"There is no reason to keep the minimum wage there, but ...", Rama gives the fantastic news for Albanians

"There is no reason to keep the minimum wage there, but ...", Rama

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The guard and shamelessness of a general, like the friends and enemies of the people

The guard and shamelessness of a general, like the friends and enemies of the

First, if I were the executive director of a TV, and even the host of a show, I would never accept in my studio generals such as N. Prendi, who has his hands stained with the blood of protesters, even as if on RTV to burn me, I would never accept in the studio the real executors of my compatriots, as criminals already known in the national arena as Sali Berisha and his "cobra" Lulzim Basha. Of course, after 10 years of unfulfilled promises, I would stop Edi Rama from entering as an ordinary liar, who used the blood of four fallen and six wounded demonstrators simply to receive and enjoy the personal privileges that will be given to him. gave power to him, but also to the caravan of his bourgeois dome of the SP. But let's jump to the "megaplum general", who from a studio of the "Klan", as he "feels pain" (but not remorse) it is stated that the situations in the event of January 21, 2011 had degenerated us to the point that, whether Prendi and Llupo wanted it or not, the use of weapons became "mandatory". We have to stop here for a moment, because this sahanlëpëri of the Berisha government, this "general kapua", who if he had two grams of brain, instead of avoiding going out in public because the blood of the martyrs is still dripping from his hands, us takes courage by bringing idiotic "arguments" over the necessary situation that led to the use of weapons. His sick fantasy mixed with his criminal soul, reaches to the point that he builds with his imagination that ostensibly on the basis of the information they possessed and the state dome of the bandits, there would not be and “it happened " Like that, because the car that tried to collide with the railings was more explosive, because they had tried to shoot the "mind" of the minister, and even for that we had signs on the armored glass, etc. that we had information that cars loaded with weapons were in circulation and available to the protesters, etc. etc. I am sorry that this prodigal former "Skënderbegas" embarrassed us and our glorious school. I say he embarrassed us, because he is the first murderous general of this military school, established since the liberation until now; who raised his hand against his own people. And as if that were not enough, this cheeky villain accuses the protesters. Epoooo we grew up and strengthened me o power to serve you as a faithful dog! And this is how I would walk in the footsteps of the hated, police general Agim Shehu of '97! In short, Ndrea accuses us of killing those outside the Prime Minister's Office and far from the security belt. This cheeky man who immediately became the disgusting and servile "kissing" slave of the criminal rulers, who had given evidence as such before, is not just a Ndrea Prend, but the most typical representative and exemplary etalon of that strata, which with great zeal and servility to the point of disgust, serve the "lord of capital" who in fact for the ruling stratum, is general upon general. His secret deal completely coincides with his character, but also of the real killers, who gave the order to open fire on the protesters and whom he and his accompanying gang never tell. Why does not the general in question tell us what compelled him to manipulate the evidence of his pistol by changing its parts? He knows all too well that the whole structure of murderous power was brought to its feet to conceal and erase all evidence of their crime. How is it possible that the victims and the injured were killed in a very short time ?! The assassination as commanded in such a limited time within 1-2 minutes, does not it speak and show that someone has given the order to open fire on the protesters? But "General Megapumbi" does not speak. He knows very well that the order was given by Sali through Luli, who like a latent boy who was, slowly climbed the stairs of power to learn more from "Usta Saliu" who kept him as his Benjamin as a sentimental heir of power. Exactly to "Kasap Sala" as well as the kennel of wolves dressed in power, did not punish the guards or more precisely gave them a comfortable vacation away from family. (The general forgot his joy in the courtroom when the murderous state itself declared his innocence and he shook their hands ?!) In this great tragicomic show of the palace of unjust justice, which was watched live from the screen watching the carnivals of " It turned out that the people were to blame, it was the martyrs who were equipped with the most dangerous weapons, but so were the opposition of that time, which, out of fear like an ostrich, had put their heads under the table and left their asses. her upwards, with which not only did Saliu laugh, but he on this occasion, he took heart by openly threatening "Try once again Edi Rama together with your sejmens and you will see that everything will wait for you"! Of course, General Ndrea of ??the guard knows all these well, but he does not speak and his silence is exactly the reward he has given to "The Godfather" Sali beg satrap. And in such cases, necessarily and power, his diligent servants can not abandon them, can not abandon them, for the simple fact, because those who know may need them again perhaps and for the future not too far away to do other bleeding. Well, you got the general with bullets on his shoulder, (you are already like he was caught without a feather) we are assuming that an armed gang of 4-5 people tried to enter and come on, it would be justified to open fire without order, but in such an uprising, how can fire be opened on the crowd? Ahaa ... here at this point I'm with you and I know why? Because we have not yet realized that real "democracy" is no longer for us for the common people, but it is will remain a progressive democracy for our users, that you, Mr. General, together with the colonels of your column, be put in service hers. It is true that power serves their enrichment, and as such as long as capitalism exists, it remains a democracy for the ruling caste of the right, the left, or even the center. And these democratic rights are enjoyed and should be enjoyed only by those young bourgeois with their families and with them, of course, you, the second "kissing" layer of power. While we ?! Eh ne! We are the submissive, the ones who turn our chests to bullets, brave men hardened for the interests of the bourgeois caste, which you, the general, together with the colonels of your column, fanatically guard, and for this, like any other party dome of the Albanian capital, you would guard them in the same way and yes by these means of violence, as you guarded the chief bandit of all time. Save them because they pay you well fill your shoulder with flowers and also the bowl of soup free from our taxes. And after you eat and mix well, remember that you need a little wine, but in its absence when you see it necessary drink blood from our blood by raising even the toast in the name of the sovereign people. And the biggest surprise is that you have knocked the glasses in time together not only with the cream of our customers, but also with the European and American ambassadors, who are decorated and twisted like the old days, but with a small change, they no longer stick to neon lights, but through "Rogner" and "Continental" discussing together how much these Albanians exaggerated. We are worried that they will not set fire to Europe and they want us to enter Europe! As you, gentlemen ambassadors, are the ones who historically killed us from an early age, except with our assassins paid by you. Already with your recommendation and that of the great lady America you teach us to do justice by setting up and organizing special structures. Grill fart with oregano! You do not have to arrest anyone, or you will give many shows, as Saliu did with the investigative commission. But it can also happen that you give some symbolic sentences with probation, or even with fines, (ahhh vile robbers from now on you will see it and we will show it to you who steal the people), some you will forgive because of their age and long time that is not contained in the Code of Criminal Procedure and long live the SPAK with the whole palace of justice that sees dreams with convicted criminals, these dreams, the next day will tell you exactly those under investigation laughing and cheering together. Ore ... but where are these people or are they rubbing their hands from the pleasure that the four fallen were declared martyrs ?! If so indeed, then who are the enemies of these martyrs? Is there or is there not? Is it Prendi and Llupo? No at all! They were in fact the weapon that was fired by order of the new Albanian bourgeoisie against the Albanian proletariat and the broad mass of the people. Didn't that happen in 1997 as well? Generals were also those who killed us, or rather were the weapon of bourgeois "democracy" who accused us of dictatorship. When will that time come,