Sad! Valentina Leskaj loses dear man from coronavirus: Today is a very difficult day for me

Sad! Valentina Leskaj loses dear man from coronavirus: Today is a very difficult

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The enigma of three million Illyrians!

The enigma of three million Illyrians!

Anyone who has heard the ultimatum of our President that "on April 25 you will face three million Illyrians", none of them believes. Even if you hear it for the first time, even if you do a mathematical calculation, whether with the mentality of Jozefina who graduated from high school for mathematics, or with that of Basha who graduated from the "High" School of "pre-kindergarten" education no not only do they disobey, but the account also turns out that three million Illyrians like our president, do not become. Here, if we confirm this statement, starting from the present to the past or even vice versa, again, the accounts do not come out. These days alone, twenty-eight narcotics cultivators have been arrested in the Skrapar area, where the SPAK statement states: "The Special Anti-Corruption Prosecution has issued 23 arrest warrants for police officers and officials who are accused of money laundering and cannabis cultivation. The operation is ongoing as SPAK reports that 28 cases involving these 23 persons have been documented. Their arrests were made in Berat and Skrapar and it is learned that among them are 4 current police officers ”! Mr. Basha may say that there are not 28, but he does not know that he is also a mayor. Further, in the statement of the Police, it is stated: “From the conducted investigations, such as telephone interceptions, the observations carried out by the judicial police, it results that in the territory of Skrapar district were cultivated narcotic cannabis sativa plants in different plots and places, almost in all this territory. Several episodes of seizures of narcotics and suspects involved in this criminal activity have been documented ”! Is it the cannabis of Skrapar that our president in every appearance on television screens repeats: "I am Ilir Meta from Skrapar"! This situation shames our president and even worse when he says: "I am called Ilir Meta from Skrapar"! Skrapar was once the land of the brave and the brave, even of the brave "without eyes", but today, it is not like that and it is not only Skrapar, because this is how this system has turned Albania that "everyone wanted" but no one does not love. But is the Rama government responsible here? Yes, there are many, but Rama is one step higher because he does not say: "I am called Edi Rama"! This, perhaps from what his birthplace is not so remarkable! Even Saliu, he does not mention his birthplace, but his place of residence! This is where this thesis comes from, so it would be more plausible to say not "three million" Illyrians, but two million nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand nine hundred and seventy-two Illyrians, because it is not possible for the president to calculate even these cultivators of narcotic plants who are in conflict with the position of the president, but also with his Constitution, which he remains a fanatic in the implementation of every paragraph of it. Likewise, no one can believe that he is talking about those Illyrians from whom we Albanians are descended. It is already known from history that the Illyrians are the only heirs of the Pelasgians, the most ancient inhabitants of the Balkans. Whatever, in both theories circulating about the origin of the Illyrians, both as if they were immigrants and as if they were an indigenous people, it is certain that the president is not talking about these Illyrians, but he is talking about his presidential power and in In this case, it would be better to say: “On April 25, you will face three million presidents like the Illyrians, our first. It is not clear why the president issues this "ultimatum" and what he means by that. If there is an intention to scare the voters, no one is afraid, because the Illyrians are our ancestors and with them we have a blood, a culture, a habit and in the end “the raven does not take its eyes off the raven. The downside of this is that these three million presidents may come from all over the globe, but they are not from Skrapar! Then where will their bravery be, for whom we, who see them for the first time, neither know them nor know how brave they are? Let us not go further, but stay here, and see how many "Illyrians" we will "gather" with our forces. In Albania, it is known that there are over half a million pensioners and it is one thousand percent that these are not all with the mentality of our Illyrian President. So these come down to the sum of three million. The Illyrian president himself admits it, but the statistics also say that during the transition period, more than one million seven hundred thousand Albanians of different ages left the country, without including those who were born there. These "wicked" have left the misgovernment of Rama, yes and yes, and perhaps more than the "good governance" of Berisha, Nano, Meks, Bufi, Majko, etc. etc. But the "umbrella" of most of these "government officials" has been our Illyrians, "immaculate", "honest" as it is, an ardent "patriot" who is not corrupt and who knows nothing but the Constitution . These young men and women have left with "majority" and "minority" even when our Illyrian was Prime Minister and when our character was Deputy Prime Minister and when he was Minister of Foreign Affairs and when he was Minister of Economy who "had the highest income and the highest welfare in Europe ”even when Iliri has been the Speaker of the Parliament even more these last three years that Iliri is the President of the Republic. These are all known, but we say enough to refresh the memory of what the Illyrian President says: “A man (addressing the Prime Minister) who deliberately isolates the country, who deliberately removes young people from the country, who tells the army generals, do not go to Ilir Meta, how not to call him a dog son of a dog ". It is known that the Rama government has not done its job well, but the wonder is how it is possible that these young people do not even listen to the President, who no later than three or four days ago addressed them to young people that "your future is in Albania" and do not listen to the President even when he "hands over" the Presidency. "Young people take over the fate of the country" so he begs them to take over the Presidency and leave again… Young men and women do not even hear Monica's prayers calling on them to "give them hope young people, to stay in Albania "because even Monika knows that if the young people do not leave Albania, this would be a great success for Rama, therefore Monika emphasizes to" remove the great evil, Rama " . Recently, Monika has found some residents in Paskuqan and Lapraka who suffer for a living and the reason for this is Rama's "gluttony". This situation will end when Monica comes to power. The Illyrian President himself states: "The time has come that there will be a division between Albanians and Albanian speakers, between the sold and those who love Albania". Agree, this is his opinion, but again we have the right to say that these "sellers" and those who "do not love Albania" these, will be opponents of the Illyrians as President and it is not known what will remain of the amount three million. What if these three million Illyrians, even those who have been sentenced to imprisonment in prisons, inside and outside, that the Illyrians certainly do not count them called Illyrians, how many Illyrians will descend further from the "zero" that has remained so far? It is not worthwhile to deal with what is addressed to the Prime Minister of the country, who, good or bad, he can not be insulted with a dictionary on the street, and accusations and counter-accusations are made, threats are made against him, etc. etc. Further, the Illyrian president says: "I, I have the people with me, the people who suffer, I am not with the oligarchs, this is my role, to stand up for the Constitution"! No one denies it in principle, but something else is in practice, but here too, the oligarchs, who are not few, are deducted from the sum of three million! Woe is me if three million Illyrians come in front of us and threaten with the words of the President “A man who deliberately isolates the country, who deliberately removes young people from the country, who tells the army generals, do not go to Ilir Meta, how not to you call a dog son of a dog (Rama) ”. Further: The state has been taken hostage by a gang, controlled by Soros, because I do not want to reveal the names here, even those analysts who receive money, because I do not have it with them ", then, even those three million Illyrians, have the right to They address the President: "But you as President, what have you done, why did you call us here, to face whom, with Rama, or with you"! The more we "dig" in today's "Illyria", "Presidential" the more "relics" we will extract. Recently, heavy rains have caused anomalies and caused great damage to the economy, the president, still unaware of the situation and the damage done, appeared on television screens and issued an ultimatum: "The judiciary should bring the perpetrators to justice. for the many floods that have been caused by the negligence of the government ”! All his "trouble" is with the government, but only to those who have been harmed, it is not. He took the trouble and went to Shkodra, not because there are the biggest injuries, but there is an opponent of the government with whom he has a good conversation. He went to Voltana for the floods that have taken place in this city and he "floods" himself with red wine and not only that, but he also "floods" Voltana. He has gotten his hands on these "floods" because he has the only way to vent his anger with the government, which he can neither "kiss" nor "bite".