Here's how Nobel laureate Montagnier is blowing up the Big Farm and shedding light on criminal acts with covid 19

Here's how Nobel laureate Montagnier is blowing up the Big Farm and

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"Filo foreigners" or the Filorenegats of their country?

"Filo foreigners" or the Filorenegats of their country?

The time has come that a small part of the Albanian intellectualism is self-unmasking itself from the depraved ideological situation and the national ideal despised thanks to the shameful organization "filo" mainly international. In the same way as from the beginning of the 20th century when they were created or co-existed "the Turks and the Austrians, or the Italians and in our country there were also Greeks". From the very origin of the term "filo" or from the Greek "lover or mistress" "devout worshiper" and have emerged the associations as "philosopher, philodramatic, philharmonic" etc. etc. But when you become so passionate that you turn into a lover of culture and another civilization, you can also be called "pro-American, philorus, philogreek, philoturk, philogerman, philokine, filoserb" etc. etc. They take shape and then turn from a defining term as worshiper to a worsening term with heavy accusatory weight. In Albania, a few returned from continuing education, a little from culture and a little from the weak character of individuals in the furious branch of foreign interventions in our country. Well, Italian filos were produced in the time of Zog who almost managed to say that fascism and Italy were and "God on earth" became the conductor of the occupation, but also haters of Albania, which did not want fascism or occupation. With the arrival of the Yugoslavs, the pro-Titoists and the pro-Yugoslavs were created who saw everything good from Tito's Yugoslavia and began to think that Albania was a land that was advancing from the Yugoslav model and should be within it. They left (Enver expelled them when they wanted to avoid him) and the Soviets or the Russians came and were born with schools and politics or civilization, the "philosophers" who see Albania as a land where Sovietism would make "paradise". The Philorians were created among them. We have also had "Filokines" and of course later we would have and had before, Philo-Americans. We are the country that has "pro-American" former communists. We have German filo and high fans and we have pro-French or even philo-Dutch, yes yes and we have philo-Dutch. And I am not talking about the part of intellectualism that is pro-Western. No it is clearly the largest civilized in Albania. I am talking about the "pro-Westerners" who are "renegades" of their country. I do not mean the culturally western Albanians, who respect the West, but they worship their nation, they criticize the vices of the Albanians, but they do not sell their country in front of any foreigner, even our friend. Within ourselves, we blame each other, we blame ourselves, we have clear our vices and iniquities, but this does not mean that we become "philorenegates" of our country. They used to call such types "nihilists", but today, they are "philorenegates" of their country. These guys do not want Albania. Moreover, they are not only within it, but also part of our diaspora. They are a part of those who have left the homeland and despise it from outside. They behave like pro-French and pro-American or pro-German, pro-Greek and pro-Italian, but in fact are shameless philo-renegades of their country. They are enemies of their compatriots in the respective countries that are respectful of Germany, Italy, Greece, America, but they have love for their country. At least I'm talking about the first and second generation of the diaspora after the '90s. Later they begin and maintain love for the country where they were born and maintain respect for the country from which their parents left to emigrate. Nothing should be expected from the pro-Albanians of Albania. They have neither given nor will they give anything to their homeland. They are the letters of emigration and shame the good Albanians, wonderful there, those who give their lives for their country if asked, those who love Albania and why they know that they are far away and that it is poor or with problems gave me. Those who return and miss their country and their ancestors. Philo-renegade courses, have denied their country and are almost "patriots of the country where they are and contemptuous of the country where they may have been born or where they come from". Their offensive activity on social networks, seems to deal with politics when in the meantime it offends Albania. They seem to be left and right and waging a political war, while in the meantime insulting and despising Albania. They act as "modern Dutch or as modest French, or as honest British or powerful and wealthy Americans." Meanwhile, the Albanians are renegades of their country. They look "modern filo" but they are philo-renegades and they look democratic filo, but they are anti-freedom and anti-democracy figures. They do not want their country and they make fun of it, and this is a great shame. Especially with and for those living abroad can not be allowed to despise and curse their country. When I say them out, I am talking about people who have decided for one reason or another to leave Albania. They are free, but never allowed to curse and despise their country. To praise the philo-country where they believe and curse Albania. Any country in the world is not better and more beautiful than Albania and this is not the pathos of my patriotism, or those like me, but this is the truth. It is a small country that no one envies the values ??that have and should be envied by all in terms of nature and beauty and wealth. Albania is the best and most beautiful of all. It is not a pathetic sale, but it is a real inspiration from the great truth that such a magnificent place has. And then people are to be rebuked and praised or even tried, because like everywhere in the world, they have different and good and bad. Philo-renegades harm Albania. They manage for politics not to accept until its integration in Europe, which supports individuals in today's Europe who do not want Albania in the EU. They support with the pathos of the renegade neo-fascist individuals, populists and chauvinists or bureaucratic idiots in Brussels or Strasbourg or in the Dutch chancelleries or elsewhere who do not want Albania in the EU at all. The pro-political negroes yesterday were medemek left and sabotaged Albania for the EU and today they are medemek right and sabotage it exactly as renegades for the EU. There are guys who curse and say "Albania does not do for the EU" because it is and will never be or should never be done in Europe. Filorenegats join the owl's anti-Albanian owl choir in the European Union. And of course that choir trusts and uses them. But even though they are protected by that chorus of idiots in Albania (European medemek) today they are very well understood and now many who know what they are. Yes they are renegades of their country.