"It happens for the first time", the professor of infectious diseases gives the news we were all waiting for: The Covid-19 pandemic that invaded the world, is coming to an end! That is why there will be no third wave

"It happens for the first time", the professor of infectious diseases

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I have a childhood friend so I curse him with a house slave!

I have a childhood friend so I curse him with a house slave!

When the people will ironize someone who insults and beats you and declares that they do it for your good, as a friend, brother, friend, cousin, cousin, they have chosen the well-known sentence: Whoever beats you loves you more. We have heard these words since we took the first steps barefoot near the tap of the neighborhood, under a hill, where all the millet gathered to wait in line to get the little water with which they quenched their thirst, prepared the dish, cleaned the house , washed clothes and watered cattle. There in the fountain where endless chronicles were written that were memorized in our childhood memory, many times for confusion, even the older ones called them sira, not infrequently they tore us from a swearing and the most incontinent ones tore our ears, elongated as if it were made of rubber, when we disturbed the buffaloes or threw horse flies at the numerous donkeys that filled the square in front of the tap pipe, a cast iron pipe, eaten by years of water coming from the mountains, distorting the flow and most flowing out of the mouth of the vessel. In fact, they resented the lack of water and the long wait that upset them and took them away from the many jobs. Surprisingly, our parents never bothered that the men of the neighborhood or other neighborhoods tore off our ears and made us like shoe soles. They love them, they love them, they whispered in our ears without beating them. And we as children because we had a great desire to approach the elders to show us love, pulling our ears, hair or a palm in the butt. But we always took this as love through violence. There were other times, very distant and the communication between us has been such that it was accompanied by rigor and boredom from the many troubles experienced by our ancestors as they had to stay sleepless nights to feed and clothe us and again they were left with a lot of work untouched . Difficult times. Even bread was missing. The money was extracted with a thousand toils, and the number of spirits waiting to be fed was great. It was the time when you were not allowed to keep cows, sheep, even chickens. A system that Albanians overthrew in 1990, paving the way for a market economy. The memories of shamatas for water have remained as distant legends as the neighborhood of the city where they grew up today has twenty-four hours of water a day and private property has created the opportunity for them to earn and live much differently, of course not in luxury nor in abundance. It is the fruit of the selfless work of farmers who breed livestock and develop the most productive fruit growing nationwide, competitive across the Balkans and beyond. Given these epochal changes, the memories from the past of swearing and beating had a basis, a bed that came from the narrowness of time, deprivations, pronounced absences, fukarallëku. But by no means was anger and rage based on the thirst for power, the benefits, the privileges, as those who stood for hours in front of the tap had the sole purpose: Survival. But it never occurred to them to scold for office and power. Today, times have changed. Most quarrels have their origins in the thirst and impatience to reach the top of the state pyramid, to run the state, the economy, to seize public finances, taxes, PPPs, oil, production, roads, concessions, airports, minerals, agreements with states, to make foreign policy, for various pacts and relations. But unfortunately, not in the name of the interests of the people, but in the interests of the family, the tribe, the party, the membership, the individuals in power. This dream of power has turned many of my compatriots into borderless aggressors who do not leave a chance without insulting and teasing anyone who comes forward to put a knife to the throat of the one in power, leads the government, senior leaders and those the most common to street cleaning workers. All are treated as an obstacle to victory. Reason? To reap the many fruits that power gives you. This has made, not a few politicians even those who are held to be very knowledgeable who have run institutions and departments of education, environment, culture, to drop their mouths, to whip anyone, to declare enemies, to strike with bullets of words those who keep them away from posts and power. We see this everywhere. In luxury offices, in front of national television screens, where media hawks, those who call themselves impartial opinionists, make big fuss, swear back and forth anyone who is not in the ideological line, with the party they represent, do not hold the ion of those who order them. You are really sorry when you hear the most monstrous words that even the Albanian dictionary has with a red stamp when they are facing, not a colleague of theirs, but the prime minister of the country and treat him as if he were prey to tear it, leaving no queue to argue, to make his reasoning, to confront, to speak with figures and evidence, not with slogans and lies as do those kind of analysts who draw their swords and wait as far as left to right. They do not let the guest speak, clarify, turning the studio into a battle arena between gladiators. It is unfortunate when you see how analysts place themselves in a superior position, free thinkers, held as highly qualified. They do not ask, they are blackmailing. They do not listen, but speak incessantly with ordinary vocabulary. When you look at the moderators of the opinions that intervened as if they were, not opinion leaders, but party politicians as they duel with words, swearing, labeling, pointing fingers at anyone who tries to argue the opposite of sponsors and payers for debates that many times resemble the Inquisition or popular trials in the great