How is the situation of COVID-19 in our country? Technical Committee of Experts convenes, new coercive measures are communicated (VIDEO-LIVE)

How is the situation of COVID-19 in our country? Technical Committee of Experts

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Hypocrisy as love with the EU and realist critics as nihilists

Hypocrisy as love with the EU and realist critics as nihilists

O Albanians have extreme sympathy for the EU and Europe, or there is no other people and country. Since the overthrow of the communist system, three decades ago until today in early 2021, we were torn apart, cheering and applauding for Europe and rightly so. After a long isolation and lack of fundamental freedoms, first that of expression or movement in other countries like the whole world. The deprivations for us Albanians were so deep that it took some space for thousands of Albanians to leave the country and go to live and work in western countries. During these three decades, Europe and its leading institutions have been and are close to Albania in facing problems and implementing the most important reforms, without which there is neither development nor progress and progress. EU care, has been permanent whenever our country has faced the unexpected and held principled positions in the name of democracy and the rule of law. How many times have our political parties slipped on any side or pursued incorrect policies unacceptable for democracy, such as avoiding parliamentary elections or boycotts, not actively participating in Parliament in debates on reforms being undertaken, so many times the EU has been close to Albanian decision-makers, holding principled positions. Not to mention the many donations that the EU has given to Albania in difficult times or natural disasters, such as the earthquake and coping with the disaster created after it or the global pandemic, where it has financed projects and investments in equipment and medicines so essential in the service of patients and our health system. These are undeniable and read even in the dark. Albanians also recognize and appreciate the donations of specific European countries, starting from Germany, Italy, France and beyond to our neighbor Greece. No one undertakes to undo any support of friendly countries without which our democracy and economy would not progress and development would be negligible not to mention the interruption of democracy and the obstruction of major reforms. Without the EU and the friendly countries of Europe, we would not have the deepest and most comprehensive justice reform today. We would not have an election law like the one in force, removing the opposition from the road with the June 5 agreement. We would still have MPs in the streets and parties that would boycott important processes that our country is so hungry and in need of. All of these have been posted by the government and we all know them. We are grateful to each contributing country for what Europe has done, both for democracy and for the unreserved support of our national economy for moving forward and coping with natural disasters. We have the ingrained opinion that without Europe there is no European Albania. Therefore, in every rally, movement, government or opposition action at the top, with our national flag stands the flag of the European Union as well as the flag of the USA, our indisputable strategic partners. To us, the echo of the cry "We love Albania like all of Europe", is like a rumble and applause that springs from the depths of the soul of our people. All this does not mean that there is no place to say something, to criticize for being hypocritical or conciliatory even when the attitudes of particular countries or institutions that run the EU run counter to best practices or lack support and equal treatment when it comes to human lives endangered by pandemic, which is sitting cross-legged in our country as in the whole globe. Europe has taught us to be open, realistic, to say what we think when it comes to the truth, to say it even if someone, institution or anyone can be upset, misunderstood and not feel good. In institutional cooperation, everyone has their own position. And just being a conciliator, say, pepe peqe as you command does not mean that you are closer to Europe and that you are fine with its leadership, that you are a good man or woman. Europe itself is critical of itself when it comes to different decision-making or judgments about the same decision-making. There have always been such and this has been the internal synergy, which has served as a driving force that has led forward the development and consolidation of Europe itself in facing the important challenges that development and life face every day as it is known that nothing goes wrong or for inertia. In these circumstances, large states, developed with well-known progress, functional democracies, much more consolidated than ours, have held attitudes that have not been in unison with all European states. Suffice it to recall here that important European countries have had a different approach from the decisions of the EU and EC commissions. Thus, the decision for the accession of Albania and Northern Macedonia to the EU was opposed, a decision which was opposed by certain countries such as the Netherlands, Denmark and others with pretexts, which are not as argumentative, as was done with Northern Macedonia, where Bulgaria, which imposed veto or repeated claims and new additional conditions in overtime from various states seeking to benefit on behalf of yes for EU accession and start of intergovernmental conference with European institutions. Likewise endless examples of different attitudes, there have been many times it has been discussed about the distribution of funds between EU countries. And this is normal and irrevocable because every state, although in the community, has the right and obligation to protect the interests of its own country. And yet sanctions have never been imposed or decisions taken that upset the balance in the name of a unique and indivisible attitude. Everyone has their own voice and defends the national and national interests of their own people even when they are members of the EU. Even for whims, there are voices that contradict the EU and its attitudes and policies when certain MEPs seek to impose themselves with demands that contradict democracy itself and the regulation of the functioning of the respective states. In this context, there have been many cases where the political factors of Albania have held positions and have been critical of the recommendations given by the EU in many cases. We recall here the unprecedented battle on the eve of the adoption of constitutional changes years ago, where the Albanian sovereigns, those who did not want this reform held attitudes towards the recommendations of the European institutions that many times reached the boiling point. Statements that seemed like mistakes and that started, not out of principle, but party interest. How many times did Meta take a stand against EU decision-making or recommendations for electoral reform ?! Every time Lulzim Basha sent reprimanding emails and took positions that did not go with the recommendations of the EU institutions, even Kryemadhi went much further, accusing the diplomats in Tirana that they were bought by Edi Rama with drug money, only that have not been in unison with the opposition and have criticized them for not participating in the elections or boycotting Parliament and local government elections. Then for all the opposition, The EU was an opponent who was not right and held pro-government positions. And for this there were criticisms and statements which contradicted the functioning policy and democracy of Albania and especially the EU, which asked the opposition to respect the institutions. We all remember the senseless statements made by our opposition leaders when it came to the disagreement of the EU and its institutions with the boycott of Parliament and even more so when the opposition went out of the system and boycotted local government elections in the name and interest of their political parties. It was not objections but serious accusations and insults that are commonly used in the debates here, where politicians are insulted with a house book. Neither Europe nor anyone else who has held different positions from the opposition policy against the government and its decision-making could escape this ditch. For all these attitudes the opposition feels proud and that it has been, dignified, has always accused Europe of politics and decision-making, which did not like that it contradicted the personal interests of our political leaders. Now the sheet changed. As soon as Edi Rama, the Prime Minister of Albania, said a word, not about the EU policies, but about the specific attitude towards the vaccine, immediately great European lovers, those who until yesterday cursed, anathema, shouted and accused without fear any who contradicted their party interests, today when Rama made a concrete criticism, not for the whole EU nor for its general policies, but for special aspects in the name of the life of the Albanians that is equivalent to that of every European, the opposition camp rushed against Edi Rama as if he had blasphemed against the gods and insulted those who have supported us. Opposition leaders have no regrets about being insulted or criticized by the EU. For them, only the appearance of Rama, the Prime Minister of Albania, as an individual against Europe is valuable. As a leader who opposes the EU and keeps an eye on autocratic countries! A completely open hypocrisy and behind no glove this. The boom with the opposition coalitionists appear and are sold as hypocritical lovers of the EU and Rama upside down, as super critics and anti-Europeans. This is what sovereignists say at a time when the EU itself is critical of the treatment of the Balkans and reflects on the criticism of countries around Europe. Serious polls supported Rama's stance and criticism of the EU for the vaccine at 81 percent ?! Then who is right? Rama or the opposition? Realistic critic or hypocritical lovers? This attitude of the opposition is neither more nor less just strategy and imaginary love, because in reality there is no love, peace and sympathy, but simply hypocrisy!