Sad! Valentina Leskaj loses dear man from coronavirus: Today is a very difficult day for me

Sad! Valentina Leskaj loses dear man from coronavirus: Today is a very difficult

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The account of our "prime minister" is a million steaks

The account of our "prime minister" is a million steaks

In my village before the liberation, the most famous bey of the area, decided to build a residential villa. After the project was done by foreign architects, the construction craftsmen were selected by Opari, known for their construction skills and the quality and strength they guaranteed in the face of earthquakes, landslides and any other risk. But most of all they excelled at the speed of finishing turnkey apartments. Upon arrival, the craftsmen were welcomed by the bey to the old house. Discussions were sparse, and agreement was reached quickly. Both sides threw their demands on the table. The owner of the house demanded speed, quality, aesthetics and a guarantee that nothing would happen to his apartment in the years to come and it would be the most beautiful building, not only in the village, but also in the whole province and farther to across the sea. Building materials from were not brought. All extra. The best of the time. The carpenters worked day and night. In the rain. At the point of heat. Day-night. They slept in difficult conditions. They got tired and crushed, but finally managed to build a stunning building. Beautiful as painted by the best painters of the time. It was the turn of the accounts. The master sat down with the thick notebook in his hand and began to do the calculations for the volumes of work and the days of three years with twenty or more masons, carpenters and dozens of manual workers. In the end he told her that all the work cost so much gold francs. Beu chewed and he too started his accounts. From the beginning he told the masters how much they cost him, bread, meat, beans, potatoes, cabbage, pasta, rice, oil, salt to pepper. And after that the account owed to them according to him was halved. The noble Opariot did not give himself up. But he could not be silent. -We counted the bread and made it very expensive for us, oh, I told him. However they took as many francs as the bey gave and left for Opar. This bread account history is mentioned every time someone in our village is shown to be wicked and deceitful and accounts for the penny. This is how it is said every time a bite of bread is taken into account. The event we are referring to happened close to eighty years ago. The mentality was different. Such was the formation and perhaps the account for the expenditures of bread and mouth could even be justified and those who made them are already forgotten. And we would not remember them if the chairman of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, did not swallow the steak that the Albanian ministers tasted in the famous restaurant in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Of course for propaganda and politics. Set in a different context, the slander is not a simple account nor any opposition concern that the finances of the Albanian state were damaged. For us Albanians, the tradition is known even in the most remote village, where poverty was present until the lack of bread, but when a friend came, the table was broken by the weight of dishes and cooking. The poorest burned the house for the friend and rejoiced when he ate and drank because that was the custom and tradition that has been passed down through the centuries. So even in Dubai, the hosts would not let the Albanian delegation eat in fast food or in corners and mejhane. He would certainly do the honors of the master of the house and take them to where they would feel better and more appreciated in a first class restaurant. It is known that all the expenses were of the host, not for the economic power that he possesses, yes first to make the tradition of his country. I have not had the opportunity to try any Dubai class restaurant. Most of us have gone so far to Tirana and of course we do not know the prices of restaurants in Dubai, the Netherlands, Vienna, Istanbul, much less we have no interest at all in the cost of a dinner or a lunch in those restaurants. Of course they cost a lot. But when the hosts pay it is not up to us to account for the bites consumed let alone cry for the wallet of the boss who received them on behalf of the affluent state. Even Basha is not worried about how much was spent, even if they were part of our state. For him it matters very little whether our money was spent or that of the UAE boss. He is interested in the parallelism with the event of the drowning of Albanian youth in the past years when the then prime minister was in Thessaloniki. And he was accused of leaking at the time of the tragedy. How then does Basha say if they do not mind that Albania is under water and flooded at a time when Prime Minister Edi Rama on an official visit to Athens interrupted the visit and returned urgently to be on duty and mobilize everyone institutions to save the lives and property of those flooded by heavy rains. The Albanian delegation was in Dubai, not to have fun or to visit the famous metropolis. It was for work in the interest of Albania and in the first place for one of the most important constructions that of the port of Durres to become similar to the most beautiful ports in Europe like the one in their country and wherever such firms operate , world leaders. The current government ministers who were in Dubai will one day no longer be in those chairs. Time will pass and their names will be forgotten. According to the Dubai project, the port of Durrës will remain as a proof of the civilization and development of Albania. No one knows if there was a ruler in the city of Duracio, centuries ago when the armies of Caesar and Pompey landed at this gate when the famous Duracio family or other famous luminaries in Albania left him. Yes the port has been there and will remain so. Well, the visit of the Albanian delegation was not for relaxation, it was for a great work, which will be built with an investment of more than two billion euros. And to achieve this, of course, requires perseverance. Negotiations and comings and goings. Works of such astronomical value can not be done by phone and it is necessary to go, contact, debate, discuss, select the best, most economical option that interests Albanians and gives impetus to the development and modernization of our country, especially the ports. where in the future will come thousands of tourists, cruisers, yachts, large tonnage boats who will come down to a pleasant place with modern infrastructure and impressive quality. If we look at the former Prime Minister Sali Berisha a few years ago, he traveled to Azerbaijan many times. Went again and again. He met with the president of that country with the giant gas company until a contract was reached and signed for the construction of the largest pipeline that crosses the Balkans and where in Albania the pipeline is stretched in a length that crosses Vlora to the border with Greece in Korça. No one mentioned to Berisha the bread and the hotel, the plane tickets and the expenses. In the end he went there, not for tourism, but for the economy of this country. And we know the positive impact of the pipeline on our economy, which fed the finances with millions of euros, increasing income and employment, but above all created the opportunity to give the country fuel and gasify our entire national economy. But the opposition never counted on the steak or the restaurants. If he did it was ignorance for him. Contrary to this attitude, the opposition leader Lulzim Basha and all his guides, analysts and commissioned opinion makers, those who speak out and express only hatred and envy, drowned the public opinion and the Albanians with steak tales of one million or one thousand euros. It is not known from which material this steak was cooked, one thousand euros, but the figure is so inflated and by an accountant who does not know the multiplication table at all and is confused in multiplications up to ten that here there is only sincerity and realism. The hyperbole of steak a million all falls like a heavy thunder on the shoulder and stuns them in the mind. Yes, everyone who lives here with us has been trained for a long time and does not eat this steak for a thousand euros. Most laugh and ridicule him and those who take the bread in their throats and seek to make politics and cause to become a factor with steaks and meat, bread and beans refreshing cakes, telling us here who leads them, those who eat the steak a million. And this is quite ridiculous when our mayor says having in the background four villas that really make ten million euros, but no one can slander them that they are the property of our future prime minister!