Fantastic news from COVID hospitals: Today more cured than affected by coronavirus, here are the 3 cities with the highest number of infections

Fantastic news from COVID hospitals: Today more cured than affected by

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Knowledge management

Knowledge management

On March 7, I want to speak with admiration about the management of the dangerous and extraordinary situation caused by Covid-19 in the high school "Petro Nini Luarasi", as everywhere in our education system. And for the director of this school, Teuta Braçaj. Teuta has 25 years of experience in education. The serenity and maturity gained from this quarter of a century in the service of the students, the passion and the desire to do well in this work, brought her to face even the biggest challenge of her life: preserving the lives of the teaching staff and students, while she had to ensure the smooth running of online learning combined with that with physical presence. Covid-19 changed everything not only in our lives but also in teaching. Teuta reacted with courage and determination since the first day of the total closure, March 9, 2020. Forwarded in real time the instructions issued by the Ministry of Education to all teachers and school managers. Under her leadership, teachers created teacher groups on the WhatsApp platform. Teuta was present and coherent with the requirements in all the groups created on WhatsApp, where teachers, students and parents participated. In just three days after the total closure, Ms. Braçaj managed to develop online lessons, online lessons for all 1227 students of the school. Immediate resumption of teaching, through online learning had an immediate positive psychological effect on everyone: both teachers and students and parents. A schedule was set, 3 teaching hours per day with a duration of 90 minutes each week and a 30 minute break between them. Teachers initially used WhatsApp to share lessons with photos or audio, but later from online training and supported by IT teachers, we created classes, which brought an innovation in the way knowledge is transmitted. Teuta was aware of the different nature of technology relations of her teaching staff. Petro Nini Luarasi School has 65 teachers of different ages and different teaching experiences. Teuta worked long and patiently with older teachers, who found it more difficult to get into online teaching, until they later became part of this online method and many of them were among the most distinguished. There were teachers who used the ZOOM method to have direct contact with their class. Some other teachers also started creating their own Youtube channels, in which previously recorded lessons passed. Teuta encouraged teachers to give assignments to students during online learning, the answers to which students also sent by e-mail, in addition to teacher control during online learning. In all cases, Ms. Braçaj encouraged real-time evaluation by teachers of assignments submitted by students by e-mail or WhatsApp. Learning online was a challenge not only for school managers and teachers, for the students themselves, but also for the parents. Teuta sincerely thanks all the parents of her 1227 students for the maximum commitment to their children's participation in online learning. She is aware that online learning can not replace the school learning process, but for the situation in which the whole world finds itself, as we do in Albania, Teuta says with conviction that teachers, students and parents, all together managed to realize a school year 2019-2020 not only complete, but also effective, within the possibilities of limitations from Covid-19. Maximum care was given to the graduates of this extraordinary school year. Due to the large number of students in a class (more than 30), Teuta re-grouped them into mini-groups with 10 students in each class and placed them in all school premises (classrooms) on all three floors. . A new teaching schedule was set only for those disciplines that were exams for graduates. The personal training for the graduates started on May 18 and ended on June 5, 2020, with all the pedagogical staff made available by it to any uncertainties that the graduates might have. Students and teachers were admitted to the school under strict health security measures: with masks, they were disinfected at the entrance, their temperature measured and only then entered the classroom. There were hand cleaners on every bench, as the gloves were not efficient to use during school hours. Like Teuta there are many successful knowledge managers in our schools. I wholeheartedly wish all of them a happy March 7th. For them, as a parent and a citizen, I hold the deepest gratitude. I wholeheartedly wish all of them a happy March 7th. For them, as a parent and a citizen, I hold the deepest gratitude. I wholeheartedly wish all of them a happy March 7th. For them, as a parent and a citizen, I hold the deepest gratitude.