Frrok upupi detonates the "bomb": Meta will be arrested on NATO orders for the "coup" in Rinas

Frrok upupi detonates the "bomb": Meta will be arrested on NATO orders

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Even the catapult of professionals is an imitation of political recycling!

Even the catapult of professionals is an imitation of political recycling!

Of course, it is important nowadays to present the names of the parties, we are saying new, or "antagonistic" with those in power and opposition. When Jozefina Topalli was attacked by the DP and its "gunmen" for creating the party, I was certainly in her defense, because the Bolshevik logic of the principle "when you are not with us, you are with our enemy" was being used. So if you are not with Lenin's party, are you with the Tsar? And today in Albania such a political stupidity has become that it seems like a "landfill" or garbage dump, that no one can separate who is "more with Lenin or Tsar, than the other". However, one thing was known, that Ms. Topalli, since she has undertaken to face "the evil in power and opposition, would be attacked by critics and more by herself than by those of the Tsar" I say, as if in doubt. So Lenin in opposition and the Tsar in power, for this time I mean and definitely a global war like a pandemic on foot like once when "Lenin and the Tsar" had a confrontation between them. When I saw Ms. Topalli's lists, I was convinced that first: she has hardly had a great, spotless name in politics, then she has hardly appealed to individuals who clearly challenge her in terms of political skills and well-elaborated speech. in politics and as a result I noticed very good people who have the former resemblance of the DP to the "catapult" in politics. Okay, but this is a very weak imitation of the new policy of the third decade in the 21st century. Ms. Topalli talks about the recycling of those high in power and politics, talks about this already ugly elitocracy and forgets that it was part of exactly this ugliness. He also speaks with names like Rama, Meta and Lulzimi, forgetting Sali Berisha. Topalli only proudly said about her list (because she is the founder and main of the list) that they are professionals and not corrupt. Absolutely yes. Right. That's true, and I believe in at least two people on the list I know. However, neither Ilir Meta, nor Edi Rama, nor Sali Berisha, nor even Lulzim Basha were corrupt and Berisha and Rama were also professionals. She showed that she got into politics almost like the people she now had on the list. But this is also the problem. Mrs. Topalli entered politics because she was called, proposed and met the conditions in the early democracy, because she was a good family, a good wife, a good mother, a good wife, a girl who had once graduated in dictatorship with tithes and had been expelled from school late. She came from a persecuted family and an honorable citizen of Shkodra, as she herself gave from her husband. And these were part of the catapult, but it was not that the lady was herself a "politically prominent person." Just like the "coop" where Basha and others were catapulted, who of course had finished school, but had no political contributions. Mr. Berisha also finished with tens and was an extraordinary professional, but during his political career, some of the biggest tragedies in this country have happened to him. Certainly with tens and Edi Rama or with good grades, pedagogue and Majko with Meta who, in fact, have another way, because they got involved in politics by not completing even one day their schooling profession with good grades of course. When Ms. Topalli admitted on the show that the Parliament of '96 really had educated people and academicism or intellectualism I was really sorry. The worst possible political events happened to this Assembly and the DP at that time. This "intellectualism" was robbed of votes by force in vain under Berisha's orders. The internationals did not listen to the 17 areas. He was sworn in as President of Berisha in a criminal time and extraordinary disruption. The time of the pyramids and the economic crime happened to the fratricide, but the revolution happened to the Bolshevik committees of the south and the delusional arming by the people of Berisha and the opening of the depots by force by the other leftist delusions in front. It was to this intellectual Parliament that such "monstrosities" occurred. The state and institutions collapsed - these super intellectuals as professionals. Why? Because they were not politicians. Because they knew mathematics, geography, physics well, but they knew neither history, nor philosophy, much less politics. And this was fully proven. I am talking about the fact that the "catapults" of Ms. Topalli's party are an imitation of the party from which she came out, and this party that had a high political leadership for Jozefina, has imitated the first party of its legendary chairman Sali Berisha. Catapulting professionals is an imitation of political recycling. Because it is the form and content of the way of those who rule in the party. I'm sorry, but Josephine has not escaped this either and there is no chance it could be otherwise. Without any doubt respect for the values ??of the absence of corruption spots on its list, but today the new elite does not come out of the catapult they do as PD, PS and LSI, because in the modern world there is no such banal catapult. A part of the youth not indoctrinated by the Albanian partitocracy knows this very well. No today there are no professionals in professions who become politicians leaving the profession. No there are professionals fully and clearly politicians. They have a different education, but they have the real profession, values, contributions, writings, publications, speeches, attitudes, confrontations, as politicians, and this should not be denied by Ms. Topalli, because she is certainly wrong. I understand that there are no conditions, but the truth is so. The party is not "teaching" that you enter the course to become a driver. You can not be 20 years old and political talent because you have tens in lessons. You have a predisposition maybe, but you have no contributions and no personal participation and confrontation in public. Because they make you known politically and publicly and not because it fits the flute beautifully or paints beautifully or be talented in poetry. The party is the place where confrontation takes place and talent appears, although our partitocracy does not allow such a democracy, including unfortunately the party of Mrs. Topalli who has no chance to be out of this great political evil in our country. The new political elitocracy is when the new generation of politicians emerges and not those who take tithes in music or mathematics. Otherwise we will recycle the forms and contents of ALP, DPA, SPA and SMI and others after them. The new political generation is when it holds attitudes, civic courage, immaculate and non-conformist with corruption or real power, when it is a participant since childhood, which participates vigorously and is formed both by the education and the clear profession of the politician. Ms. Topalli herself is part of the recycling in politics and why I do not put much blame on her thanks to her party's ability to create enemies, (excluding and fighting hard) often in vain. The very creation of her party with her at the helm and with the spotless guests and why with the good and beautiful intention of removing the corrupt who continue political recycling is a moment that should be seen as "recycling" for good. But this type of recycling does not succeed. No, because people are already clear on the major demand for a new political elite. And I am very sorry to say, although I respect Ms. Topalli for her courage, she can not do otherwise and can not be part of exactly the "new political elite". Mrs. Topalli belongs to that generation of politicians in Albania, who have not committed many crimes, but are participants, contemporaries, decision-makers of a political class so guilty that she does not deserve not only to be in politics, but to ask when she is sober, forgiven only that "he saw, he was there, he made decisions" when the state collapsed, the pyramids burst, when Gërdeci happened, when January 21 happened, when ... Mrs. Topalli is definitely much less guilty, but she was a high part when there was corruption in her party, part when fraud happened and part of the political degradation when her political force was in power. Anyway, success especially for the young people in the list of Mrs. Topalli who are definitely better than us, we, the age that was lucky enough to prove as "the crime of Enver's dictatorship and the stupidity of the post dictatorship these three decades".