Sad! Valentina Leskaj loses dear man from coronavirus: Today is a very difficult day for me

Sad! Valentina Leskaj loses dear man from coronavirus: Today is a very difficult

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Horses should be replaced, not carts

Horses should be replaced, not carts

With the knocking of the first days of this year, the thunder has started in the Albanian political camps. These are calmer in the left camp where only Rilindja breathes and the commander-in-chief has already paved the way for him to operate on his own, without the need for advice or the implementation of the obligations normally imposed on him by the party statute. He said I love the single cart. He secured this in the last term and he is confident that he will have this four-year term to come. He has stated that he will change almost 40% of the deputies, shaking the current ones and continues the inauguration campaign. He handed the keys here and there, knocking on the glasses with a single brandy with Democrats and one on the plane and straight to Brother Erdogan, who baptized him the next time before a campaign and where he emerged victorious. He hopes for a replay. We wish that in addition to the political benefits that the long-serving prime minister himself gains, we also have the economic ones on this occasion. In fact the biggest and most thunderous on this eve of the campaign are in the opposition camp. Although with a seemingly successful and victorious optimism, the "dough" that appears is not of this quality. From the drowsy state that has always characterized the official leader of the opposition Lulzim Basha, from what the evil mouths say that he always expects new instructions from Berisha or Meta or for other reasons that we will analyze below, the opposition who at times likes to call himself by the surname "united" has not yet started on the difficult path of the election campaign or to be more precise has just started by appointing half of the political leaders in the regions. It is a similar situation when in a football game one team wins the penalty and the order of the coach who has determined who shoots the penalty in this case does not apply, but 5 or 6 players who have the same desire to shoot the penalty go to the ball. . Today's Albanian opposition has not yet determined how much and how it will be united. It is only known that the axis where the other parties will twist is no longer the PD-LSI binomial, but will be only PD. But only that. Will this PD belong to Luli, Sali or both? Will this PD be the sister of the SMI or will it abandon it? (and chances are it will). If the latter happens, it will be abandonment in disgust or with understanding, to leave a path of post-election cooperation? This PD will also belong to Shpëtim Idrizi and Vangjel Dules together or will kick one of them. It is known that they can not honeps each other not to say the worst, they hate each other. Or the scent of power will extinguish your sense of distance. Will this DP run only the deputies who selected Ruli, Mustafaj and Nishani or will Basha take out of the reserve pocket the deputies who served him devotedly in this half of Parliament that we are closing? A difficult front seems for the de jure chairman of the PD. He has not yet determined all the political leaders in the regions who in turn will have numerous claims in determining the candidates for MPs. And it's logical. If he makes me a priest, do not shave my beard, says the wise people. And these political leaders who will take over the running of the election campaign will want their preferences on the candidate list. This is a battle that seems far away, but will be one of the most important and fierce battles of this party. That there are political leaders in the DP who will rub their hands just for the fact that they took this post, but there are some others who do not lower their nose so easily and will have claims. There are some "hammers" that hang over Basha's head today today. Undoubtedly, the primary one is Berisha who, while declaring that he does not interfere in the candidate lists, really has an old and incurable disease to be the "gong" that is heard in this party in these ring duels, where everyone wants to be a candidate. And he has a very bad habit: He keeps everyone in check and with the hope that he will run them and the list in the CEC brings him to the limits of the time he needs because he is afraid of the rebellion of the candidates and even worse, he does not leave them the opportunity to run for another party. True, Berisha has left the party de jure, but everyone knows that de facto he is the one who winkes and pulls Basha's ear when he is not satisfied. The hammer is not easy for Ilir Meta, who also has Monika under his belt. Seeing the crumbling of his wife's party he is struggling to catch what he can, at least to make Mona and some three or four deputies, to have them like thorns in the feet of tomorrow's politics. While the SMI does not manage to bring it out alone in the elections because it knows that catastrophe awaits it, has increased the pressure on Luli for an agreement before the elections and several times even threatening him that he will become the leader of the opposition wing. Hard to do. Even if Luli has not made a secret agreement with Rama, as the evil mouths say all day long, for a co-government after April 25, he is not interested in cooperating with Mona because he too has felt the catastrophe of this party. I ngelen Duka, Mediu, Noka, Idrizi, Dule, Shehu. Apart from the first one that still maintains the reputation of a pure political figure who still has a lot to give and can be the undisputed winner in Durrës, others are skeptical that they can be a guarantee for the opposition victory on April 25th. To feel me for comparison are some tired "horses" in the path of politics that have just milked him endlessly. Although they gather from 10-20 people when they meet in the districts, even their relatives do not have to vote for them. They have all been tried in leading state positions and have not shown anything positive, they have left no positive traces, on the contrary they are full of corrupt affairs and scandals that are still waiting to be uncovered. It seems that Basha himself is convinced that the time has come for the democratic cart he intends to lead to be replaced by tired and outdated "horses", not only in age, but also in ideas and energy, in Albanian politics and that seek to eat tagji by vegetating. This apparently does not let him take the big step and declare who will be on his side on this difficult journey to victory. He is daily acquainted with the pressures that these allies make, both tacitly and sometimes in the media, but finds it difficult to shoot the "penalty". He has realized that this penalty is fatal for his political future. If he fails to get the ball in the net this time, that is, if he does not win the election, he will have to take the plane to the Netherlands and say goodbye to Albanian politics. He is thinking long and hard to find winning players, but the Albanian market for this category of players is poor. He is also realizing that the voter no longer eats the promises as in Jules Verne books, with salaries up to 1200 euros and total payment of fees for future students. Or he has realized that the bank account of the state he dreams of running after April 25 is not as full as his personal bank account so he is reluctant to take the right steps at the start of the election campaign. He has realized that the democratic wheelchair no longer carries more weight, but the horses must be changed so that it increases the speed to the destination. But the political horses have whims (in our village they say they have farts) and our Luli is at a great crossroads and only he knows how to get out of there.