Here's how Nobel laureate Montagnier is blowing up the Big Farm and shedding light on criminal acts with covid 19

Here's how Nobel laureate Montagnier is blowing up the Big Farm and

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If the ambassador is in front of the leader with the mirror, then the candidates are "OK"!

If the ambassador is in front of the leader with the mirror, then the candidates

Returning to the topic of incriminated candidates and that some are not eligible to enter her country, the US High Representative. Ambassador Yuri Kim apparently does so for two reasons. First, it will remind you that nothing has changed from Mike Pompeo's State Department request to Tony Blinken. It reminds the folklorists of Tirana (who begin to make and share as high political plots of America) that they are abusing their dirty policies of corrupt Tirana in terms of representation with incriminated candidates in political parties. Second, it is certainly seeing that "since the big and even smaller parties" are preparing to include incriminated people or their confidants in the candidacy and political representation lists. And it's not that hard because it's clear that there are property parties, sold parties of the incriminated and their people who will lead districts and campaigns everywhere in Albania, but also corrupt individuals without any moral and political value for the parties, who will receive from the party leaderships, candidacy positions with important values ??in Albania. The American Ambassador Mrs. Yuri Kim writes: If you want to know if this warning remains valid, this is what Tony Blinken, President Biden's nominee for Secretary of State, said in his 1/19 session before the Senate: "We want to elevate the work in fighting corruption ”. Warning: As parties prepare for elections, leaders will be held accountable for those who run under their own flag. Please check your candidates - do not insult voters, do not undermine democracy, do not promote corruption. It is very clear and we must be clear that it has complete data on the new electoral crime in Albania, in terms of corrupt representation of parties with incriminating names and deviations in morals and businesses or their life biography. In fact, the American ambassador has a slightly "poetic or romantic, or even fantastic" solution with the Albanian leaders or leaders of the parties, to whom she says: do not insult the voters, do not undermine democracy, do not promote corruption ... And by starting the sentence like Mrs. Kim can be said: If the ambassador is in front of the leader with the mirror, then the candidates are “okay”. Absolutely yes. It is enough to show all the leaders of the Albanian parties the mirror in front and they will really see who they are. Their face already in three decades in Albanian politics, in the great guilt of running democracy and the state by these faces will make them realize how ugly and disgusting they are. It has been three decades (someone two and a half) starting politics when Ms. Yuri Kim was only 19 years old and where most of them were in 1996 when the elections were stolen and distorted, which then destroyed both the candidates and the Albanian system and finally Ms. Kim had just started her diplomatic service in the US. She knows this. I know all the nonsense that the same faces have done that have raped democracy and free elections in Albania. That have degraded Albanian parties into thieves' nests and samples of rulers without freedom and democracy inside. That they have caused victims and have made the law never have its weight in a wonderful and beautiful country like Albania. She has been clarified and has been read and documented, said and shouted by her predecessors, who have accompanied democracy violated by such faces in Albanian politics. But how is it possible for such surrets to run normal people in Albanian politics? What do such ugly faces have to do with democracy and freedom in Albania? Why should people with political values ??and morals run such characters who have three decades to rule a weak, ill-educated and ill-educated society, once ideologized in dictatorship and today overpoliticized. To such leaders, they are not impressed that they have been transformed over three decades into individuals who "break the mirror" from ugliness. And I mean that mirror of conscience, because in the real mirror they see themselves - the most "beautiful and honest" in the world. The mirror I say is justice, which is very difficult to establish in Albania. Although Ms. Kim and others have invested heavily. But it is very difficult with such elites of evil and corruption at the head of all Albanian parties, including the new ones filled with former individuals in power from different. Ms. Kim should know that only justice solves this and not the calls made to their filthy conscience. They neither blush nor darken because they are already dark at all. It is they who are incriminated and who then run the little incriminated, who hold you ison to steal and rob a society that holds them on their shoulders. But now it is not only the Albanian society that supports them. Such clowns are somehow kept by the internationals our friends. Therefore, this time too, there will be representatives of ordinary crime and major corruption in the Albanian Parliament. Because the elitocracy or the leaders, as Ms. Kim wants to tell you - can not prosper otherwise. Without such jokes, the leadership of the Socialist Party, the Democratic Party, the Socialist Movement for Integration and all other faces do not live a single day, the same since the beginning of the '90s in Albania. Yes, and so are the "van parties" or those of mayors without electors. This is a disease of ours, which unfortunately has had not so good international doctors. It is to be welcomed that an American ambassador like Mrs. Kim is persistent. Yes it is to be highly appreciated.