Sad! Valentina Leskaj loses dear man from coronavirus: Today is a very difficult day for me

Sad! Valentina Leskaj loses dear man from coronavirus: Today is a very difficult

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Shall we vote for this politician next time? Never ever!

Shall we vote for this politician next time? Never ever!

We, to travel with this driver? Never ever! And so the "oaths" continue for a doctor, a dentist and whatever. It is an already inherited mentality that whatever a leader or politician is, he behaves differently when he needs people and differently after he "finishes work"! Let's read below because it is not for laughing, but for "crying"! Here is what Martin Luther King teaches us: "History will show that the greatest tragedy of this transitional period is not the screaming screams of bad people, but the terrifying silence of good people"! If only Lutter King had lived in Albania. Our tragedy is not the screaming cries of bad people, but the terrifying silence of good people… I am illustrating this concretely with the daily life of each of us, taking in this case a driver or whatever, that we all have the opportunity to travel, or a dentist, before he takes your money and after he takes it… On one side is the driver of the vehicle (politician) with both their faces, that of smiles and screams and on the other hand the passengers (people) who just keep quiet. The driver, smiling has come out in front of the car and smilingly waits for the passengers to go to the destination or the smiling politician a month before the election waiting to win a seat. Somewhere far away, the driver (think politician himself) sees the first passengers loaded with luggage and bags. The driver runs towards them and as soon as he finds out that they are at the destination where he is going, he grabs their luggage and runs to put them in his car. Passengers (voters) think how "good man"! The others come in turn and the driver smiles at them, directing everyone to their seats, like the politician making promises to them with a smile. The capacity of the car is for fourteen passengers, but it carries twenty-seven. "Bfsh hair more boy who solves our problem"! That the poor people do not see that the driver violates the law with both feet, and even worse, he does not take into account the lives of the people. The car gets in the way (the voting process begins) and the driver (politician) is anxious. Both with covid instructions and with the load, the car is out of any rule, out of any law. Then, the driver, satisfied that he will win twice on a road, turns off the air conditioner so as not to consume a single drop of oil. (Politician, has won the election). The passengers drenched in sweat, one of them complaining, “O brother-o, but do not turn off that air conditioner because it makes us "salad" "! (To the politician, someone holds him accountable for unfulfilled promises)! The driver, smiling a little earlier, gets furious! "It broke byrazer, if you want stay, if you want go down, I did not take it by force"! Others do not turn to the driver who is in violation of the law and human lives, but to the one who complained. "Why do you have to open your mouth more, or come down to us all, ask to look ?! The driver continues with shouts: "You sit down at the end, all of you, sit down so that you do not look out of the window lest any policeman see us, or ask everyone to come down"! (The politician, now that he has won, does not even deserve to listen to his voters anymore). Everyone becomes barkas. Again the car stops and picks up a passenger with two sacks of corn to sell at the entrance to the city. From the twenty-seventh, it becomes thirty because even the sacks of corn would not stay in the havada ... A little further, he stops again and takes another one, with a pan full of berries, so it became thirty plus a pan with berries. who by coincidence tasted a ripe corn. (State control bodies or heads of law enforcement institutions, deal as you wish). The passengers, (the people), who are having difficulty breathing, whispered: "Bobo, I will take the license from the boy who did us honor and we did him a disservice" by sitting even lower so that they would not be seen by the police. The one who does not spoil the situation at all, is the driver (politician) who has gotten a good hand in connecting and cooperating with the control bodies and state institutions, that when they see the money, they turn it upside down. With an authoritarian gesture, the policeman signals the car to open its arm and stop. "Bobo, what did the driver find now, the whispers started. Of these passengers, (this people), no one dared to say to the leader in violation of the law, "More, what are we, pumpkins or people"! Or, to say to the deputy, to the politician: "Where are your promises you made to us before the election campaign"? We agree that they had a problem, but life is more than a problem, because after all, they are people and not berries, giving them a reason that with their silence and blindness they give a reason to "greedy" people to They treat slaves, car passengers and people who do not "do". The car brakes easily and from the overload, buckets of berries fall on people’s heads and it makes guess how they were made. Even if they complained, they would encounter the savage gaze of