Purge in the Socialist Party, Rama puts on the list non-deputy ministers, deputy ministers, directors and former members of the SMI, the names of the veterans are revealed

Purge in the Socialist Party, Rama puts on the list non-deputy ministers, deputy

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MP fever!

MP fever!

We live in the pre-election season. There are many who are stuck with deputetomania, which overcomes any fever of the summer season and is almost turning into a maniac. The days are overflowing with conversations and schemes. Unbridled desire, just how to become deputies, they, they, these, those and others who can not think outside the hall of the Albanian Parliament. Everyone judges that his place is there in row number one, the first chair. Someone wants in the center, another on the left and a lot on the right. Everywhere on television, podiums, improvised scenes, video montages, speeches of orators, some mostly without programs, long lists and backgrounds, proposals, tests, commissions, filters, propaganda, selection, ranking, positions, photos in front of the people, meetings without masks, handshakes and above all magic formulas with promises. Accelerated pace march, as in multiplicative films moving figurines on cardboard or mannequins on display on the facades of giant boutiques. Publications from the headquarters of political parties of biographies of opponents, declared corrupt traitors, robbers. And of their party, angelic and heavenly, that in their lives nothing bad has ever happened to them. Someone hides wealth, protects poverty. The bravest add to the accounts that they have king's wealth. Suburban villas and inland resorts that everyone envies. Everywhere race and only race, who and who come out on the front line. Candidates a life in power since the nineties, shake the party card as a torch of democracy and unfold the deeds of resistance, boast of the security of virginity, as immaculate individuals, family to be envied, serious citizens also, do so even though they have stood out for a lot of allishverishe and wealth and not least for injustice. It seems that the fever for a place in the hall of democracy has gripped thousands of contenders, educated, uneducated, very patient, knowledgeable and illiterate. With pocket and without pocket, in this run, not a few millionaires left to the Assembly and the people at the door want to remain MPs this time too. Young candidates targeting youth, intellectuals with books and science, workers, businessmen, rich, poor, students, high school students, models, painters, cartoonists, all with burning fever of deputomania who dream that in twenty-five April will be a simple day and will end with a mandate as an MP. Race for a secure seat on the party chairman's preferential lists, is accompanied by messages and meetings, insults and curses, contempt and oaths of honesty and loyalty to you party. It is racing similar to walks on carts, horses, camels, bicycles, automobiles, jogging, as in the last century in search of gold in Alaska. Those were the years of thirst for enrichment through finding the gold that was desperately sought after. Even with the occupation of lands and the siege of lands to become owners, just by running on horses and placing restraining flags and proving that this piece of land is mine. Although it seems a not-so-striking comparison, the fever of thousands of individuals is raging everywhere in Albania to secure a parliamentary seat. It is the thirst for a safe seat to become an MP in the elections of April 25, 2021. A race that is read, not only in the headquarters and podiums of political parties, but also in clubs, where brandy is drunk and dominoes are played, why not in casinos, in the mountains where livestock is bred, in forests that are cut for black coal, everywhere the request to become an MP by grace and inadvertently. In the vortex of deputetomania there is no limit and no one is distinguished. Thus from the extreme left, the center to the right that unfolds immeasurably with dozens of parties. The fever of deputy mania is experienced by the old parties and those brand new ones that do not yet have a seal or headquarters. Through the statements of political leaders, those who are told to leave. The race is announced with self-declaration. With suggestion. With the goer. With friendship. And tribe me. Opening words, with opinions, that in your area I will be the candidate, or fixed will be the son of the aunt, uncle, cousin of Hasan or cousin of Murat. Every day a new name. Once an individual declares, is knocked down and replaced by another young man. It seems as if we are in a game of wars from what we experienced in childhood or the exchange of stamps, where we easily gave and received in exchange for figurines large and small states, enriching our collections with postage stamps. Proposals and names known and unknown are heard every day. Hears an artist's name, he is immediately put to the point that he is the number one drop point. The undisputed winner. And independent voices are heard that he has won. The next day the first candidate falls and a dancer comes to the surface. But very soon he also disappears and a singer comes. Another comes from business. A day later the businessman also falls and a super intellectual who speaks foreign languages ??up to Arabic rises. Fever to become an MP, are so rampant that the days are filled with rhetoric that seems like certain truths. So many names are crooked that all citizens are disoriented with this endless line of candidates for a seat in the next Parliament of Albania. It seems as if the parliament of April 25, 2021 will not have 140 deputies as they really are, but one thousand two hundred and forty people and again many of those who claim that they have it will be left without a mandate. When one is tested for being right by party forums, one is rejected by social opinion. Surveys show him negative and spotty loser in his biography and declare that he does not belong to him. Then another name is self-proclaimed. As an unsolicited offer. He makes every effort to give his name a dimension as a guaranteed winner. There are many who without having any quality or party support, social to represent the citizens in the highest body of the People's Assembly, where all powers spring from and decisions of national importance are made, platforms are drafted and important laws are adopted, agreements are made between states and nations. Where the cream of society, an individual with integrity, with culture, ethics, polite and humane men and women, knowledgeable, patriotic and noble, should compete, individuals who are not accepted even in the councils of the elders of the village where they reside. The temple of democracy, as we have known it over the years and how it should be in reality, is invaded by individuals who have no quality. Most dreamers start from the judgment, as long as they do it my fellow villager, the one who has just finished primary school and has a fake degree, how can I not do it with university ?! Fever to become a representative of the people in the highest body of the country, where the elite of the nation is supposed to take place, personalities who reflect knowledge and culture, important citizens who go to that hall, not to solve personal problems, arrange families and tribes, but for those individuals with integrity who know how to lead and sacrifice, solve problems with national radiation and achieve responsibility. The thirst to become an MP, the fever that has gripped thousands of people is not the mission to take legal initiatives to change society and boost development, draft programs and pass laws, like those of European countries, to fight for Albania's integration into the EU and reform the justice system and society as a whole. Many of them want to go there for small interests, benefits, privileges, benefits that being an MP gives you. The Albanian Parliament over the years has recognized prominent figures. Weighted intellectuals. They became deputies, thanks to their virtues and abilities. Brilliant ideas and broad culture. To this day, the speeches of Luigj Gurakuqi, Noli, sound brilliant, continuing with prominent figures over the years in the system we left behind and post-pluralism, where prestigious and cultural deputies, scientists and creators, talented artists and actors set the tone. assembly sessions and laid the foundations of major reforms. They made us with the Constitution, with personality. But the love to become an MP does not always stem from the interest to make Albania a developed and prosperous country. To give dimension to reforms and contemporary laws. There are many who see that hall as a place, a source of material goods. High salaries. Privileges during and after being an MP until the end of life through supplementary pensions. It is the MPomania that has kidnapped thousands of fellow citizens who are running to become MPs. It is love, not for the people, but its own enrichment!