halls with members of the democratic front, where lynching, frenetic cries were heard: Hang on the rope! To burn in the pile of wood! To spend a hundred years in prison and not look at the sun with your eyes! Shut up in the madhouse! Anathemas that even the time of Giordano Bruno did not know when all those who touched the sanctity of the church were placed in front of the pile of burning wood of the Inquisition. We are not surprised how a bunch of opinion leaders implement the party's orders so harshly that if you are facing Prime Minister Edi Rama, you will tear it apart. Do not let him argue for a second, show the country, tear it apart, he is the enemy of the Albanians, the leader of the gangs, corrupt, the thief of votes. And the camp flows like a river for the prime minister of a thousand and one blacks as if he were, not Rama, but Nero of Rome. The commissioners, those who do the same show every time they appear on the screens, do not politics, but super politics. No logical argument. No expectations, analysis, facts, evidence, how to make a monologue with copy paste of the chairman Lulzim Basha and his tutor Berisha. Only accusations, slander, a whole mountain so much that the deeds of all the prime ministers of Albania together from the founding of the Albanian state until today can not justify all this anger. Many of those who bombard the prime minister with accusations about waste treatment, the battle with the pandemic at the beginning or at the end of the insults even include the slogan that they have known him as a friend since childhood. Not to mention all the gentlemen, jokers, chroniclers, jewelers who loudly distribute as they argue insult, blasphemy or beatings through humiliation and denigration, which is done daily by accusing the chief of the tribe for centuries to the late mother and father , insulting even the dead, it is enough to vent the duff and anger that are evidenced daily from the first of the state to the last of the line that seeks to become a character with "Hello, you are the Union" at the morning point. What stands out, as the most original with the finding, as the cherry on the cake in insult is Mrs. Nora Malaj. Like all of us when we learned that Nora became ill from covid, we wished her a speedy recovery and were moved by her candid account of the suffering she experienced. We rejoiced that she threw and prayed for her health and only joys and happiness of her children and loved ones. We would not single out Nora, as he is not the only swearing, but he is the most original. They would not say anything if she too would do the job as one of the political figures with well-known background, a life at the head of the department of education, education that presupposes culture, politeness, prudence, care, wisdom when arguing and talking about the lives of others even when the prime minister is targeted. The head of government is not inviolable. On the contrary, he is the most attacking person for the position he holds and the task he performs. I am convinced that Edi Rama would not have heard Nora's speech and the labeling of the figure with the prefix of the phrase that he has a childhood friend and does not hide this fact as if it were a misfortune, or a misfortune and not a common, routine fact, coincidence like many others have grown along with personalities who later became presidents in the US, scientists who went to the moon, were awarded Nobel laureates in the exact sciences or literature. Having a common childhood life, friendship even with Edi Rama is neither a privilege nor any wonder or misfortune. He is the elected chairman of the Socialist Party of Albania, the largest party in the country, increasingly voted with the largest number of deputies won by the vote of the people. Career politician, three times mayor of Tirana and eight years prime minister, without talking about positions in the Socialist International or today at the head of the OSCE, which Malaj ironically. As such you should feel good if you had friendships even in childhood. Others have never met him, except from the television screen, someone loves him and quite a few hate him. Normal this approach. Work of convictions, interests, tastes and political preferences. Yes, Mrs. Nora, when she declares that she has a childhood friend, does not enjoy the right to insult her. Childhood is not insulted nor thrown into the corners of forgetfulness let alone hatred. Of course to make a difference to the men she sympathizes with when they have passed childhood, in the political sense of course, is in her taste and her right to distinguish those she values ??as a statesman and those she hates. But by no means does the whole world enjoy the right to select as an epitaph two verses of Agolli with which he seeks to strike through the word Agollian, said in a different context at another time in circumstances that have no meeting point and resemblance to what Mrs. Nora assigns herself when she quotes that: To have a friend to ruin work, to have an enemy to eat m ... Not every verse written even by poets of poetry are always illustration tools that can be used out of context. Then do not these words sound like the gnashing of teeth and humiliation in the mouth of a lady, which has taught and educated our children in whole generations from which we have also expected to learn, the culture of quiet, weighted, well-thought-out discourse and narration? Ms. Malaj does not believe she needs to write her biography today when she has become so affirmed. Nor to catch the eye of the party. She has written the biography and only takes away the personality points when talking about childhood friends and dressed like a cape verses when you have friends and if you have enemies. And in the end he does not forget to say that he has a childhood friend. Both friend and foe. Friend in childhood, enemy in old age say this. After stirring, he passes a roller with phosphorescent paint to brighten the picture he paints with the poet's verses. Precisely because Nora has a childhood friend, she beats the Prime Minister of Albania with words ?! To this they say: I have a childhood friend to curse you and a house slave!