Sad! Valentina Leskaj loses dear man from coronavirus: Today is a very difficult day for me

Sad! Valentina Leskaj loses dear man from coronavirus: Today is a very difficult

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Ignorant in assemblies or "fully" representative democracy!

Ignorant in assemblies or "fully" representative democracy!

A few days ago a "congressman" or member of the US Congress made the "first fool of the year" because to close his speech with a prayer at the end, he says "amen" and in his folly he completes it with a "a'women". So, he knows that "a-men" is in the masculine since it ends with "men" and to do the common he invents and adds by himself - a'women, introducing the female ... Fantastic. Well ignorant who does not understand the end of prayer since the Hebrew means "so be it", but also inventive mythomaniac, who thinks of creating final prayer with men and women separated separately? So not only we in Albania have the model "këpërata" and other ignorant, but also the Americans in the congress such ignorant of them. It's good that we had and still have criminals and people that the law should take care of, but also millionaires who, if you put the letter in front of them, do not know how to read it. Not only have they not read a book, but they have not started any eu book. There are in our Assembly and they are strong and rich with numerous tenders and the "real" left. Unfortunately, this "a-women" was also the American Democratic Left. But there is plenty of right and that is not discussed. In this way, it is possible for America to remove representatives of the people from the "ignorant electorate". This fate could not have been Sweden, or Norway and obviously these types of countries in Europe, or South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan or Japan, but America certainly has this "luck" and is full in its suburbs as a population. to be represented by one. We are full and the parties are very upset, because they care that "democracy" is fully represented in us. The questions are: Are these ignorant types representatives of the people and second, should the ignorant be represented in the assembly? The first question has immediate answers and it is. Of course, the poorly educated, not the instructed, not the educated, should be represented, because the society that does not educate and instruct, or educates can not avoid individuals from such policies. When democracy gives the right to vote to a prisoner who has stolen or stolen or committed a greater crime, why not allow the "ignorant" as the vote guaranteed by law and the representation of their class? And in this layer the political use is even more shameless, more corrupt and more criminal. In exactly a part of this basement are found to flourish those smart ones, above to create employment militants as police and party guards for votes and for the "electorate becoming idiots" that we know well how to do without distinction PS, PD, LSI etc. etc. In this layer is the "dough" not of the idealists, but of the "militarists" of the party. Those who are ordered and threatened steal votes for the party and fight with their kind hostilely as if they have the enemy for life or death. These models can take bridges of fire and burn the place for the party and for the sake of the leader. They can kill for their own sake. So they are representatives of the people, because part of them is exactly like that. I do not know the percentage how much, but I'm sure it's full. Out of them come millionaires of street robberies and then with political representation. That is why Albanian politics will be represented in the Assembly and undoubtedly after the victories, they also take positions, because they continue the "militancy" of the ignorant class in the administration of this unfortunate country. Yes yes, everywhere in state offices leaving thousands upon thousands of people, who have gone (read) one book to the end and started another. My second question was: Should the representatives of the ignorant be in the assembly? Yes, I surrender, because the "democracy" we have realized does not allow non-representation. "People are equal in law and in the vote," they say. I find it hard to believe and accept such a thing today, but to shut up when they say: democracy is not perfect, but it is the best and I agree. But I can not accept that my vote is often equal to the vote of 30 thousand ALL (old) or 50 thousand ALL of the one who sells his vote. Nor by the vote of a man who has stolen or killed. An individual who is allowed to vote and why he has not paid taxes for me has no equal vote with me that all my life I have paid taxes and unfair when they have been and are. The ignorant are above these types. So we had to accept that it "should be represented" as the smallest evil of political representation in our country and in the world. Especially you. Then there he is used by the wise of the command of the ignorant of power and politics. Used by high-ranking corrupt people in power. It is used by political criminals since the representation of such Cretans who then have the great opportunity of their life in corrupt-democracy riddled with daily crime. They should be in the Albanian Parliament because they have kept the corrupt criminal elite in power for a long time. And they do not allow any other democratic elite to interfere for good in democracy. This is the task of the ignorant in politics. To keep corrupt and criminals in power as long as possible and to make aggressive militants against others who do not agree. And political cliques know this. So they take them, lift them up, and put them in places where they can bite.