the passengers, which would be nothing before the "woe" that could find the driver (politician) they trust to drive. As we said, only the driver (politician) is not proud because they have a base where (they are connected by invisible threads) who know each other "well" well that the passengers (people) do not know! (innocent)! The car stops near the policeman's feet and he, without moving from the place, "screams" and "shouts". (The state is strict), but without approaching the car to see how much its capacity was and how many passengers were inside. "Do you have anyone outside the veins?" No, no, boss ”and at this moment, the driver snatches about ten pieces of corn from the“ agait ”sack (why would the law-breakers pay for the bosses upstairs, out of their own pocket? "bag", insert something else (with it, murmur, o bo bo iku patent). One of the passengers, as if he wanted to take advantage of the "generosity" of the owner of the corn and addresses him: "I also want four or five pieces, is it done?" "Brother, why didn't I find them on the street? "Throw away the money and take a shower, I did not go out for sevap". Do not see the driver, what do I have for you? The driver, together with the corn, leaves and the owner of the corn says "Ho mo take as much as you want, do you want me"? The driver, running them leads to the other side where the policeman's car was as if it had nothing to do with the policeman, but it seemed as if he was taking it to one of his friends! This is how many residents of Tirana, on the holiday of May 1 a few years ago, with bags full of food and drinks, raised toasts for the state for the "welfare" it has provided. police, who followed the actions of his "opposition", when he saw that "everything was fine", that the passengers were according to the instructions "anti Covid" cars with "half" capacity, gave him the "visa" to continue moving to the destination, not to miss the "advisory" shout: "And be careful, no one abroad"! "Yes, I know, boss," and the smiling driver puts his foot on the gas pedal and it smells as if there is "eyelash" inside the car for the hut. After the passengers got off, when the bone pain started, they became "brave": "I know I know this mascara, I traveled another time and he did it. "I know this well, but let's meet next time and see." Numerous discussions closed with a conclusion "I will never enter this wicked person again"! For the politician, we will never vote for the one who does not do anything to us ”! insult, they hate, they curse, they swear, they swear, they complain, they have left us behind, we live in misery, Albania is not made with these people, etc. etc. and so far, no further steps, not where the place is, where it should be, but, only in cafes, on the street and never where the place is. Both drivers and politicians are used to these passengers, (people). Thirty years have passed like this and the situation is not even where the dictatorship left it, but even worse. Many protests have taken place during these thirty years, but none of them for the economic situation, for the lack of water that continues to be a problem even at this beginning of the third decade of the 21st century. But why the protests? They were made only when the opposition calls on their opponents to leave power and for these "wise men" to come. these are the inventors and designers of this corrupt system to the root. We hear what we do not hear even at this beginning of the New Year, we hear the avaz of the past thirty years, only dirt, murder, crime, stress, theft. Until when so? We all admit that we are the poorest country in Europe, with the lowest per capita income, with many problems in infrastructure, with the highest taxes in the Balkan countries and no one raises their voice, everyone is silent. Have you ever protested about these troubling problems for everyone? Absolutely not. In these conditions when the state, the politicians, have no opposition, no unions, they become in opposition to each other, yell and shout at each other, slander and accuse each other, sue and sue each other and then , the people, crying sorrow, some black "cow", some other "cow" ballads that neither one nor the other cries for the majority. They "shout" the accusations and punishments they give to each other, they have enough to "wash their mouths" because in principle, they have the same goal to stay in power or to come to power. Let no one think that the situation will change, on the contrary, the situation will continue the same, if not worse, until this "terrifying silence" of which Martin Luther King speaks, becomes the true voice of the sovereign to make possible that when the state is afraid of the people, there is real democracy and on the contrary, when the people are afraid of politics, there is dictatorship. Now, we have the right to say, even the passengers of the van who "swore" that they will not get in that car anymore and the people who say that this or that deputy should forget that I will give him the vote, again when it comes, they are all forgotten and we will have them at the top of the table. When these are said in cafes and on the streets as if to be pampered, the thirty-year-old avazi will continue. Understandably, there are few of them, but the "frightening silence" turns into tragedy because it "encourages" many to become such…