'Look how deep things are!', The wiretaps of the Italian anti-mafia, warns Artan Hoxha and reveals the name of who is the 'big fish'

'Look how deep things are!', The wiretaps of the Italian anti-mafia,

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Knowledge and scholars on the streets and sidewalks ...

Knowledge and scholars on the streets and sidewalks ...

... And the "shelves" of institutions, state administration and private entities are full of party members and illiterates. We live in a time of crisis upon crisis, which is the crisis of the brain! Neither more nor less, even the "brain" has become a companion to the books that more and more are coming off the shelves of libraries and bookstores and ending up on the streets and sidewalks. Still others, as "old-fashioned" as they are, fill the shelves of the cafes of the "Old Mills" that neither young nor old, do not look at. By analogy, this is how the brains of people are "coming out" of the place where God has "installed" it and it is joining its "offspring", which are the books ... A traveler became very curious and "asked" the book: "Why should we read books?" "Because I, too, was once a tree," the book replied. Anyway. It may be a bit exaggerated, but in the end, it is a little true that in these last thirty years, we are going back to the origin, decades back when Albanian schools were missing or did not allow the difficult conditions to learn writing we sing ... In one city, a "bookseller", who I am sure has never read a book, it was his turn to take on a difficult mission to sell books. Like this "bookseller" was the state that came right after the '90s. Putting in the same bags where he puts the garbage to throw away, the "bookseller" takes out the books one by one and puts them with the utmost "care" to sell them and to make a living. So did the state of "knowledge" that came after the fall of the dictatorship, thus he removed all the scholars from their functions and replaced them with the "scholars" of the "modern" time! As for saying, before putting them in order, he blows on everyone as if to remove the dust that they have taken all the days of behahar (during the dictatorship) on the street and then goes and takes a corner at the beginning. on the sidewalk talking to a friend or turning a glass in a cafe because he knows that his "goods" are not stolen by anyone and not only that, but no one even looks at him. Even the state today, knows that any scholar, excellent, scientist or professor does not approach the "knowledgeable" state, because it knows that the learned have really taken "themselves" and approach the state, only those who have not done "Spark" work in their lives. Among tens of hundreds of examples, I am taking the late Moikom Zeqo. Moikomi, walked five times faster than time and perhaps more, as a writer, as a scholar, as a historian, as an archaeologist, as a poet. But who appreciated this erudite, this genius of letters? And why approach the learned, when their brains are the most unpaid, since every place is occupied by the "learned" with fake diplomas, with the purchased night school certificates? And why should a scholar approach the state among his "scholars", or to look like a "sheep" among the trained "goats"? This is how the state stands away from this "bookstore", away from the scholars, but they also stay away from the state because they spoil their work. If the wise man enters the army of "knowledgeable" politicians, he will be called crazy, if he is an independent analyst or knowledgeable journalist, he cannot write and say only what his boss says. If he joins the ranks of those who fill the administration today, the wise man will stumble, because he really has his head full, but his pockets are empty, and to have your pockets full, today you must not have worked by hand and he who is working, will be called "stupid" as the work of the one below. At one point, a "fool" came out and became interested in a book, which he picked up and looked for the "seller". He finally found her at the coffee and asked her about the price. The "bookstore" really does not have the necessary school or to have read any books, but the answer he gave to the one who has the books in his blood, that is, to the "fool" was "philosophical" and very current for today. After some thought, he said "the price". "Listen byrazer, even the book you have in your hand and what you want to get for a thousand old lek and below are all"! Was the colossal work of Gustave Flaubert, one of the greatest French writers and novelists of the 19th century, who is known as the man who, through his pen, to autopsy the human soul, among others, worth so little? even in the book "Mrs. Bovari" that the "fool" took his hand? If Flaubert knew that all he could do for almost two years that "squeezed" the brain for this book would be worth it after almost two centuries in Albania, below a thousand old lek. But is this price set by our "bookstore" true in this case? Yes, the same is paid to the scholars that the state has taken out of the "shelves", a thousand old lek and below, because those who are paid a hundred million and above, do not need to have finished school or have scientific degrees. We can say that it is very true and that is why. With the change of the system in the nineties, as if to call a democratic state what came after the dictatorship, which not one or two, but I have thousands of reasons not to call it "democratic" among others for knowledge and scholars, for culture in general. True scholars who have studied abroad are employed where they study, while those who come to Albania hope to get a bingo or pool ticket. During the