Purge in the Socialist Party, Rama puts on the list non-deputy ministers, deputy ministers, directors and former members of the SMI, the names of the veterans are revealed

Purge in the Socialist Party, Rama puts on the list non-deputy ministers, deputy

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Europe's mistake, punishing Albanians for corrupt politics!

Europe's mistake, punishing Albanians for corrupt politics!

Of course, those who follow and know how the European bureaucracy operates, find it easy to understand Chancellor Merkel's warning that diplomatically says "not now, but very soon" for Albania. There are many European countries and chancellors who do not want to come to the talks and a "yes" for negotiations with Albania. And maybe they are right. They are right about the pronounced lack of justice. Albania and its state are an example where justice is not only lacking but is unfair. They are right, although with their embassies and missions, they have three decades to participate in the formation of the state and the functioning of justice in Albania. That caress the tail of politicians in 360 degrees of politics in Tirana. They are right even though they like us Albanians below, are "co-owners" of state-building and undoubtedly the mainstay of justice. They have the right to extraordinary corruption down to the smallest cell of the Albanian state. Definitely, because when there is no fair justice system, there is no way to fight corruption. They have the right to the "folk war" without principles of democracy and European that the parties in politics do in Albania. A "war" which is without principles, without ethics and without morals and which shames a society. They have the right to abuse power and keep it in the most shameful forms, never creating the conditions for political elections to be normally free and then democratic. The Europeans are together with us Albanians "co-owners" of certification or criticism of the elections in Albania. They are right, because no government is in office in order to meet the conditions and succeed in this fulfillment. Of course it is today. They are right, because although work is being done on the new justice it has been used without starting work and prejudiced so much that already and the sponsors themselves like the EU, fail to convince themselves if they have done something that will really work tomorrow. They are right, not about what political idiots call a "culture of impunity," but about the ability that corrupt political justice has to not enforce the law first. In order not to give justice to the Albanian citizen and to use it against this very citizen. What appears to be that no corrupt political delinquent has been convicted, the famous file has not been prosecuted or opened and in the eyes of everyone still no one will be prosecuted, much less this justice to condemn or better to say - to do justice. Punishment is not justice, justice is to do justice. We, like no other country in the Balkans, do justice to the galloping and criminal corruption in a visible way and the pages in front of the friends who are already punishing the Albanian society by in a way "rewarding" the corrupt people in power and opposition who brought this country in the "grip" of democracy and freedom demanded in the 1990s. But why are they making a mistake once and for all? They are making a mistake, because to a large extent they still do not have the Albanian people against them. They do not have it against the EU and they are not anti-Western like many other societies and peoples in the Balkans. They are already preparing to divide Albania in talks with Macedonia. Yes, with the artificial ethnic and territorial state, but which acts better in the fight against corruption and has run away from political leaders like Gruevski. This division is undoubtedly being realized will have as a consequence the fall of the great statue that the Albanians have erected in Brussels and Strasbourg and the EU. It will receive as a response from the Albanians the cooling of a belief that the EU is that great love of ours (theirs). He will return them without their real guilt like other peoples in the Balkans. And apparently this is the goal for Albanians to be no longer 90% for the EU. Maybe he loves them more rationally. But it's wrong this suffering but loyal Western society, to punish them for "not being good" at producing political classes (elites) and honest and sincere politicians for democracy. In fact, the Albanian society is already being punished by the majority, convinced that it has "monsters" above its head in politics, precisely because it has allowed it to do so. The mistake lies in the fact of their (European) interests which are not already coinciding so much with our national interest. It is a mistake similar to June August 1913 when they created the truncated Albanian territory. They punished with territories a people and a society that was not able to be so clearly and well represented with credible politicians and political classes in the West. This is when today we are in NATO and we are close to the EU and when everything we do can be controlled and outlined in control by the EU and our friendly chancellor everywhere in Europe. They are making people refer even more to the Albanian super patriot like Father Gjergj Fishta who says: of Albania ”. To refer in any way as knowledgeable as ignorant to Fishta's clear morality of what was exactly happening in the 1913s. Albanians are to blame for raising the pedestals of Berisha, Rama, Meta or others in turn, but ... But with these people Europe speaks and makes agreements. They are hers too. A people loved by Europe, states and the chancellor are already "falling for denial" because they punish Albanians for their inability to become statesmen and a normal democratic and legal state. Almost ready, they want to create the island of "non-integration" in the Balkans that will be Albania and Albanians. And this is unfair. Totally not fair and not for their own good except ours. In the end they will pay. As always in the interest of gullible and not moral towards the Albanians. To take well the corrupt parties of Rama and Basha, Monika and Ilir and to punish the Albanians, is neither cleverness nor wisdom on their part "it is simply not a good interest at all". In the face of this practice and error theory there is only one answer. Without leaving the European ideal we must start little by little our national ideal. Exiting to another philosophical space that is our national ideal. This ideal (national ideal) is greater than the European ideal on which we had hoped. They, like us, have failed in the face of thirty years of ruling political gangs that have undermined democracy and never escalated justice in action in this country. And this philosophical and political clarity, how much the day or the month and the year will come, will be added to the Albanian society. They will not accept everyone to leave this country, because they are not capable of making a democratic state. This is probably what the European powers want, because they need to rejuvenate themselves not only in their brains, but also in their physique. But certainly not so far is the day that we will not accept with the aging of our state our society to rejuvenate the already aging European society to the point of no return. It is coming much sooner than we think, the day when both the weight of Europe and the chancelleries themselves, will not face the growing demand for nation and nation state and why Europe will not listen to it at all. This day comes and then it does not matter who in Albanian politics Brussels, Berlin, Paris or other corrupt people talk about, because society will no longer follow them.