The latest update of the Ministry of Health is published, the figure is revealed: Here are how many people infected with coronavirus were recorded today

The latest update of the Ministry of Health is published, the figure is

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When the "patronized" are "discovered", why not recognize the real "patronageists"!

When the "patronized" are "discovered", why not recognize

-Why not drink a coffee with the one who knows how my child votes, when I do not know either ?!

We are a country that in 1990 came out of the regime of Enver Hoxha and then that of Ramiz Alia. But what really had this regime primary in their behavior towards society? Undoubtedly the knowledge and surveillance of each individual for his "closed and open" thoughts for or against the regime. They did this fantastically well, doing an "honor" to the class war and persecuting thousands upon thousands of people in five decades. Yes, but they certainly had a large control and surveillance apparatus that started with the levers of the party like the Front or the youth and women and up to the organization of Pioneers and Veterans. Everyone did biographies and everyone was engaged in discovering the opinion against or dissatisfaction. Unfortunately, this heck of a fool was inherited by Berisha's first SHIK and himself, which divided people then into a new class war in "Good with PD and Bad with SP". He divided them into "anti-communists and communists". Well, habit and commitment similar to the time of dictatorship. It was somewhat forgotten with Nano and then with the introduction of the ideas of the Renaissance and the 99s or the "Enough Soros-lopists" resumed absolute control not only for those "here from our party", but also control and possession of data and political tendency , in society voting. In fact, we do not come from an open society without the legacy of control and criminal regime, we come from the most ideological and criminal society in the class struggle on the continent. And for this "patronage, patronized and patronagers" are a civic ugliness, because inadvertently, they take us back three decades and why do not have more - by ... to deport and blackmail (they do the same with state employees and taxpayer businesses) or to turn them into security spies. In fact, they are simply controllers of our political opinions and employees who make with their clear philosophy the SP, who I am talking about, or this prosecutor or this judge or this individual pedagogue, worker or pharmacist and doctor. The patronagers are left with the political inquiry as to how safe their uncle's daughter or sister, brother and brother-in-law or brother-in-law are for everyone. However, if the names of prosecutors and artists or academics and office workers and journalists, etc. are on the lists. etc. - there are also names of patronage actors who can be real, but also fictional. Name and surname combinations, who have the real person or and may be real who go to the limit of the philosophical idea of ??class warfare that says - this is certain and this is not or against. But in a free society, if someone assumes to know my phone number, address, ID, employment and everything that the state knows, they are obliged to keep it in "privacy" why we, we should not know who makes us political biography? Hey or am I wrong? Why should they know our data and then attach for whom it is politically safe or against or insecure and we do not know who makes our political biography in 2021. Why not personally recognize such "patronageists" who care about us politically? Why is it bad? Why not have a coffee with the one who knows how my child votes, when I do not know either? At least have a coffee with him. Why do you stop this coffee for good. Why did I want individuals who do so "can" and shed so much sweat, not to respect them properly. Thank you for knowing who our political idea is, who our political belief is, and who is my model of standing right and left in society. Why not know what is their working principle, their methodology, the payment to do this work "so noble" and who is really the democratic institution that controls them so as not to then abuse the - hahahaha duty? Because that's how I believe it works in a democracy. How law-based is this institution, if it is an institution? After all, are these real "patronage" names or fakes that maintain their anonymity, revealing and using our anonymity in ID and many, many other values ??of "privacy" that we should have in a democratic state. Are these names real that undertake to control the political ideas of the people of high institutions of justice and SPAK or prosecution, etc.? etc.? We want to clarify who is the "patronage" of our Prime Minister Edi Rama, yes of the mayor Erion Veliaj, yes of the Speaker of the Assembly Gramoz Ruçi, but of the others in the government? Or do such individuals not have "patronage"? But if they do not have, why do other citizens of Tirana have? Are they doing a bad job, or are they trampling on the SP patronage? Why not have the name Rama (or has it and they did not get it out) and determine if he is there or is not sure? Apo Lulzim Basha. Would it be nice to have the name Sali Berisha (or does he have it) and not be safe for the SP? They are fantastic. Organized to know and your idea or your political security in voting. Imagine how skilled these Renaissance patrons must be. It is a pity not to know them personally. Someone has to take care to get to know you. Yes, and those who are "patronized" to rent a coffee.