Here's how Nobel laureate Montagnier is blowing up the Big Farm and shedding light on criminal acts with covid 19

Here's how Nobel laureate Montagnier is blowing up the Big Farm and

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In memory of a betrayed revolt

In memory of a betrayed revolt

It has just been a full decade since the great popular revolt, which in history is known as the "Events of January 21", a revolt that, after that of 1997, is the second largest in scope and problems. How did this revolt arise and what were the reasons for such a large turnout that the Socialist Party, which was in opposition, could organize such a powerful protest against the dictatorial and corrupt regime of that time (that today it is a regime of pure) that in the "Pirosti trio" power was under the feet of Berisha-Meta and Lulushi? It happened later when the DP was in opposition that its deputies entered the tents, but the people and even their own militants quickly abandoned it. So there must have been major reasons until not only was the turnout extremely high, but the confrontation with the dictatorial state itself was just as great. The high unemployment rate and the mass flight of Albanians to Western countries, low salaries and pensions, the manipulation of local elections, the high level of corruption made them aware, in a way it was even a great popular revolt, a revolt that the people had not only with the state of Berisha's cart, but perhaps disappointing anger with ourselves, because well in the period 1991-'97 we did not know Berisha well and hoped for "democracy" as a Christian hopes in the square in front of the Vatican, when the Pope releases the pigeons of peace, as the world gets worse by going towards wars ... Well then when this people did not know him, but how was it, that he (Sali) the time of infidelity brought him back to power, for the Albanians to re-try his oppressions without end and without end? Hadn't Saliu remembered from '97, when exactly in March of that year, he put a rubber band on the bottom of his pants for fear that he had got stuck ?! Or was he already safer because one of the "pyrotechnic legs" that kept him in power came from a so-called "left force". But who is this "small gold" with the body similar to that of Napoleon Bonaparte who crawled invisibly always and in the shadows behind the force of gold, money and power? Skrapaliu, eager for power, did not feel his importance and weight at all in the executive power given to him by the power of his state, but in the opportunity given to him by this state and power, to make him omnipotent in big profitable affairs. At that time I do not believe that there was an Albanian who had not seen his recorded videos, his open and shameless conversations with the late Prifti, how he demanded the money and with what passion he received it. And did you know that the state of Berisha, after the events of January 11, acquitted him, even a big trick and a montage of his former socialists who had angered the little Lily of the youth of former FRESH, as he grinned in front of the screens? But why did Meta laugh by declaring without splitting at all that the resignation demanded by the opposition, he would give not when they wanted, but fixed after two years, ie in the new elections that will come ?! There is a simple logic that his smile was a secret code and a radiogram sent as Berisha (as if to tell him but also others, that you see with me do not scratch that I also know better your idiots, the Medi, the Imam of Zen, but also how and how much you have received from others, as well as from me through the concessions I have made to you). But it must be said that on the other hand this was an open message sent to Rama, that you have it in vain or Edi Rama and do you know why you have it in vain? Because "The law is me" so I have the name "Ilir" not to show my historical and national identity that he is known, but because "I am free" to do what I want and how I want. I'm not the one who pulls away I'm the scrap head, who does what he says. And Saliu made himself a highlander, declaring at his government meeting that: "The video is a tricky and dilettante material to us." These and many other reasons were rightly revolting for all good and honest people, therefore the massiveness of the uprising was to such an extent that it completely shook the state of the "Berisha Dynasty" from its foundations and even alerted Europe and America. Full of emotions, but also as scared as possible, from Saliu's threat that "he who will try to break the law will face his strength and harshness", Edi Rama, as if to justify himself, would respond that: "We can not even prevent the people from taking their own destinies" as on January 21, he and most of the bourgeois party of the Socialists would follow the dynamics of events behind the crystal glass of luxury bars. This dynamic was characterized by the violence exercised by the repressive forces of the Berisha gendarmes and "his Praetorian guard" (not to mention the Tropojans) opening fire on the protesters and killing four of them. But Berisha is not just a "Berisha person", not who thinks so is wrong! Of course he has the features of a savage cave avenger, who looks with only one eye like the Polyphemus of the Greek epics, but the savagery of this man lies precisely in the nature not only of his party to which he wore the black shirt of the "hundreds" , but also in the very nature of the capital system that it represents, in all its axis which rises and has its foundations over the sweat and blood of the layer that Albanian capitalism oppresses and uses mercilessly. Saliu, who grew up in the towers and caves of Vuçidol as a prehistoric man from the ethical-moral point of view (who still cannot enjoy the right as "Homo sapiens" can not stay without flame and fire). He has been holding the torch since 1991, '97, 2008 or Gerdec, and not on January 11, when he would even celebrate the Republic Day, killing four of its members. But who was killed? Exactly the four martyrs who stood up for their rights gave their lives and no "high hierarchy" of deputies or party leaders, be it of the left or the right. The first to fight to defend their power (meaning their lucrative privileges) would ironize their opponents: “Try it and once you are held and have to learn well that the Institutions of this country, never, there is no gang or bandits, there is no coup or coup d'etat, who will be able to take them ”, while the latter made yellow wax out of fear (the ruling dome of the SP) as if to justify themselves and for the fallen, perhaps a promise to them would declare that here: "After honoring the slain who gave their lives in a demonstration for freedom and justice, we assure Sali that he will face us." And Sali, as always, did not even break the yell at all as the SP dressed completely in black like a widow to bring flowers to the fallen. They cursed Sali by tearing the weeping cheeks with crocodile tears. What hypocrisy! I am sure that all Albanians have not forgotten Rama's statements that for the martyrs and those who killed the four martyrs, those responsible, the perpetrators and the criminals would be brought before the dock. And this was a promise in the form of an oath that was declared precisely to the shed blood. But how is this possible, how did it become possible for the great hero Edi Rama to betray his word? Or did the people of this man need enough to provide with the costume of the chief ruler, his nudity on the beach and in the end flee fart and do not mind me or the people ?! Who prevented Rama, even though he was in power, from opening the trial against the real murderers and not against one or two high-ranking thugs who were simply carrying out the order? (Even Berisha himself raised it for the "Media Show" by forming a so-called "parliamentary commission of inquiry", where the de facto chairman was Berisha to take under de jure investigation, yes Berisha) Is the dismissal of Ina Rama or "Silvia Kontit - Albanian"? (Silvia Konti - artistic character of Italian cinematography, ik symbol / anti mafia prosecutor, this comparison, that Berisha did to her when he appointed her as prosecutor). So, was this not an indicative lesson for Rama that in any of his undertakings or actions against "Zeus" lightning would fall on his head? Or did the assessment of the American ambassador A. Arvizu, when he declared that Sali Berisha is a statesman, make him withdraw like a frightened rabbit, who is sometimes found dead of fear, rather than the couple's bullets ?! Good them, but in honor of their blood during his rule he named a street or an institution eeee ... as much as they did and for Artur Rustemi fell in the 1997 revolts in Vlora! No, he could not do that either, because he remains a disgusting coward. And a cowardly rabbit like Rama, who first betrayed the popular movement, can not have the courage that criminals who smear their hands with the blood of the people, put them in the dock. All he can do is denigrate the National Liberation War, curse and anathema its commander Enver Hoxha and communism and weave ditirambe or make a painting of them, from where together with the great orchestra of betrayal, to sing in the choir together with them anthems, songs and even marches for the ballistas and the chief ballist Mithat Frashëri.