The tragic accident on the Levan-Vlora / Victim axis is an 18-year-old, 4 young people in serious condition, Police give the first details  

The tragic accident on the Levan-Vlora / Victim axis is an 18-year-old, 4 young

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Dig Ilir Meta dig and… do not mention Skanderbeg

Dig Ilir Meta dig and… do not mention Skanderbeg

In the crazy actions that have caught our honored incumbent President Ilir Meta, that of decorations is the most sarcastic. I am not leaving prominent personalities, mostly from those who no longer live without giving a decoration from those that the law recognizes. At first glance there is no harm: with dozens of prominent people this country has brought out in war, in art, in culture and in sport, but also in other vital activities. Some of them remained in the shadows because of the 50-year-old one-party policy of who was flawed in the biography (and these were very much according to the party that in addition to being convicted of one or another mistake or guilt, the punishment went up to the third generation of fourth) did not deserve to be appreciated. But even in the many years of democracy, the decorations that were mostly done on the right are not that they were with multiple feeds. The previous presidents and Ilir Meta until a few months ago mostly vegetated in office or mostly paid attention to the political situations that the country was going through. Only these last 4-5 months these decorations have received a quantitative momentum that, if you count them can be more than in 100 years of Albanian history taken together. If I were to be asked the normal and logical question that I see in decorating someone who does not deserve it, obviously my answer would be blunt and negative, no. As for concretization: Can I say that the fighters of the '20s in Vlora did not deserve to be decorated because they did not ask for barbed wire and Italian machine gun grenades, but threw them into the sea? Absolutely not. Can I say that the best athletes of the famous Partizan (some of whom I had physical education professors) or those of the former November 17 did not deserve the decoration? Definitely not. All the decorators of our honorable president are people with contributions to their profession. They have been headstones in their resistance to the system that they did not like or even opposed, they have been legends of Albanian sports with world achievements, they have excelled in modest Albanian art and they have also made an outstanding contribution to the prosperity and economic progress of our country. Not only those who have been decorated so far, but also tens of hundreds of others who are in activity or have left this life deserve an institutional state appreciation not only from the president, but also from other administrative units. But the way and frequency of giving these decorations and the time that are being given so hastily by President Ilir Meta create a bad taste. The first question that comes to your mind to address to the president is: (paraphrased by a world historical event) Where were you Ilir Meta these three or four years that you have been sitting in the presidential chair and in these years you have not given so many decorations? Why did you remember these 5-6 months before the election day of April 25 of this year to turn the Presidency into a workshop and distribution of decorations? Everyone knows the answer: the skraparlliu who boasts that he was born in those mountains thinks that by distributing as many decorations as possible he will win over the politically decorated families and have safe votes in the elections we are waiting for. He does not love them for himself, but for Mona. He thinks that with a decoration he buys (he has a habit of selling and buying and as people say, the habit comes only with the soul) votes, remembering that we are still in the early '90s. Then when the political and intellectual maturity did not have the level of today and the people mostly followed the berihaj. Back then when people still ate corn and yellow bread even the biggest dream was a house. (In this context, let me tell you an event lived in the early 1990s. A friend of mine ran for MP and as he drove to several villages in the municipality from a flour machine, he would also drive one to my hometown. He invited me to accompany him. I did not spoil him. The flour machine in front and we with the candidate's comfortable petrol after we went there one July day. We let three or four boys distribute the flour and we got a cold beer on the porch of a nearby bar. When almost half of the car was distributed, a fellow villager of my age came to pick it up. The boys helped him load the bag into the donkey and the way he thanked the assistants impressed the candidate who invited him to come up to us and have a beer. As soon as the beer came he immediately sucked half. The candidate asked: What is being done? My roommate was a big talker: A man came over and brought us a gift from a sack of flour. God bless Bruce. This is what I tell him. The fellow villager gets up and extends to kiss his hand, but the candidate does not leave. You are a good man and God help you. Didn't you tell me which party you ran for? We show it. The fellow villager lowered his head for a moment and said: you are a really good man, but you have chosen the wrong party. Now, either take out this half of the beer I drank or drink this and the other half and pay for it myself. To return the flour that I will give the vote to my party, to what I have given my whole life. The boy addressed the waiters to the candidate, another beer to his uncle. The boy got out of the car, load another bag of uncle. He got up, kissed his uncle on the forehead and: thank you for speaking openly to me, what can I do to these others who are taking the bag and will not vote for me. And indeed, out of the 70 sacks of flour he distributed in that village, only seven received votes. So you too, our president, do not rejoice too much that not all those who are receiving decorations will vote. I am not saying that today poverty has completely disappeared or that all housing has been provided, but the majority of the population has been provided with the basic necessities of life and thanks to the numerous media there is more clarity about the election process. With legislation coming daily in securing the vote and punishing those who want to secure it unjustly, voters have been clarified and cannot be fooled by a decoration and a sack of flour. It seems that all this ostensible care effort that Lirua is showing these days will be wasted. He continues to dig into the annals of history to find other heroes and martyrs, which Albania has mostly to decorate, but it seems that the saw has stuck in the nail and we will constantly see if he will be Illyrian of the Constitution now that the CEC has banned any promotional activity these months. We would like our president to put an end to this facade that sometimes turns ridiculous and leave some decorations to give after April 25 and show that it is not Santa Claus just before the election campaign, but it is like that throughout the period when he is in the Presidency. If you continue to give wholesale decorations even now, I have a personal request for the president: Dig Ilir dig and you will find that I too was once distinguished in the spartakiads of agricultural cooperatives as a footballer and I was also a chess champion in the army. Maybe it's my turn to give me a decoration. And since this year I spoke with so many superlatives about our national hero (where you were the other years mo Ilir) if I were your advisor I would not allow you to do it. The example of Skanderbeg with his life and work is tens of thousands of kilometers of light away from you.