'Look how deep things are!', The wiretaps of the Italian anti-mafia, warns Artan Hoxha and reveals the name of who is the 'big fish'

'Look how deep things are!', The wiretaps of the Italian anti-mafia,

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Lost liberators and "winning" bastards

Lost liberators and "winning" bastards

Parallel to the epidemic that took humanity by surprise, in Albania in our common homeland already full of bourgeois and proletarians, there are three decades from where an even more serious epidemic has erupted, that of "anti-communism" and the fight against "nostalgics" irreparable, that today's democracy has even given them a great privilege that has left them free, that it to us is "democracy" for the fact of "true freedom" that exactly it could not do as in "dictatorship" that eliminated opponents. The 90s of the last century, which coincide with the sabotage and betrayal of socialism and the establishment with "hosanara" of "democracy of the new type alla Albanian", brought great social shocks. For half a century, the feudal-bourgeois class, which had lost its gradually subjugated privileges, wanted it or not, underwent integration and the path of popular democracy first and later gradually transition to socialism. Despite the fact that the overthrown class did not accept the socialist way and the way of working its production and distribution, within this order, it was deprived of the right to exist as a class, not by eliminating it physically, but by removing from it the way of production and all the means of labor and of the great property which used them, for the economic exploitation of man by man. This, in turn, made the former ruling class lose its political and economic strength, and as a result, it would no longer have the armed force to overthrow popular power. But who would do that? Who could do it when all the outside interference since the British tendency, to do the same as in Greece, since the Titoist betrayal of Belgrade, which would become the "placdarm" of preparing and throwing saboteurs, since the failure of CIA operations, the failure of coup groups inside ALP, etc. Would not the squalid gangs of old ballistas do it with the key to betrayal, or the Legalists of the Cane Base and Rrem Bajraktai, who had given the evidence in Malësia where they killed Bardhok Biba, or the teacher Ndrec Ndue Gjoka as Cubans and the brave knights, which became a torch of light in the North of Albania ?! Of course, they and 1000 other years stayed in the mountains singing the songs of the "heroes of Lumo Skëndos", even as if they were setting up the Institute in caves and from there doing exercises with anthem marches and songs, they had nothing to do with the power of the people. They, already like the slaughtered gums hanging on the slaughterhouse hook, from where their blood was leaking and the poisonous pus had taken from behind in the buttocks the seal of betrayal with such historical paint, that it could more easily be torn from country bytha ... how many seals. But then how can it be, how did it happen that exactly those liberators, who received wounds and bullets that pierced through the shields and the sufferia fighting tooth and tooth with the enemy, to leave the popular power? To answer this question, a broad and complex analysis of the situation of that time must first be made, related to ideological and economic political reasons, internal and external, with national and international factors and how they affected not only life social status of the country, but also in the human worldview, how a part of the superstructure gradually entered the path of self-degeneration and that the same degradation, reached to the point that from the wrong path, it passed into the path of betrayal. The accursed saying that "bourgeois right without the bourgeoisie" in socialism is a great and potential danger to the victories achieved. In short, the sabotage of socialism is by no means the work of the subjugated class and that we forced it to integrate into socialism, but the work of the most degenerate, but also privileged pet offspring of that stratum within the ALP, which is now gradually was bourgeois, but still resisted with ultra-left (ultra-Marxist) speeches and quotations. This was done with both intentions in mind. First to tax the pulse of how the situation was in the people, i.e. whether the conditions were ripe to turn the steering wheel completely to the right. Or - secondly - it was necessary to wait and see, if not yet, then let them continue, to give some time to stun and seduce the people with the path of continuity in the line of Enver and the bright path of socialism, which they had completely sabotaged by economic point of view. The traitor of all time, R. Alia, as a fox he was, demanded that the political changes he had designed together with his masters outside our borders, give them the character of a "popular discussion with the elite". And so he did. Surprisingly, the "student revolts" were supported not only by the diplomatic corps, but also by the "elite", but since they were still unsure, they supported the pluralism of thoughts and ideas, but to preserve the socialist path. In fact the pluralism of opinions existed because the broad mass democracy, but also within the party itself had confirmed this, but Rama through the pluralism of opinions, gave the green light for the creation of other parties by maintaining the ALP as a leading force without relinquishing power. Did not Ramiz know that political pluralism in socialism is the annihilation of the dictatorship of the proletariat and socialism? Was it not Ramiz himself, who, along with his comrades, had condemned Mao's "1000-flower" line? So would Sali Berisha and the artificial right that came out of the ALP, could they, if the objective and subjective conditions