dictatorship, as for health, cultural centers and reading rooms were set up in every village. Was there any formality in their use. There were quite a few, especially in the village because it was different work in the city. And what more could one do if he worked all day in the woods and in the mountains and came to dinner to browse for a book? And yet something was done and a book review and a book they took home to read or buy. With the advent of "scholarly" democracy, in addition to factories and plants that were sent for scrap, the human brain was also sent! He did not uproot the "modern" state from the heads of the people, no, but by sending scrap schools to all levels from pre-school education to universities, he consequently sent the brain for scrap. Henceforth, for the citizens, the brain would be "unnecessary" because just like the "dollars" and "sacks of flour" waiting in the port of Durres to "flood" in Albania only on condition that the "democrats" come to power. And not the communists not converted to democrats, in this way, the "brain loads" coming from Europe and America would flow in, removing the "brains" of the citizens that the dictatorship had "installed" and placing them as "democratic brains" like elsewhere, because otherwise, the steamers will to turn back. For thirty years no one has taken the trouble for education that has to do with future generations, because the three "pillars" - school and work and society, these schools where man above all acquires knowledge, learns in addition to providing income for living, have fallen to never rise again. It does not take much thought to understand this from breakfast to dinner. All the wise, all the wise, all the masters and with a "burden" of mind, all the fools so much that they do not allow anyone to come forward, like the work of analysts who have become like a "mortal" to us every night, for they speak not with their mouth, but through the mouths of their party chiefs. So, politicians talk to us at night. But who is the politician? Here: “A politician is a person whose policy you do not agree with. "If you agree, he is a statesman." And the statesman is the wise, not the one who has the power seeks to hold it or seize it. That's why we do not need knowledgeable people. If it were the opposite, Albania would not have remained in the time of the "kurmi". He hears what he does not hear, he hears "scholars" of politics, analysts, servile politicians, journalists, advisers, directors, administrators, secretaries, presidents and what I say. They tell stories, promise, set up commissions after commissions as if they were going to do "tarapans" and one day they are completely hidden. Are knowledgeable, capable and experienced people placed in these positions? Not at all, for knowing that knowledge has fled for "scrap", it is the turn of the party members and the ignorant to take command. Once it was a sketch, today it is a news that was said three decades ago: "You Halim who does not know how to read and write, you are the Minister of Education". Although not everywhere, but it is a fact that the party members are not interested in knowledge, but loyalty to the party. This is more than natural. Here we get the cops, but not all. Another time I would treat it like the brain was like the phone that at dinner takes it out of your pocket and in the morning picks it up again. But this time that would be enough. The policeman, will get up in the morning and what he does not forget, is the wearing of the uniform and the hat, the koburja, the block of fines and those who are craft even the irons from behind. What about the brain? They leave it for last, so some take it and put it in the "place", others forget it. But why do they forget it. Because, to be honest, the brain is the last thing that comes into play. When people see him wearing a policeman, he also holds a block of fines in his hand, he also has irons with him, these would be enough. But why would the brain go to work? The brain would come in if he would advise, but since he signs the fine why should he advise? So on. Even the judge gets up quickly and runs away, listening as soon as possible to the black redengote and the hammer of "justice". If he has these, they believe that he is a judge without having to take the "brain" with him because if he took this, he would not release the criminal, he would not punish the victim, he would not mess up the justice system, would not run away from the backs of those who are the bone and skin of millions and millions of cases examined in Arbitration. So does the administrator. Even these, if they had school and "brain" would not write the wrong name of the client, as party clients write in television headlines. Otherwise, who would hire the judges to decide the real names of the clients? It is different to work with the learned, the professor. But, if the Professor got up in the morning, the first one would take the "brain" with him, because without him, there is nowhere to go. But who asks on the street what has a "burden of mind"? Even a teenager throws it away by bike despite the fact that he has the brain with him and knows where he is going. And not only that, but he also scolds: "Uncle, where do you mind"! It is difficult to solve the corollary of this thirty-year-old mess. After all, it can never change that deep-rooted mentality that for every action that contradicts the morality of this society, the public punishes you and says: Does he (she) have brains in place or not? And for every person or group of people who take steps with knowledge and culture, others rightly say "He is a man (people) with a brain and not everywhere"!