Here's how Nobel laureate Montagnier is blowing up the Big Farm and shedding light on criminal acts with covid 19

Here's how Nobel laureate Montagnier is blowing up the Big Farm and

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The failure of diplomacy and the practices of provocation

The failure of diplomacy and the practices of provocation

On January 23, a reaction came on the official Facebook page of the Russian embassy in Albania, quoting the Russian Foreign Ministry for allegedly a statement by Ramush Haradinaj who, according to the embassy, ??had threatened the European Union that if Kosovo's integration is not accepted in EU and other international institutions and if Serbia does not officially recognize Kosovo, it will propose a referendum on joining Albania.

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, quoted by the embassy, ??this is a serious "provocation" which violates the territorial integrity of the countries of the region and consequently the stability of the entire Western Balkans.

Not wanting to enter into the truth or not of the statements of Mr. Haradinaj or at the core of the referendum issue for the unification of Albania and Kosovo, as it is very complicated to be elaborated in the writing of a newspaper, I wanted to write two lines about the sincerity of official Moscow and the representatives in Tirana regarding their concern for the stability of the region.

Everyone knows how much the Kremlin worries about the territorial integrity of various states when it seized the territory of Crimea from Ukraine and kept its troops in the eastern regions of this country. Everyone knows how much he cares about stability when he intervenes in Georgia or when he intervenes in the arms of dictators to oppress their peoples, as is the case in Syria and Belarus.

If anyone doubts Russia's "sincerity" for the stability of the Western Balkans region, take a look at the unprecedented armament it is doing to Serbia, raising alarm in all capitals of the region but also in Brussels.

The construction of a Russian operational center in the city of Nis, Serbia, camouflaged as a joint Russian-Serbian humanitarian emergency center, but which is in fact a springboard for all Russian subversive operations in the region, is another element that shows “that as for the heart ”the Kremlin has the stability of the Balkans.

The most concrete example of these clandestine operations for the "stability" of the region was the failed coup attempt in Montenegro in 2016, to prevent the latter's membership in NATO. The convicted organizers are two Russian citizens, Eduard Shishmakov and Vladimir Popov, suspected of being members of the Russian military secret service GRU, as well as nine Serb citizens with military backgrounds.

Of course, the reaction of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is conveyed by its embassy in Tirana a few days after the expulsion of a Russian diplomat by the Albanian state. She called it a provocation of official Tirana that would not be left without a response.

Në fakt është bër e zakonshme të dëgjosh lajme për dëbimin e diplomatëve rus nga vende të ndryshme. Ndoshta kjo ka të bëj me “zakonin e keq” që diplomatët e saj kanë në mosrespektimin e ligjeve të shteteve ku ata janë mysafir.

Shpesh ata janë të përfshirë në fshirjen e gjurmëve të agjentëve rusë të përdurur për eliminimin e kundërshtare politik të Kremlinit, siç janë rastet e ndodhura në Angli apo Gjermani.

Shqipëria dhe Kosova, janë dy shtete të vogla dhe të varfëra, me një fuqi të limituar negociuse, të cilat nuk kanë mundësi të shantazhojnë askënd, aq më pak Bashkimin Europian, në të cilin inspirojnë të integrohen një ditë. Kjo do ta bënte qesharake çdo lloj tentative presioni ndaj BE-s nga ana e këtyre dy shteteve.

Instead of the Russian Embassy in Tirana spending time with such provocations, it would be good to receive information from the Russian Foreign Ministry, to show us how true is the sensational denunciation of Alexei Navalny, about the over one billion dollar residence of Vladimir Putin.

Since this embassy has started to deal with the "gossip" of Kosovar and Albanian politics, we would be very interested to get a confirmation of the existence or not of this monstrous residence that has become a gossip sensation since its publication on Youtube by the opponent. Arrested Kremlin politician Alexei Navalny (provocation ?!)