were not fully prepared? No, that would never happen either! The fact that the metamorphosis of the ALP itself was such, that a good part of the former Central Committee of the ALP and the delegates of its 10th Congress, which in history was known as the "Congress of the Great Betrayal", approved the transformation of their party into a bourgeois party, constituted and positioned at the same time, but also finally the establishment of the bourgeois dictatorship in Albania, but this of a special kind. The whole superstructure of the new state that was being designed and built would have its origins in "bourgeois formation" not from the overthrown former class, but from statesmen and party members coming from socialism. What a betrayal! And as if that were not enough, a fierce war was started by a former party secretary, who once cured patients so as not to die, while in the times they were knocking he killed in Shkodra and turned his victims into immortal heroes. Just like the red-eyed grin that most resembled an alien, he led the crowds of political banditry with the slogan "Communists on the ropes - pensioners on the machete"! Even the ballistas and legalists tore their eyes in great astonishment and rightly so. Rightly so if they said so themselves and could be justified because after all it was the class that had been "zap" for half a century and had suffered more than those who screamed in the cup of heaven, it was not even surprising that some of them, they had previously been taken to prisons and internments under the guise of "the consequent development of the class struggle under socialism." And what happened was unexpected, from the inverted class opponent this layer magically turned into their ally. Certainly to "make friends with former enemies" on the road to capitalism, but also to convince America and Europe that in their path of betrayal, they were determined, did and took and some measures not only rehabilitating them, but also some of the suckers or more precisely the first derivatives, or second ballistic zogists some crumbs were thrown in the seats of the state administration or in the legislature, making the deputies completely associated with the overthrow and apocalyptic destruction of the popular economy. These privileges given to the overthrown class were superficial because the new caste did not allow them to take power, but gave them the right to write songs, to deliver speeches on the "patriotic" role of "Balli" and "Legality", they raised. an "institute" for the crimes of communism and dictatorship and headed by "Protopapa" type ballistas. The latter, satisfied, as the ballistas always did, when he was released from a bone, by an Italian or a German, set to work to declare martyrs not only the old collaborators with the enemy, who had fought side by side with the "German aga". ”Against the partisans, but also the simple chicken ballistas who had more lice on their heads than bullets in their rifles. In the big rehabilitation race, the first place is taken by Berisha, who melted the bronze of the busts of Enver that he always applauded and of the other heroes, making a monument to Zog and the Queen Mother, who in Albania stayed only one year, as for impregnation, to take back the roads of that Europe from which it had come. Followed by Nishani who marked and threw his signature without shaking his hand at all, exactly for those bashibozuks who had fought against the partisans and even against his uncle dr. Omer Nishani who would later come as saboteurs against the popular power and who was followed just as seriously by "Herr Edi" who rehabilitated the chief ballist M. Frashëri, or as they say Lumo Skëndo, who took the river wave together with the German, fleeing a few days before November 29, the liberation of Albania. The small meta (gold is also small) weighs. He weighs in with the scales of war, removes the follower of the continuation of the Nac-Çl War, but has only profka, and sells them as "oregano fart" because he is as savage to its values ??as the classic enemies that b / worked with the enemy. In many speeches he has anathema the communists, but also the Commander of his father Enver Hoxha (Meta's father was an officer). Meta, who is removed as a defender of the Nac-Cl war, has always tied the "Sumatrica" ??behind the chair of power, but we have never heard him raise his voice and object, why collaborating enemies, criminals with stigmas and ballisto Zogists are being rehabilitated . We have never heard this "patriot" and "defender of values" that he will raise the people to defend the Nac-Çl War, the heroes and martyrs. He never (and now that he is President) proposed that those ballistas and legalists, saboteurs and criminals, who took up arms against the Nazi Liberators and later against the popular power, be stripped of the title "martyr". In these conditions it will be our own people who will know how to honor not only their sons heroes and martyrs, but also to properly appreciate the glorious epic of the great anti-fascist war. I say this because for the ruling caste of the new Albanian bourgeoisie, the real liberators are all, from the Italians and Germans themselves who made us "Ethnic Albania" as well as the ballisto-Zogists who for a long time were against the communist government and came out against the National Liberation. As a result, the liberators really lost and the collaborating bashibozuks the bastards who want to steal the victory. To be so really? For the people, no it is not! He knows how to appreciate the work of his sons, he also knows how to appreciate the blood of heroes and martyrs. What about the ruling caste? And they will come out pompously, why not prepare wreaths under the hymn of the spiritual band as on the one hand they will lay flowers for the martyrs, on the other hand they will look at the saboteur gangs,