was starting of vaccines and their model used by industry and politics ”. "Pandemocracy" established as an economic and political regime, or rather as an ugly new "ideology" and against the freedoms of democracy, has undoubtedly caused great damage. It was used very badly and continues to be used even worse where the government, corrupt elites and institutions everywhere in the world have tried and continue with orders and approval of anti-freedom laws, to intimidate society, not to treat well and often degrade as the services and content of the care of the democratic state. Thanks to the pandemic idea "we are protecting people's lives and health systems from collapse by isolating, semi-isolating and acting on orders" are leading society and states, economies and property, education and culture, tourism and trade, religion and sport to collapse full. They do not provide real, studied solutions, they do not provide content, but only carry out "sold" forms of reform, agony lasts even more today when new "pandemocratic" theories of the British, African, Brazilian and later viruses have begun separate variants from many areas of the globe. Today we are more open, that Rama will not close or needs to do what he wanted and the "Committee of Concubines" has nothing to say or what to order because they know that even when a new vaccine is made you get infected and that the only thing you are not allowed to say is - to start teaching in universities, because they do not want their commander and not that there is any more reason than that students are not that they are not together hour and minute in clubs. They have taken care of everything with "pandemicracia" solutions, they have made economic and financial earthquakes in many Albanian economies and in the world, they have reduced the ability to have initiative, creativity through the "pandemocratic" regime, they have added fear almost like in Enver Hoxha's dictatorship and even more, because "pandemic death" has the same psychological valence as the firing of dictatorship and add the moment of host terror even more and perhaps more. Nowadays, the idiocy of the transition from the "pandemocratic" regime to the "Vaccination" or the power of the vaccine has begun. Good without the assurance of accuracy, good the abnormal fight over our vaccines (western) and not ours (eastern Chinese and Russian), good transition to the "vaccinocratic" classes of rich and poor or very poor countries, good postponement in time and well the uncertainty in success, but also already the reaction everywhere in the world for the lack of production and uncertainty of vaccines so far as material and as a real anti anti Covid-19 success. Thus began the second phase of pandemic regimes in the world and especially in Europe. Now they say that different mutations should be studied and maybe studies and approvals should be done again, which of course last and if you listen to the director of EMA, you clearly understand the global uncertainty over the new regime - vaccination. As time goes on, we are moving from Pandemocracy to Vaccination ... The world is rolling in its political and economic folly ... The Governor of Bavaria, Germany, Markus Söder, is particularly critical. He says with all his heart that the truth is this: vaccination is increasingly becoming a real problem. One problem, because the vaccine is simply missing does not exist. Everything is going much slower than it could be and it is also becoming psychologically heavy. He is extremely right. The prolongation of the agony is not just with the luckdwons being repeated and tragically repeated and who in fact are doing nothing but acknowledging the governments themselves - hospitals are not going through collapse. Yes, but not that sick people are being saved. People are dying again ... Vaccination is turning ugly like the "authorizations" for television or tolls in our dictatorship or wartime rations in Europe. "Vaccination" is criminally ruling the minds of those who expect it as "cuckoo summer" and now have to wait when your list comes, because "vaccine" is not something cheap. Not sold in pharmacies. It is not part of the rules of democracy and the free market. No, it is a psychological, political and ideological action, a state monopoly, and this is the worst possible "Vaccocracy" in 2021. Today in the EU and everywhere they are pretending to be nervous about exactly the foolish moment of the vaccine pandemic. I call it stupid, because it seems to be with real logic, with normal thought and logic, with normal democratic material, when in fact it is false, and even more against the laws of democracy. When it allows monopolies and states to establish queues, to qualify people, to hold the spirit of the sick and the elderly in suspense. When even more "vaccination" protects pharmaceutical interests and seeks to order and scare even with the vaccine society and people. And the best thing is that they pretend to be "angry" in Brussels and pretend that they do not agree in different chancelleries when they are warned that this path to these regimes leads to. Yes from pedagogy to vaccination. An ugly idiot like a pantheon or statue of Zeus made of ivory and gold by Fidia, well, while everything is fake or an idiot of ugly media and political scenes that are burdening more and more psychologically all people. They are making them sick and ruining them financially and economically. And there is no doubt that all regimes need this human weakness to finally establish rule. I do not know if they will succeed, but obviously people are so upset that there is no more. Even pandemocratic governments have invented laws that can declare them enemies, fine them and put them in jail if they are against "the rules and laws of pandemocracy". And obviously there is no more shame and folly than that. Illness, epidemic, deaths and disasters, Covidin,